How to Color with Gel Pens

How to Color with Gel Pens

Hi, I’m Cher Kaufmann. I am international
artist and author of The Artful Mandala Coloring Book and The Ancient Alchemy
Coloring, and today I’m going to give you some tips on gel pens. [gentle guitar music] Okay so today, I’m going to talk about gel
pens and some tips to use them with coloring books, but you can use these for
any activity that you’re going to be doing that’s craft related. So, I have a
couple of different brands, and I’m not going to necessarily do a review on the
brands, but I am going to show you that gel pens vary on how they work, how they
look, and how you can use them. So, what I have here – the blue one here –
is a TecWriter gel, and this is part of a set of 100 pens right now that a lot
of people have been purchasing. The green one here is from The Write Dudes, and
this is one that I got an office supply store, and this one is the Sakura Moonlight gel pens – these are often at art supply stores, used on black paper –
and the last one I have is one that’s actually from an office supply store
that we often use just for our handwriting purposes, one that we might
use for our regular day-to-day life, but I just want to show you that there are
gel pens out there, and so even if you don’t have something fancy, you’ll have limited color supply, but you
can work with some stronger-looking gel pens, and so this is a pilot – this is just a Pilot G2 gel pen. So, first here what we have is the TecWriter gel, and I’ve already scribbled down a little bit of what this looks
like. This one happens to be kind of glittery. I just want to show you how
easily they glide, and I also want to show you how easily they smear. So, one of the things when you’re working
with the gel pen is: this is a brand new tool. This is not like a colored pencil. This
is not like a marker. This is a very wet application, and it’s very easy to smear,
so when people are using this for coloring purposes or for art design, they
have to be very careful about where they put their hand in application to where
they have just drawn, so just to show you how these other ones here move… You’ll start to see a little color
variation from the green and blue I just did on that pink… and the pilot one
here. So, you’ll notice that they are all very easily smeared. Well, here’s the cool thing. What we’re
going to do is we’re going to use this to our advantage today, and we’re going
to learn how to use blending with gel pen. So I’m going to switch over to one of my
coloring pages from The Artful Mandala Coloring Book and what I have done here
is I have used a glittery – it’s a real sparkly pink color. This one is from the
TecWriter and what you’ll notice is if I do a little bit of a shift in the
light, you might notice that there’s a little bit of a sparkle and that’s
the desired look from the gel pen when they’re straight application. Depending
on the paper that you’re using, some coloring books do not have very thick
paper; some of them are very thin, and it will bleed through the back. This paper here is actually a pretty
good quality paper, and you can see an impression of the ink, but it’s not
really going through to the back, and so that’s kind of a good sign of how I want
to work with this, but The Artful Mandala has single sided pages so I’m not going
to lose any coloring on my coloring pages. So what I’ve done is: I have just used my
gel pen, and I colored every other one with this glittery pencil – I mean pen. But what I want to show you is how to
use gel pen in application with other colors, and how to work with it in a way
that will work for thinner papers and also for blending, so the tools that I’m
going to use are – I have used a, this is called a mulberry Prismacolor
pencil, and I have colored every other one from the – this one’s glittery, this one’s glittery, this was glittery,
this one’s glittery, so those are gel pen and those ones that were in the middle, in between, I used pencil, and I just
colored those. So, these two here, I’ve used colored pencil and I’ve
used my orange on the top and just a little bit of yellow right in the
corners here to create a little bit of a highlight, and a little bit of blending of
the orange and the yellow in the top pedal, and this one is just a straight mulberry. Now here’s where the fun begins. I’ve got two additional tools I’m going
to show you. One of them is – I have a very thin plastic plate with just a little
bit of water down at the bottom and I have a straight, thin, bristle brush. This is not one of the brushes that have
a – let me show you the difference. These are two very different brushes.
This one has the pointed tip. This is not the kind that I’m using. I want one that
has a little bit of soft give, but I really want it to be more of a firmer
brush, and I’m going to use a paper towel on the side here. So what I do when I’m using my – there’s a wet and a dry way to use the gel pen. I’m going to show you both ways. With a
dry brush, what I’ll do is simply take a little bit
of this coloring down at the end and just pull it while it’s wet up into my
pencil, and it will create a little bit of a blending, and I’ll do the same thing
at the top here where I’ve got a little bit of gel. I’m going to take a dry brush, and I’m
going to get into pull that down into my pencil, and it creates a blended effect. The wet application is – I’m going to
clean that off just a little bit for you. I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going
to apply the gel at the bottom here, and I am going to take my brush and I’m
going to put it just at what I call the shoreline of the water – in other words,
I’m not going to have it go swimming and dunk it into the water; it’s more like
the shoreline. I’m going to just get rid of any extra
water, and I’m going to blot out the extra, so I really want to damp brush, not
a wet brush, and then I’m going to do the same thing were I just take the tip of my
damp brush, and I’m going to move the gel pen into my pencil. And the effect is
that it softens and fills any white that was left in the paper from the pencil
that didn’t fill in – it’s going to fill that in, and I’m going to do the same
thing here – I’m going to add some of the gel, and I can get a little bit of water
at the shoreline, get rid of extra, blot that out, and then I can begin to blend
this in, and I can take this as far as I want into the pencil… and what’s nice is
that because the pencil is done first, it protects the paper from the
absorption of the wet medium of the gel pen. So if I flip this over you’re not going to
really see the gel that I put on those petals. You’re going to see where I used the gel
all by itself from those tiny little ones before, but the pencil is actually a
huge, little trick when you’re using gel is that it allows it to glide on the top
of that wax from the pencil, and you can get a real nice blended effect. It almost
creates like a watercolor wash because you can bring that down. Now I do caution: don’t use a lot of water because then
you’re going to saturate your paper and that’s going to begin to break up your
paper; you’re going to end up with little balls of paper because this isn’t – most coloring
books are not designed to take wet mediums, which is why when you’re using a gel pen, you often times will find little
indentations in the paper where it has been pushed into the paper or soaked in,
and if you’re going to be using any kind of wet application with a brush, you want to make sure that it is damp
and not wet. So, let’s show you another example. Okay now, this was kind of a little bit of
a crazy example. I’m using this one. I used in a class that I was teaching a
private class with, that sometimes designs have spaces that are so tiny
that you can’t really color in every single little place, and if you have a
like a fine tip marker or you want to use your gel pens, that’s
fine, you can get into those tiny spaces, but often what happens is that if people
cannot concentrate on the small places, then you can do, say, bands of color – and
this is just colored pencil. But here’s what’s cool is that you can see these
little pink dots that are in here. This is using the application of putting
this gel pen randomly placed in different places in the paper and then
using the wet application where I just take the brush at the
shoreline, blot out the extra water on a paper towel, and then I just kind of
begin to move this around. It’s going to give it – it’s going to give
it a watercolor effect. It’s going to change the image just a little bit, and
if you’re using a glitter type gel pen, it will begin to create some sparkle in
different places. So just out of curiosity , I’m going to
grab one of these blue ones just to see what does that look like, what does it do
if I add blue into some random places – just so you can see what it looks like
to do… gel pen. Let’s get rid of some of the
pink on the brush here. Okay… Let’s see if that’s dark enough. Now I’m using this example for coloring –
not that I think it’s the best coloring page in the world, but it’s a good
example to play with when I feel like there’s so much color saturation, and I
want to create something of interest and I’m actually really curious to see what an
orange would look like on this. I’m going to add some orange, and I’m going to
actually do a little bit bigger, kind of random, because my ideas that I do want
to go ahead and blend this out, it doesn’t have to be exact. So, this here is just to show you ways to
experiment. It doesn’t have to be where the gel pen stays within the lines. It can
actually go right on top of large areas and be spread around just to add a touch of
color to create excitement, or interest, or to bring your eye to something that
maybe you didn’t notice before. Okay so here is an example where I also
used a pencil – let me move this here a little bit – colored pencil, and in this case I was
using Prismacolor pencils, and I was showing a a private class how the
differences between gel pen by themselves will work and I’ll show you a
close up here of what this looks like right here. In this area, that is where
gel pen was used and a wet brush, and it began to ball up the paper, and what I’ll
show you on the back here is that when the gel pen was applied and the wet – the
damp – brush was applied you can see where it began to saturate the paper, and
there’s another example that I was giving the class there. But when I have
pencil that is applied first, the wax creates that barrier and then the gel
pen can glide on top of that. So I have a couple of areas here that I have not
done the gel pen on, so I thought I would show you how I would do the gel pen for
this area. Okay, now, with gel pen, it is usually advise that
you start with the light area first and you pull that area into the dark. That way you’re not saturating the dark
gel pen into the light areas, so I’m going to be doing this area right here,
and I’m going to apply some yellow gel, and the yellow gel is really going to be
kind of hard for you to see, but you’ll notice it as we begin to move to the
other the other… colors. Okay, now I’m just going to clean this
brush out because I want to get a clean, clean application when I begin to show
you the green, so now I’m going to do the green right here, along the edge, on both
sides. I’m going to dip my brush in just at
the shoreline, get rid of the extra water, blot it out on a paper towel, and then
I’m going to begin to pull it from the edge towards the center. And you’ll notice that it has almost like a watercolor effect and begins to fill in
the white of the paper, and I don’t want to go over too much because I don’t want
to saturate it with a whole bunch of water but I do want to pick up some of
that gel pen and begin to move it. Okay, so now, before I leave here – normally
the way I work is I work in a very systematic way, where if I’m going to be
doing yellow and green, I would go to my next place and do
yellow and green, and go to my next place into yellow and green, and then come back
with my other colors just so that I can see how this begins to smooth out before
I go to someplace else. But just to show you in this area here,
I’m going to begin with the lightest, so I’m going to do my gel pen on the very
top edge right here. Go to the shoreline, add a little water, blot out
the extra, and I’m going to pull that in. And you’ll notice it almost has like a
watercolor effect; begins to smooth out any changes from the colored pencils
that didn’t get filled in, and I’m going to add a little bit of gel pen down at
the very bottom here. Now, this purple one – there’s a lot of gel pen that was
released from that – so I’m just going to see what it’s like to do this without dipping my brush into the water. Okay, so you can see here how it begins to
change that space from what this looks like here. Now, if I want to, I can go back
at any time and I can add more colored pencil; I can add more gel pen if I want
more of the gel pen to be seen. What I do suggest, though, is be very careful about
how many applications of the damp brush that you use. Paper is holding up pretty
well – again that’s from an example from a private class when I did the gel pen by
itself and it saturated into the paper – so I’ll do this one more time just to
show you, and I’ll do just this circle-y part here. So, we’ll do the light blue gel, and this
one actually has a little bit of a glitter to it. I’m just taking my brush at the
shoreline, dabbing out the extra, blot out the extra on paper towel, and begin to pull
this down. Okay, and now I’m going to do the purple,
just to show you that one more time. Now I have had some people tell me that
they get great results without having to do the damp brush, which is fine – which is
great – if you’re getting exactly the results you need, that’s fine. I just happen to like that
it pulls a little bit more of the color if I have a little bit of a damp brush.
So, again, you can see this is just pencil over here, and this is with the gel pen
that’s been saturated with just a little bit of a damp brush and pulled into the
pencil – and same thing here. This is all pencil with a little bit of
gel pen that has been pulled towards the center, and it gives it a shadowy
effect that’s there. There’s gel pen on the green, blue, purple. There’s some gel pen in the yellow,
pulled up this way, and it just sort of smoothes all of that out. This is light blue pencil with a little
bit of green gel pen that has been pulled towards the center, and here is
yellow pencil with orange gel pen that has been pulled towards the center, and
gel pen around the edge here and pulled out from the center to create just a
little bit of a shadow effect. Okay, so we’ll show you one more example
just so that you can have an idea of what looks like with a different color
scheme. This is all Prismacolor pencils that’s
been put down. I’m just going to get my pencil – or my brush – ready and I’m
going to use kind of a hot pink gel pen. What I have here is red, orange, and
yellow, and combinations thereof. We’ll leave this one with just pencil so that
you can see what that looks like. I’m going to put gel pen – I’m just going to draw
it straight across the edge here. I’m going to go ahead and dip my brush
one more time, and I’m going to begin to pull this towards the center. And if I want to do a little bit of a
deeper color – let’s see. What if I did…? There’s one that’s a little bit of a
brownish color. So, let’s just, out of curiosity, just take
that against this orange here; it’s a little bit more of a bronze color, and I’m going
to flip my page around because I want this to be the easiest as possible for
my wrist. You want to make it easy for you to work
with. Now it’s just not as straight of a line.
Now, I am interested in this coloring, but I want to add a
little bit more to it – I think I’d like it to be a little bit deeper – so I’m
actually going to add a little bit more. I’m going to go a little higher up… just to see
what this will do – we’ll play. Okay, so I kind of like that this is very
subtle that – obviously my eye is picking up something is different, but it doesn’t
look like it’s a straight line as much. It’s beginning to soften; you can tell
the difference from this side to here. So on this side… we’ll go ahead and we’ll change – we’ll do
the opposite colors. I’ll do this brown one along the edge here, just so that we
can see: what does it look like if it’s with that pink color? dab the thing, and we can to pull this
gently. And you can begin to see that it softens
and fills in some of the white space that was also of the pencil. Now, I’m curious – I’m going to flip it
over and see on the back. So on the back here, I see a little bit of where that gel
line is but because my brush is damp not wet, it’s not causing any problems with
the paper because the wax of the pencil is actually protecting the absorption,
and so the gel pen can then simply glide on the top. Okay, so here are the four different pens
that I was experimenting with. This is the TecWriter, the Write Dudes
gel pen, and the Sakura Moonlight pen, and the Pilot G2. What I just wanted
to show you here is that if I had my pencil down, and I did a dry brush effect,
how far it would take it, and if I did a wet brush effect, how far it would take
it; and some of these are pretty subtle – they may not even be able to be picked
up by what you’re viewing. But I do want you to experiment with –
this is very different than if I just take my pencil down – the gel pen is going
to fill in all these little white spaces. Here is an example of where I put gel
pen down first on the right hand side of each one of these blocks, and then I took
colored pencil and I applied it on top, and I put a strip of a white application
to see if the gel pen would begin to move and blend. One thing I will mention
here is that if you decide to use gel pen and cover it up with pencil; in other
words, you’ve colored something in and want to add detail with their colored
pencil. If you are using something that you particularly like – the gloss, the
metallic or the glittery effect – the wax of your colored pencil will begin to
cover that up, so it is advised to do your pencil first and then begin to
add your gel pen on top to add additional detail, and then if you decide
to use the brush technique where you can move gel pen over into your pencil – you’ll notice here it kind of fills in some
of the white spaces – that your effect of the gel pen, the glitter or the metallic,
will still stay intact because it’s not being covered up by wax. And here I just
wanted to show you an example of what it looks like for shading. So this is two different colored pencils –
there’s some dark blue and some light blue – and then the TecWriter gel-glitter pen here and how moved it in, and it actually covered into this space and
it almost gives it a watercolor effect; it softens that. This is done with two
different green pencils and the green gel pen. This is with orange and red colored
pencils and the Sakura Moonlight – that was a kind of a neon color. And
then this was that Pilot – this is just a regular pilot gel pen
that we often use for writing, just to show you that if in a bind and you
wanted to play, you could use something even like this.
So the designs that I used for examples are from this book: The Artful Mandala
Coloring Book. If you’re interested in designs that we showed for coloring
today, I encourage you to check out the book: The Artful Mandala Coloring Book
Creative Designs for Fun and Meditation. Thanks for joining me. I’m Cher Kaufmann;
until next time From the Drawing Desk, may you find more
color in your day. [gentle guitar music]


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