How to Do Basic Brush Strokes | Face Painting

How to Do Basic Brush Strokes | Face Painting

“How to Do Face Painting: Brush Strokes So now I’m going to show you some simple brush
strokes that are used universally for face paint. So to start, the teardrop. With what you do is you press down, drag and
slowly lift up. And this helps give you a thickened and a
long skinny tail. Another universal brush stroke is the simple
dot. And this is easily done by making sure your
brush is at a point and just lightly pressing down and swirling it. And the more pressure you put, the bigger
the dot. Or you can have very tiny dots. Next I will show you the tiger stripe but
it is also used with the butterfly. To do a tiger stripe you start light, push
down wiggle your brush, wiggle it up and let go. One more time, light, push down, wiggle, come
back around and lift. And those are some brush strokes you can use
in face painting.”


  • MrNajlepszy says:


  • HunkySausage says:


  • Pop says:

    @osseus1234 They're not ment to, she said its the stroke of the brush. (Thick at the bottom, with a point top, Simular like a tear drop.)

  • classyglamourgirl04 says:

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  • Kaitlyn Comeau says:


  • Emma Sadler says:

    As mentioned they arent meant to be replica teardrops its the terminology used for that brush stroke.

  • Jaz Kainth says:

    … I don't think you can call them teardrops then.. Lol. Tear drop shapes are different. She did say.. "To start the teardrop.." None of them look like tear drops, lol. -.- I agree with @osseus1234

  • Pop says:

    I guess so, but it's not to look like a tear drop, its just the styles of stroke that causes a "tear" like shape, not apperance.

  • Shellybear22 says:

    did she even mention what size or type of brush she was using, because I'm in early beginner stages of face painting for Halloween and want to buy a "must have" starter kit, now I'm not doing this as a profession just for fun with my friends and events to do my makeup for anyways, can anyone recommend what exactly my shopping list would be if I went to Michael's and picked up some painting and brush supplies thanks again

  • Sophie Williams says:

    These videos… Are pointless. Everyone knows these things already. What the heck is this tiger stripe thing? Very mess.

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