How to Buy Art Brushes,Paints – Marge Kinney

How to Buy Art Brushes,Paints – Marge Kinney

Hello, Marge Kinney here, and welcome to the
Marge Kinney Art Show. In this video I will show you the brushes
I use to paint these paintings you are looking at now. And the oil or acrylic paints you will need
to purchase depending on whether you are an oil or acrylic painter. Enjoy! Ok, let us start with the Whites. For the oil painters, you can use Permalba
White, it is very smooth, it is mix of titanium and zinc. It is my favorite and acrylic artists can
use Titanium White. Then for the reds we use Alizarin Crimson
and Cadmium Red Light and this is Magenta. It is also know as Acra Magenta or Quinacridone
Magenta. The next group are yellows. We have a Cadmium Yellow Light, this is Yellow
Ochre, then we have a Naples Yellow, an Orange Hue, and this is called Burnt Sienna and this
is Burnt Umber, brown in color that you use for trees. Our final group are the Blues and Greens. Ultramarine is used in a lot of oceans and
Cerulean Blue is a favorite for skies and it is a middle beautiful blue. Alright, the Greens…the Viridian Green which
is this color is also called Thalo Green or Phalo Green. If you can find Viridian they are slightly
different but they are close enough to each other. This is used for shorelines, oceans, and it
is also used with trees and mountains. It is a favorite color of artists. The other color is Sap Green, you can see
that it is darker, and it works very well with landscapes as well. The other colors are Gray which we can use
in the distance when we want to mute a background color and Black. Actually, it is interesting to know that Black
and Yellow make a beautiful green. You would not think so, but there it is. It makes a lovely green and if you put more
or less yellow, you can use that for all kinds of trees and landscapes. Alright, let’s move on to the paint brushes. The
brushes I like to use most are the filberts. A filbert is also known as a “cat’s paw”. It is round at the top, Here is a large one
and two smaller ones. They are very easy to paint with. The next one is a round and this one also
works very nicely. It is easy to spread for many different pictures. The next one is a flat. A flat is longer and it has a very square
top. A bright is a shorter brush and also has a
flat top. Then if you want to make water falls, or grass,
or a pine tree with branches coming out, this is called a fan brush. They come in different sizes. There are a couple of other brushes. This brush can be used to soften the clouds
in the sky. as well as this brush that can be used that way. This brush can be used to make branches in
evergreen trees, or very soft foliage. So, that is what I use, I hope you fine that
helps you. I hope it saves you from buying a lot of the
wrong kind of colors because this is all you need to make a perfectly wonderful painting. Thanks for joining me today and I hope you
take a look at how I use these coming up next.


  • EZGlutenFree says:

    Great info.

  • Stephb310 says:

    Marge, I find your tutorials most helpful, interesting, and fun to watch. Your husband does a great job of helping you too! Please, keep doing this. You seem like such a sweet, wonderful person, in addition to being a fabulous artist! By the way, did you ever almost run over a girl in a parking lot sort of near the Queen Mary about 20yrs ago? There was a gallery and shops by the lot. Was that you?

  • Marge Kinney says:

    Thanks for the nice comments. There are new videos being posted as you read. About Queen Mary, sorry have not ever been on or near the ship. All my shopping is in South Orange County.The producer and director of the videos is my grandson, who has one and a quarter million viewers on his channels of Samuel92543 and ParkourSam. Thanks for writing. MK

  • Nick F says:

    You didn't say anything about the quality of the paints you recommend. There are artist quality paints available, but they are very expensive and also lower quality paints, student quality. Should we pay the extra money to get good paints or can we buy cheaper paints? What are your preffered brands of oil and acrylics paints?

  • Marge Kinney says:

    Hi Nick, Because this channel is international, brands are different in different in various countries. However, DO buy student grade paints, particularly acrylics. Some cadmium based paints are quite expensive so it is Okay to buy a Cadmium HUE. Cadmium Orange Hue works just as well as non HUE. Student grade paints have more filler and higher priced paints have more pigment. Do not buy poster paints, folk art or one stroke paints, too runny and they will fade,(little color pigment. MK

  • Love life says:

    But the price????

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