How to Fix Scratches on a Black Refrigerator

How to Fix Scratches on a Black Refrigerator

I need to know how to fix scratches on a black
refrigerator. The simplest solution for you is moving the
kids’ art on top of it. That looks really tacky, especially if the
kids swap out the art. I need something to actually take the scratch out. You can take the panel off and replace it. I want something cheaper than that option.
And finding black panels can be hard in an era of nearly all stainless steel appliances. You bought the black finish to hide fingerprints,
but it shows scratches like a black marker on stainless steel. Fortunately, you can wash
it with dish soap and warm water. Too much soap will leave a film as obvious
as fingerprints on stainless steel. Put one tablespoon of dish soap in a quart
of water, mixing it up well. Then clean the scratched area with the mix. This is a scratch, not a stain. I’m not done, because you just need to clean
it before you fill it. With what? You can use carnuba containing car wax on
the scratch to hide it. I would need to be careful to fill it evenly. You put it in and let it dry, then buff the
filled crack to ensure it is even. That fills in the crack so the metal underneath
doesn’t rust or get food in it that molds. However, that doesn’t make it water and
spill resistant. You can spray it now with epoxy appliance
paint to make a new water and food resistant layer. I’d have to take the door off to do that
right. And that’s half the work required to replace the door. Take into account that after you dry the door
you put it back on, the work level is the same but this solution costs a lot less. It seems overkill for a small scratch. So use epoxy appliance touch up paint, let
it dry and ignore it if you can’t find an appliance paint pen made by the fridge’s
manufacturer. I guess that’s better than car wax. What
do I do for that big impact where a kid ran into the fridge and it has those fine radiating
cracks? If you have buff scratches from a dent or
broad impact, you can try to fill in the scratches with carnuba wax and then buff it to make
it all even. And put a bumper on the kid’s ride around car. I’d need to clean it before doing that,
and I may need to re-apply the wax later too. Just don’t use a metal scrubber or harsh
detergent when you clean it, or you’ll make the cracks worse if not create new ones. Then I can only blame the kids for any new

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