How the Lead Paint Industry Got Away With It

How the Lead Paint Industry Got Away With It

[Music] we have known that lead can be toxic for thousands of years and specifically that children could be poisoned by lead paint over a century ago and since those first cases the lead industry has mobilized against the advances of science by 1926 lead poisoning was already relatively frequent occurrence in children yet the United States continued to allow the use of lead-based paint until 1978 in contrast over in Europe many countries said hmm poisoning children no thanks and ban the use of lead paint as early as 1909 the delay in the u.s. was due largely to the proud marketing and lobbying efforts of the industry profiting from the poison they knew they couldn’t hold off forever but boasted that their victories have been in the deferral of implementation of regulation and now peeling paint turns into poisonous dust and guess where it ends up as a Mount Sinai Dean and Harvard neurology professor put it lead is a devastating poison damages children’s brains erodes intelligence diminishes creativity and judgment and language and failure yet despite the accumulating evidence the lead industry didn’t just fail to warn people but engaged in an energetic promotion of leaded paint after all a can of pure white lead paint had huge amounts of lead which meant huge profits for the industry but see there’s no cause to worry if your toddler smudges up against lead paint because those fingerprints can be easily removed without harming the paint wouldn’t want to harm the paint after all painted walls are sanitary you see us advertised by the Dutch boys national lead company LEED helps to guard your health the director of the lead Industry Association blamed the victims the slum dwelling ignorant parents it seems that no amount of evidence no health statistics no public outrage could get industry to care that their paint was killing and poisoning children but how much public outrage was there really I mean it goes without saying lettuce a devastating debilitating poison literally millions of children have been diagnosed with various degrees of elevated lead levels compare that to polio for example though in the 1950s fewer than 60,000 new cases annually created a near panic among American parents and a national mobilization led to campaigns that virtually wiped out the problem within a decade in contrast despite many millions of children’s lives altered for the worst no point in the past 100 years has there been a similar national mobilization over lead and today after literally a century the CDC estimates over 500,000 children still suffer from elevated blood lead levels the good news is that blood lead levels are in decline celebrated is one of our great public health achievements but given what we knew for how long we knew to declare this a public health victory even if we were victorious it would be a victory diminished by our failure to learn from the epidemic and take steps to dramatically reduce exposures to other confirmed and suspected environmental toxicants that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this video series on LED we need to learn from our history so the next time some industry wants to sell something to our kids we’ll stick to the science and of course LED levels aren’t declining for everyone I’ll cover the Flint Michigan crisis and end by talking about dietary interventions to pull lead from our body next [Music]


  • Ronnie & Minh says:

    Lead paint is no different than potato chips and all Junk Food .. everyone associated with the products are only concerned about profits. If you want to be safe …. eat Raw Food. Nature does not care about profits.

  • Nicole Pouchet says:

    You are a modern day prophet… thank you so much for your service to humanity… (I know I am a little dramatic, but I mean every word)

  • David Hereaux says:

    Show me the money!

  • Sweet Tanjarine says:

    Please post more videos about the toxins allowed in society, all the different metals like mercury still being administered in dentistry!! It is banned in countries like Denmark! People can be on the healthiest diet but if they are chronically exposed to heavy metal exposure on a daily basis or mold and parasites that latch on to these toxins too then diet is not enough…. people are getting diseases like cancer and Lyme from environmental exposures too. I had a lot of aluminum, mercury, lead in my hair samples. I never had mercury fillings too so I was shocked. And this test was done after living in USA for some years.

  • Elbert Gu says:

    I'm excited for the next episode!

  • Disco Nouvo says:


  • QUiK WiDiT says:

    Thank you so much Doc. for these this video.

  • Darrell Smith says:

    Still lots of lead paint being used, I see it everywhere. Also lead in many different metals, I work with brass which contains 4% lead, turning it on a lathe creates dust which can be easily breathed in. I was breathing it for about 7 years before I even knew it contained lead as it carries no warning labels! I now use a mask + extractor as well as nitrile gloves.

  • Dalym says:

    isn't cheap lead paint mostly used in black communities back in the day?
    Freddy Gray was part of a settlement where him and other former children were collectively awarded millions as compensation for the brain damage, which unfortunately leads to aggressive behavior and a higher crime rate in the black Baltimore community.

  • john quackers says:

    capitalism baby love it or fucking leave it money over people bitches cant wait until trump lets us dump toxic waste in the rivers again itll just make the south even more retarded

  • Joseph1NJ says:

    How long before we ban Roundup?

  • Love Qetesh says:

    I am starting to think the government wants the population sick and especially with mental disabilities

  • Laurie Paris says:

    I've read that some flexible plastics, like the insulation on wires/extension cords contains lead. Might not present that much of a problem unless they're handled daily?

  • George Lopez says:

    this gets me so mad

  • sooooooooDark says:

    do a vid on lectin sensitvity and how its possible to do a whole food plant based diet when if u happen to have it

  • Eelke Aptroot says:

    Yeah some ancient water pipes were made from lead, I've accually seen that in real life….

  • Gerald Ford says:

    Appreciate the videos, but where's the fasting series?????

  • balderdashery G says:

    Wonderful work! Horrifying topic! Thank you for covering this issue! Mainstream media is all but ignoring what is going on. I am Canadian and I'm sure we are having the same issues on a smaller scale. Glad you are making the leap and taking on all the bullshit artists!

  • destructivduo says:

    Doc, share the Intermitent Fasting studies or make the damn videos! PLEASE

  • Habibur IHaveSeenItAll says:

    Yes, money is more important than health like the US economy.

  • SuperAtheist says:

    why not start with the dietary interventions to pull lead from our body?


  • Natalie Rodrigues says:

    thank you so much for doing this video… can't wait to hear what you say in the next one

  • Chillaxative13 says:

    This video is a metaphor for what is happening with the animal industry. The exact same thing is happening right now. Companies are touting the health benefits of animal products while saying obesity is the person's fault. "They lack self-control" they say. I wonder what it takes for the government to ban animal products like they did with lead.

  • burnsport1 says:

    It took years to get MOST of the toxic metals out of my body – with clinical chelation + alternative chelation  –  and that was at age 20. Never had fillings.  This is a huge problem in our civilization. Can't imagine how much metals are in the bodies of some middle aged people.

  • A3 Skywarrior says:

    All the schools in America a exposing millions of children to Microwave Radiation with no studies showing 12 yrs of exposure is safe. Recent NTP study shows non thermal effects from EMF's cause cancer yet no one cares. All they say is they have a 21st century classroom using WiFi, yet all they have to do is hardwire the ipads like we used to do to be safe

  • Peter Rabitt says:

    The same way the vaccine industry gets away with putting aluminum and mercury into our infants.

  • tamcon72 says:

    How very sad. We have been a fascist leaning economy for much longer than I even realized. Thanks for doing this series, Doc.

  • The Vegan Neuropsychologist says:

    Thank you for this video. There's a pattern here with tobacco and animal products…..

  • WisdomTooth says:

    This site has a great information on superfoods and suppelemnts which help protect us from radiation, heavy metals, chemicals, toxins ect..

  • Pickle Beaker! says:

    USA!USA!USA! We only 70 years behind Europe!

  • Wak Job says:

    I worked in a place that turned Pb into dust. As small as -5 microns.
    I got tested (BLL … Blood Lead Level )every six months. Never got over 9 micrograms per deciliter, and my baseline when I started was 6.
    Some days I'd be cover silver/gray with the stuff when cleaning equipment.
    I ate lots of cilantro let me tell you during those years.

  • Gourmet Cyclists shonajocelyn says:

    what about solvent based paints?Carcinogenic substances are found in solvent based paints used across many industries, for the same reasons why we used lead for so long…

  • Kathy Fausett says:

    Comparing the lead lethargy to the polio epidemic was unfortunate. One could assume the reduction in polio was due to "mobilization" of attention and resources. As Dr. Suzanne Humphries so vividly points out, this epidemic died in spite of the many efforts to kill it.

  • TheGreen Jarret says:

    Lead paint was great for shielding against microwaves.

    If walls of building were still painted with lead, cellphones wouldnt get signal inside. GPS wouldnt work and more importantly metadata streaming wouldnt work. End of 24/7 surveillance.

    Let that sink in for a moment. Childs that ate paint were retarded from the start. Its not like childrens violent behavior or ADHD have diminished since lead paint was banned.

    Sometimes Greger is so full of shit, that becomes disturbing.

  • LadyJAtheist says:

    there's a wonderful episode of the new "Cosmos" that's on Netflix; the episode is titled, "The Clean Room". It details how the struggle against lead poisoning in America came to a head in the 70's. I show it to my students during Radiobiology.

  • I Like You says:

    Hi, I really need a medical opinion other than the quack doctors who keep telling me to get on TRT or get another procedure done.
    Not sure how much you know about the male reproductive system, but I've had a vasectomy on 3/28/16 and developed pain in my lower testicles months later. It comes and goes, but some days the pain is so severe I can barely stand for long periods of time. I'm debating having a reversal, but it is not a 100% success rate for pain relief. I do notice I have less pain the cleaner I eat (strictly whole plants, no salt or sugar) and I don't eat oil. However I don't think this is enough.
    What should I do?
    A reversal COULD fix this and relieve my pain, but it could also do more damage..

  • Khu NoPie says:

    The only lead we NEED is Led Zeppelin!

  • Lisa Jackson says:

    I don't think they'll EVER own up to the widespread harm caused by aluminum and other ingredients in vaccines. Never. The lead (or pesticide, or food) industries can't hold a candle to Big Pharna and their sacred vaccines.

  • JustOneAsbesto says:

    I am very happy that you guys are doing multiple videos on this, and I am hopeful you will cover all the long-term societal effects of elevated lead levels.

  • Exotic Parallel says:

    and now dairy industry is funding studies that claim dairy reduces CVD risk

  • Judy FIELDS DAVIS says:

    Thank you so much!

  • carla cardenas says:

    can you also talk about things found in cosmetics and other everyday things

  • hoalinae says:

    That explains why Trump won….

  • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep says:

    What's even worse is Mercury makes Lead about a 1000 times more toxic in the body. So just a tiny tiny amount in some tuna or tooth fillings and the problem is 1000 times worse. It's also been proven every human on the planet has around 4 times more lead in their bones than humans pre industrial revolution because of lead for burning gasoline. It's unavoidable because its still in the air.

  • GleamingScythe says:

    As a real estate investor, the problem of lead is dropped unapologetically into my lap. Why when the use of lead was banned were the lead paint manufacturers not forced to pay clean up costs into a government fund to remove lead paint from every home in America? Why is the burden of lead removal dropped into my lap now when this stuff was banned before I was even born? I didn't manufacture, profit from, or implement the paint, so why is there no fund citizens can tap into to have this poison removed from our homes?

  • Delia says:

    Poor people should quit having children, then many of these health problems to their children would not happen.

  • Sjaak v Koten says:

    Lead paint worked super, the paint would last 100 times as long as the best paint of today and you could apply it in a single time!

  • Recco Con says:

    Currently the most detrimental condition among children and adults are micowave towers, Wi-Fi, cell phones and the 5G network. I don't see much in the way of a public outcry.

  • Christopher Sullivan says:

    Say what you want. That old lead paint was awesome. My house is 122 years old. And alot of that paint is still holding on.

  • Monique Cummings says:

    My house was built in 1977. What is a legitimate way to test my house for lead paint?

  • B. Rippy says:

    Simply touching a surface painted with lead paint will not poision the person touching the surface. The lead is imbeded in the cured paint. The poisoning aspect happens if a child chews on leaded paint chips, or if the surface is sanded and the dust becomes airborne then breathed in.

  • David Martin says:

    If America was run by technocrats then this issue wouldn't have existed.

    If you said to a politician "Lead Carbonate has an respiratory bioavailability of 98% and a biological half-life of 25-30 years in skeletal material" they wouldn't even understand that.
    Because they lack expertise a lobbyist can easily influence them.
    But these politicians are running the country and the regulations and policies they make affect the whole country. What the hell?!

    This situation has occured again and again simply because politicians lack expertise, most have business degrees and not scientific qualifications.

  • fux u dave says:

    The government still uses lead paint right now to paint the floors of housing projects

  • enlightened illumination says:

    I am actually with and not with you a not… properly lead can protect your health. Think superman

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