How to Choose a Color Scheme & Paint : Rolling Paint on Steps

Alright, so I have my steps cut in now, and
it’s time to roll it. I’ve got my brush just in case I need it. I have a new reusable
painter tray. I’m going to want to keep my paint always in front of me so that it
doesn’t get caught behind me, and I won’t be able to get it because the stairs are wet.
All of my tools need to go up with me. It’s going to take a while for these stairs to
dry. Obviously, you’re going to want to start at the bottom of your stair rolling
and then move upwards so that you don’t get caught down with wet paint. I have a brush
here, a roller brush that is for rough surfaces, since these are cement steps. I’m going
to get a lot of paint. I’m actually going to paint this backwards and go up, but for
the purposes of this video, right now I’m just going to do it like this. That’s going
on really nice; it looks good. It does look like I’ll need my brush, so it’s a good
thing I have it down here to fill in the crease. Alright, so here’s our freshly painted stairs
and here is the final shot of our product. The trim being cut out there. You see a bit
of the green kitchen in there and then you go down and there are the green steps. The
camel colored walls stills have blue tape on them. I’m very pleased and I think that
Craig did a great job of picking out colors for that I greatly enjoy.

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