How To: Easiest and Cheapest Way to Metal Glitter Flake a Guitar or Anything Step by Step

How To: Easiest and Cheapest Way to Metal Glitter Flake a Guitar or Anything Step by Step

if you want to see me turn this guitars
paint job from this to this for about 30 bucks and no special equipment and keep
watching what’s going on everyone you’re watching the Iron Gordon channel thank
you for being here today I got a commission job where I had to
give this guitar a metal flake finished but I had to do it on a budget I’m gonna
show you how I did it using only spray paint you can buy most
big box hardware stores or on Amazon and I will have all the links to the
products I use in the description below let’s get into the project check it out
there is an absolute art form to spray there is an absolute art form to spray painting I think most people screw it up
because they’re simply not patient with it and it’s an easy fix but I’m gonna
explain to you those critical details at the end of this video so you’re gonna
want to watch the whole thing through as I take this thing apart I’ve come down
to the knobs and I really don’t want to snip these wires because I’m not the
best solder solder solder or I’m not the best at soldering so I’m just gonna tape
around the pickup and hope for the best before I start sanding I like to wipe
down the whole thing with some alcohol just to really clean off any of the
grease any of the leftover burrito juice whatever might be on there from people
touching it and that way I’m not actually sanding the oil and the greases
into the open pores of the paint once it’s all nice and clean I wrap tape
around the parts that I don’t want to accidentally hit with the sandpaper
okay now that the guitar is taken apart it is cleaned it is taped up we are
ready to sand so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start here with 220 grit and I’m
gonna wet sand the whole thing down and the goal here with sanding is to remove
any shine on the guitar and once the shine is done you know that the paint
has a new fresh surface to stick on to update the client gave me direct
permission to snip off these wires apparently has a guy that that will
rebuild the guitar form so I’m just gonna go ahead and cut off the pickup
but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut as close as I can to the backside of the
knob so that gives the next guy as much wire as possible that he needs to solder
it on and then also I’m gonna reapply the masking tape around any of the edges
that were sanded because there might be dust trapped inside the table and I
don’t want to accidentally paint over all that first up we have filler primer
now filler primer will fill in small imperfections that are on the body and
gives you a nice sandable surface to paint on top of the first coat you
should lay on a little bit fin and let that dry for I don’t know like ten
minutes now second coat you can lay it on a little bit thicker and that’s where
you’re gonna actually try to get full coverage and then let it dry for like I
don’t know like 30 minutes after about 30 minutes your paint should
be completely dry to the touch and ready to sand we’re gonna wet sand this primer
1000 grit paper now sanding with water will help keep your sand paper from
clogging real quick and it also provides a little bit of lubricant between the
paper and the surface you’re sanding and that’s all we’re doing here is we’re
just knocking down any imperfections that might have shown through after
cleaning okay now after this pillar primers been
sanded I’m gonna go back over it with my alcohol mixture and make sure all the
dust is removed and make sure everything’s nice and smooth ready for
that first base coat the base coat I’m using rust-oleum
metallic silver this stuff looks great out of the can you want to lay down the
first coat a little light you’re not trying to get full coverage here you
just want to give the next coat of paint something to bite on too and let that dry for I don’t know wait
10 minutes and for coat number two you’re gonna want to go a little bit
heavier but with caution because metallics have a tendency to show runs
and drips really easy and let that dry for I don’t know 10 minutes glitter coat this is where the magic
happens this is what’s gonna give us that overall metal flake look that first
coat you’re gonna want to just dust on there and get a nice coat on and let
that dry for I don’t know 10 minutes and for coat number two this is where
you can determine how much of the effect you want to achieve in my case I’d
basically dump the entire cannon onto the guitar I wanted to get as heavy as a
metal flake as I could get out of this camp and let that dry for I don’t know
like ten minutes okay last but not least we have the glaze coat now I’m using a
rust-oleum triple thick glaze coat and the idea behind this is that the glitter
comes out textured and that’s not gonna feel good up against your skin or
against clothing so what we want to bury that glitter underneath a thick layer of
clear coat and that’s what we’re gonna accomplish with this now what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna lay down about five coats of this clear coat on top of the
glitter just to make sure that glitter is completely covered letting each coat
dry for about ten minutes before applying the next one
now according to rust-oleum zone website it’s an acrylic based resin from my
knowledge in my experience acrylic takes to be a little bit more than nine so
that you can apply paint on top of it later if you wanted to and it’s not
gonna have any weird reaction with paint like crinkle up on anything all the
labels on the cans say that the paint is completely dry in 24 hours I’m gonna let
this guitar hang here for the next couple days and just let it completely
harden up so that’ll prepare us for the next step so I ended up letting this guitar hang
here for about a week that’s just the way timing worked out for me but to be
honest with you this is pretty good right here you could stop here if you
wanted to all the glitters covered it feels nice there’s a couple bumps and
imperfections that you feel but it’s good enough to use so if you wanted to
stop here you could and you have a beauti beautiful finish on the guitar
and you did it all for less than 30 bucks if you want to take it to the next
level keep watching okay something that happens when you scraping is called
orange peel and what that is that the surface of your thing you just painted
looks just like an orange peel and what that is is if we had a cross cut section
of our paint job our clear coat would have a bunch of peaks and valleys in it
now what we’re gonna do using a foam sanding pad and some Chi grit sandpaper
is we’re gonna knock all those Peaks down to the valleys and that’s gonna
give us a nice smooth surface to start polishing on top of that’s ultimately
gonna give us that high gloss finish we want in the end okay so starting out the
wet sanding process I chose 1000 grit and that might seem a bit aggressive but
I did have a run in the paint that I needed to take care of so I went ahead
and hit that one area with the 1000 grit paper and then once that was flattened
out I bumped it up to 1500 grit paper and did the entire guitar in that and
then once that felt nice and smooth I bumped it up one more time to 2,000 grit
paper again keeping the sandpaper nice and wet the entire time also this is a
part where you want to be real careful that you’re not saving back through your
clear coat you don’t want to hit that paint and if you were to sin all the way
through your clear coat unfortunately you would have to shoot the clear coat
again but if you didn’t we can move on to the next step which is
going to be polishing now for this step I’m using Meguiar’s ultimate compound
and some microfiber towel this part is really simple a budget is a little
tedious all you do put a little compound onto the rag and swirl it around on top
of the paint until it starts to shine you want to make sure you get polished
onto all the surfaces that you hit with sandpaper so that that dull comes back
to a shine you know what I think the results speak for themselves so those critical details I was
explaining in the very beginning the video they go like this if you’re super
observant maybe you noticed a continued pattern in my video
oh that’s it that’s all I did I did ten minutes between each coat with
the exception of that one primer coat that I had to wet sand every coat of
paint I shot on within 10 minutes of the first coat ten minutes based on the
temperature in the humidity of your area should be about enough time for that
first coat to flash off enough that you can shoot another coat on to it without
any ill effects the can’t state you should apply your second coat within one
hour or after 48 hours also another big tip just follow the directions that are
on the back of the cam the manufacturers always gonna know how their product
works the best I mean what do I know I’m just a mediocre artist on YouTube speaking of that this is only part one
of a two-part video I am doing with this guitar the next video I will be putting
candy paint on this with some graphics and some striping so you’re gonna want
to stay tuned for that if you are new here please consider subscribing leave
me a thumbs up let me know what you think in the comments section below
again I have all the product I use linked in the description thanks for
hanging out with me today and I’ll try better next time


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