How to Clean Artist Paint Brushes Dried paint in brushes removed

How to Clean Artist Paint Brushes Dried paint in brushes removed

Welcome to Art Fusion Productions. Today I’d
like to introduce you to an incredible product. Now, it must be an incredible product, because
it actually says it on the label. And this is the Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner. Now
this is a product that every artist should have in their studio without fail. You can
clean acrylic paints and oil paints. Your brushes can be sitting there for days, weeks,
months, with hard paints in them, and you can remove them with this incredible brush
cleaner. Now all you have to do with it, I’m just going to pour some into a container,
just into a jar, and I’ve got a brush here. This one, the paint is hard. I’ve left it
in there overnight. Um, I didn’t have a brush that I’ve had there sitting there for months
and months, so I’ve got this once that’s been from overnight. So as we know, this is acrylic
arts, there’s acrylic paint in it, um, you would never get this brush back to normal
again, um, no matter how hard you try. So with this brush, all we’ve gotta do is dip
it into the solution, and just let it sit there for a while. And keep pushing it up
and down, making it a bit pliable, and then just, once you’ve got it pushed up and down
a few times, you can see the pigment starting to come out of that now already just in that
short period of time. And I just leave that to sit after I’ve worked it up and down a
number of times. And come back to it in about fifteen minutes, half an hour. And we’ll see
what happens with that, so I’ll just leave that sitting with there for you, and I’ll
be back shortly and we’ll have another look at it. Now here we are back again. Um, I’ve
had this sitting here for about ten minutes. Now, depending on how much paint’s in your
brush, how long it’s been sitting in that brush, how hard it is, will depend on how
long it takes to clean your brush. So, you just gotta keep on working with it. As I said,
this paint was only in there, well I class it a short time, but it hadn’t been in there
for months, so, we’ll just keep working it up and down. And as you can see, we’ve really
got a lot of paint come through there. Once we’ve got it to that level, I’m just gonna
take that out, get a rag, take off that excess. Now, one of the other incredible things about
this product is, I’m getting it on my hands, I’m not worried at all. This is a completely
non-toxic product. Now how it’s got the strength to do what it does, and be non-toxic, is incredible
in itself. So, you don’t have to worry about kids and things like that, and your children
getting their hands on it and getting into trouble. Totally non-toxic, very, very, safe
product. But as you see, I just wipe the excess off that brush now. We’ve got a few little
bits on paint in there still, just only very small fragments. Giggle it up and down. And
I’m just gonna do this quickly because we haven’t got time with the camera. Once we’ve
got to that level, and you’ve gotten most of that paint out, get yourself some warm,
soapy, water. I’ve got some in my bucket here. And give it a good brush out with some warm,
soapy, water. And that’ll help break down the rest of it and finish it off. And get
the rest of that, um, incredible brush cleaner out of the brush. And then give it a-once
you’ve used the soapy water, give it a wash out in some clean water, so your brush is
ready to use again. Now as you can see, that brush apart from-If I spend a bit more time
on it, I would get every last bit of that paint out of there, but we haven’t got time
here at the moment. Again, I can use that brush straight away. It’s ready to use. No
problem at all. So we all know what can happen when we’re doing a painting. We can be all
having a great time, painting our artwork, go off to lunch, think we’re only gonna be
away for a few minutes, completely forget about your loaded brush, come back two-three
hours later, and you feel your brush is absolutely ruined. Don’t worry. Every artist should have
this on-hand, and you’ll save your brushes. No more throwing brushes away. So, any of
those old brushes you got sitting there that’ve-too stiff to use and you couldn’t get the paint
out, give it a try. Guarantee it’ll work for you. An amazing product. So I hope that’s
been of interest to you. And until next time, happy painting.


  • TruthSeekingElf says:

    Amazing!! This is going to save me a LOT of brushes!!

  • LaKriMaTe says:

    what if the paint that dried on the brush is a glass paint,it says it is solvent base.can it be removed with that solution?

  • Scot Fenn says:

    I'm a little concerned about pouring some of this stuff down the drain including the acrylic paint.  What is it doing to the environment? It all eventually ends up  our water table.  Any suggestions as to where to put the solvents and paints?

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