How to Keep Your Sketch While Doing a Canvas Wash – Justin Hillgrove – Imps and Monsters

How to Keep Your Sketch While Doing a Canvas Wash – Justin Hillgrove – Imps and Monsters

Hi! This is Justin Hillgrove from Imps and
Monsters. In a previous video we went ahead and transferred our drawing to our
canvas and now we’re going to go ahead, and… and finish preparing it to paint. All right, so to begin I’m going to use a
Sharpie poster paint pen to trace my drawing. All right, so I’ve taken a moment and
let the poster paint pen dry, so now I’m going to go ahead and squeeze out a
little bit of raw sienna onto my pallet here. I’ve already got a little bit I’m
going to do a little more, and I basically use a wash of raw Sienna as part of my under
painting and just put a nice wet wet coat down. Not enough to cover up
what I’ve done, but enough to to cover up all the white and to seal in that all
that poster paint. And then I’m going to go ahead and let that dry before I do
anything else to this All right, so my raw Sienna is is a good and dry now, and it’s ready to move on to the next step. Which to do some under painting. One of
the reasons I do this is to get rid of the the white and the canvas. As I’m
going to be painting from here on out, I won’t have any white spots showing
through and it’s a little less daunting to begin a painting on it on a canvas
that’s not just all white staring at you. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the
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  • Brian D. Roberts says:

    Awesome Justin! Can't wait to see the finished prints.

  • Lasting Impression Art says:

    Unfortunately the finished prints will be a while since we only record these videos every few weeks, but we will be sure to announce when it is done!

  • Bea Kesch says:

    Awsome! A video of painting fur would be awsome as well!! 😀

  • Lasting Impression Art says:

    That's on the list! We plan to have Justin cover wood, caustics, scales and many more textures.

  • 1PrincessT13 says:

    i love getting painting tips from my fave artist!!I'm working on a painting now and will try this!

  • Lasting Impression Art says:

    We're so glad we can make this possible for you! Any chance we can see the painting once it's finished?

  • kitchypitchy says:

    Are poster paint pen designed specifically not to smudge once dried on canvas ? I used a Staedter pigment liner and it smudged even after drying. 🙁

  • Christie Trout says:


  • Christie Trout says:

    I really appreciate you sharing your process, extremely helpful! 👍

  • dj66104 says:

    Have you tried using the regular Sharpie oil based paint pens?  What problems may occur?

  • MsJaniri says:

    @Lasting Impressions I see that Justin used a poster paint sharpie pen. Can I use a Sharpie permanent marker with fine tip or a sharpie pen and get the same results? Do you recommend I use the exact pen he uses to get those results on my own canvas for an acrylic painting? I need help. I can use all of the information you provide.

  • Atie Bernet says:

    Hi, when you had your drawing onto the canvas, you had some kind of bigger black-ink pen in your hand (to make the drawing more distinct), how was this pen called?

  • TsukiyoTenshi says:

    I have one question about the color chosen for the wash? If you have what colours you want to use in the painting itself already chosen, how do you choose the colour of the canvas wash so that it doesn't make a massacre of the actual painting?

  • GamingWithBrock says:

    My teacher tried to have you come into are class but you where busy but are class loves your videos 😀

  • Breanna Monroy says:

    I have a paint marker that is alcohol based. Is that Ok? Will the ink still stay there even when u paint over it

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