How to Choose a Color Scheme & Paint : Painting Rooms to Accent Architecture

So moving into the dinning room, we’ve decided
to paint this really rich warm red to help bring the color from the office in through
the house. You can see from the plan that you do see all 3 of these rooms, depending
on where you’re standing in the space. Also, to help repeat another color and create a
more cohesive whole is to paint the insides of the window wells, we’re going to paint
this tan color. By painting the tan color, you do get some color, but at the same time,
it gives you some reflective light. Again, we’re painting the dining room this wonderful
red, which looks really great together with the green. Not very Christmasy because we’ve
gone with this green that has quite a bit of yellow in it and this red has quite a bit
of brown so you don’t have to worry about having that Christmas card feeling in your
house. Again, we’re going to paint the kitchen here this green color. Repeat the green going
down the stairwell to play up the architecture feature, and we’re going to paint 2 accent
walls on the end a darker color than our large walls in order to help shrink up the space
a little bit and make it not feel so long and narrow.

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