How to Apply Wall Paint with Annie Sloan: Brush vs Roller.

This is my Wall Paint and I am so proud
of it. I think it’s an amazing paint. I’ve made it so it’s really tough. It’s strong and it covers really, really
well. Now, I like to apply it with a brush and I know that’s quite controversial
because many people think “oh no, you’ve got to do with a roller”. But a roller I
think takes up a lot of paint, you get a different sort of texture and I think
it is, in the end, more time consuming. So, Felix, my son and I are going to do a
little test, a little experiment to see how it works. He’s got a roller and a tray
and of course he also has to have a brush as well, because you have to use a
brush to cut in. Felix: I’ve got to start by pouring mine out, so you’re already ahead of me. Annie: I’ve got to wait. The texture of the wall isn’t completely flat, I am able to go into it and go over it. One of the mistakes people make is to paint using their hands like that and
that’s quite hard work. I tend to use my whole arm. Both of us are covering extremely well. It’s going right over the Graphite. So, the next bit of this test is to see how much paint was used. So Felix, you’re going to pour what you didn’t use. Felix: I’ve got a lot of paint still left in my roller and I’ve got a bit in the tray, which I will sweep in to save some. You always put too much roller in the tray. Annie: Too much paint in the tray! Felix: *laughs* Too much paint in the tray! Annie: Messy pot by the way! Felix: Yeah, thanks, yours is nice and neat. *both laugh* Felix: So lets weigh them in! Annie: So this is mine… Felix: That’s 3 kilograms and 454 grams Annie: Ok, now yours… Felix: 2.88. Annie: That’s a HUGE amount. Felix: Yeah, that’s a big difference. Annie: And you’ve messed up my beautiful weighing machine… Felix: I know, I’m sorry. Let me wipe it. Annie: And you’ve got all that to clean up… I’ve just got a brush! So, it seems that Felix used over 17.5% more paint than I did. That’s a huge number, I think, and if you
imagine that over a whole room or a whole house, that’s enormous! So, for me, coupled with the fact that I
love the finish on here – it’s got character, it’s got personality. This has got a lot of texture on it in not a very nice way for myself, I feel it’s got too many little bits in it. For me, it’s a bit like a school or a hospital. Really perfect but perhaps, not that much character. And, of course, I used less paint than you. But it’s what you like and what you feel comfortable with. I just think that this is the nicest
thing. I’ve just got one brush to wash, but Felix has got a roller, a tray, and a brush as well. Good luck! *both laugh*

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