How To Layer Colors – Furniture Painting Tutorial – Part 3 Furniture Painting Course

How To Layer Colors – Furniture Painting Tutorial – Part 3 Furniture Painting Course

Hey everyone and welcome back! In this
video I’m going to show you how to layer different colors together to create
a beautiful finish. So for this table that we painted in
Dark Roast I want to give the legs a different
color and then wet distress it to have the Dark Roast show through. I’m going to use Harmony, which is a beautiful light taupe warm grayish color. And I’m just going to stir it and then I’m going to paint the legs! Before you paint your second coat, you
want to make sure that the base coat is thoroughly dry. You want to wait at least about an hour to two hours but obviously you can wait longer. This piece has probably dried about 12 hours or so, it dried overnight, so it’s definitely ready for its second
coat now. Once the second coat has dried, we
are going to distress it with the wet distress method and I
will teach you how to do that in the next video. Here are some other examples of layered colors. It’s fun to play around with this, and come up unique color combinations. Now that we’re done painting our project, I wanted to briefly
go over cleanup and paint storage with you. You can simply rinse your brushes under the tap with water
alone. Do make sure that you clean your cans before closing them because if paint builds up on the rims,
you can no longer properly close the can, and contaminants will get into the paint. When you store the paint you want to make sure that you keep it from freezing. A room that gets too hot is also not
a great idea. Storing the paint at room temperature
or in a cool dry place is the best. Okay thanks for watching
this video, I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to check back for next video
in which I’m going to show you how to transfer an image to one of our projects!

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