How To Add Metallic Effects To Furniture – Tutorial: How To Use Metallic Cream

How To Add Metallic Effects To Furniture – Tutorial: How To Use Metallic Cream

Hi There, my name is Rosanne, and I am the co-founder of Country Chic Paint! In this video, I want introduce you to our
metallic creams. They are a water-based and
environmentally friendly product with low VOCs. They’re really fun and super easy to work
with. We have them currently available in four different colors. This is our Silver Bullet then we have Trigger whic is pewter color The next one is Belt bBuckle which is like an antique bronze color. And finally there is Pocket Watch which is a pretty nice bright gold If you want to see what colors we
currently have available, I suggest you go and check out our website!
In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to add a bit of charm to any project. I’m going to show you how to
use our Silver Bullet metalli ccream on this
jewelry box. We’ve already fully prepared it. We painted the base coat in Dark Roast then we painted it with Elegance, and we
added a little embossed detail on the top. If you want
to see more about using our paint embossing plaster, or learn about distressing I suggest you check out our other
videos. You can find them on the tutorial page on our website. We are now going to play with this
Silver Bullet metalli cream to add some glamour to piece. I’m going to use one of our wax brushes to apply it. You can also
use a chip brush or a cloth or sponge if you want and with this you need very little. So you want to apply this very sparingly and you’ll see that a little goes a long
way! So you can already see what a big
difference a little bit of metallic makes for your project. It can
really transform your piece into something extraordinary. So you can even use your fingers to
apply the metallic cream in detailed areas if you’d like. It barely has any smell to it and you can feel good about using it. After you’re done using your brush you can just clean it
with soap and water. Since it’s water based cleanup is a breeze. Let me show you a
few of our other metallic colors. I’ll show you on the vases that we
painted. We’re going to be using our Belt Buckle on this Cranberry Sauce vase. You just need a tiny bit of this stuff, a little
goes a long way. So that is our Belt Buckle! On thhis one, which is our Midnight Sky color we’re going to use the pewter color which we call Trigger. So for this color I’m using a chip brush and it’s
very subtle. If the colors are very similar it’s
just a very subtle highlight. I mean you can make it as
obvious as you want. You can apply more to give it more opaque
coverage, but I’m just trying to hit the highlights with it. So that was Trigger. On this Elegance color, we’re going to put our Silver Bullet. This is Sweet Dreams. We’ve already
applied our gold color, our Pocket Watch, on this vase.


  • Country Chic Paint says:

    I hope this video was helpful! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we'll help you out! ~ Rosanne

  • Anastasia Austen says:

    thanks for the info…but it is hard to see the effects on those vases, I think these look like great products but please do a video using it on a real piece of furniture or some wood, it would be more helpful.

  • Soroya1920 says:

    Very pretty. When putting the cream on furniture, do you followup with a wax coat to ensure that there isnt any color transfer? Thank you!

  • Barry Ellsmere says:

    I like the antique wax finish, very elegant

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