How Many Times Can This Art Change Directions?

How Many Times Can This Art Change Directions?

so if you ever had one of those pieces
that just changes directions so many times that you’re not really sure what
you think of it when you get to the end I have one of those to share with you
today you can watch the whole journey on it and I’ll talk you through two and
there are lots of twists and turns in this art piece but will you guess where
it will turn up at the end I wonder well I certainly didn’t when I started it but
let me start at the beginning with it and don’t forget that the products are
all listed in the description as always and once you’re here please do like the
video and subscribe for your weekly art tips tricks and inspiration and feel
free to share the video with your arty friends too so I’m back with some brown
paper for this project and I really enjoy using brown paper because well I
like the way it feels I like the texture of it
and I like the way the paint looks on it and also well it’s super cheap and fun
to just play on the last time you saw me use this particular brown paper I was
doing a colorful leaf I’ve also shown you some watery a quick paint flowers
with it too but if you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen some
of the abstracts that I’ve been doing on brown paper and posting them over there
I’ve also been sharing some super speeded speed paints of those abstracts
over there too so go and watch those as well if you haven’t seen them and this
project they started the same way as that abstract series that I’ve been
sharing over there but it didn’t stay as an abstract nope it shifted into
something else entirely and it actually goes through a few different places
before ending up where it eventually does end up and each time you see it
changed direction completely like when I start adding ballpoint pen lines and
then after that when I go back to some layers of paint at each of this points
it completely changes it up for me so much so that I actually feel that this
is like three or four different pieces sandwiched together into one piece
you’ll get what I’m saying when you’ve seen the whole process and the end
product so when I started this piece I had already done like two or three of
these types of abstracts before so I was really ready to change up and see what
other directions I could take it to so even though I really like the early
stages of this piece I decided to just punch through and try something else and
keep on going after adding paint shapes and
mark-making I turned to some ballpoint pen mark-making and in a kind of a
different rhythm to that first paint layer and I’ve been adding patches of
color then smaller patches of mark-making and little mark making as
well and when I changed to the the red paint pen and or say some ballpoint pen
use and the white paint pen I went for lines and doodles for this layer so
completely changing out from that previous layer and the other brown paper
abstracts were only a couple or so layers before they just came to a
natural end and I called them finished they didn’t really in my mind anyway or
in my eyes they didn’t need anything else and I’ve got what I wanted asked
them I’d got some a balance there a harmony and they they were just working
for me and yeah they were very abstract and this one easily could have ended at
the same point around about just before I added the red and the black lines I
mean it was looking pretty good as an abstract but one with sort of some more
defined mark making on it but as I said at the time it was more
important to me to push on through and see what else I could get out of it but
I have to admit I wasn’t really liking how how that turned out at this point
and when I added that pen work it just wasn’t working for me now the funny
thing about filming your work and I don’t know if you’ve ever done this and
if you film your work regularly then you might have noticed this too and that is
that sometimes you can change your mind about a piece as you’re watching it grow
on the film and this is one of those pieces I quite like where the doodling
went on this piece now when I look at it through the eyes of a camera but really
at the time it wasn’t working for me at all so I just kept on adding doodles
with different pens and then I let it sit for a minute or two before… [MUSIC] covering up with more paint
so another change in direction so that is a count of two changes in directions
so far so from the paint abstract to the doodle layer and then from the doodle
layer to well adding some more paint but that’s what happens when you’re on the
ground doing the work it can be entirely different from when you start changing
your mind when you see the process later on the video anyway I’d been enjoying
painting arcs and semi arcs in other work that I’ve been doing so I added in
some different colors to this piece using small arcs that have the effect of
they look like they’re so wrapped around each other I wasn’t going for that
effect it just kind of came out hmm so when I got to this point in this process
I wasn’t sure about this layer at all and I yeah I was starting to think it
was a layer too far so okay more drastic measures are needed and I’m gonna draw a
flower I was doing this piece in June so if you are one of my patrons or you
watch me here on YouTube then we know that in June I was working very much too
a floral theme so that’s where the idea of putting a flower on this piece came
from and I started drawing it in a light color with a light paint pen and then
switched up onto a black paint pen I was using a light color first because I
hadn’t quite decided what I was gonna do with it so I thought wow so I was
drawing it out if I draw it out and something light then I can always go
back over it later with something else which is exactly what I did so I think what’s this this is changed
number three or thereabouts isn’t it and I’ve completely ditched the abstract for
a stylized rainbow flower and lots of those earlier textures are still peeking
through but you know not as strongly as they were but they’re still there yeah I
told you this one was gonna have some twists and turns in it [MUSIC] now even though I’d prompt a great big
focal image on this it was still growing organically I was still sort of adding
to it intuitively as I went along and I went for a darkened background with some
watered-down acrylic paint just basically because well that rainbow
flower is so bright so I thought it would contrast really nicely and it
definitely makes that flower pop out and I’m actually calling this rainbow flower
I think this piece the dark color is my favorite transparent indigo and because
it is transparent you can still see the textures of background coming through in
places and by watering it down I’ve made it even lighter in places sort of
thinner so much more of a thin glaze and I’ve been having lots of fun layering
transparent and translucent acrylics at the moment have no I mean I’ve been
doing quite a few of those kind of videos and it’s it’s becoming a bit of a
theme at the moment well it’s a nice change from adding up a Claire’s all the
time and I wasn’t really getting on with translucent and transparent but
something seems to have changed and I’m really enjoying experimenting with them
and let me know how you’ve been getting on with your transparent and translucent
paints in the comments I would love to hear I’ve also got a couple of other
videos here on YouTube that uses them so if you’re looking for some more
inspiration then I’ll link those up for you [MUSIC] now once the background was partially
blocked out I honestly left the piece and the adding
green lines to the leaves was very much an afterthought I was actually just
gonna block them out and I started sort of flicking the green pen through the
leaf and like that more so I just went with that but I liked how that worked
out particularly as you can see some of those early layers where the green pen
hasn’t gone over entirely [MUSIC] another thing to do at this point was go
back over my back line make that more defined and add in some more detail and
personality to the flower and once I’ve done that yep the piece got left for a
little bit not like loads I don’t think it was overnight but it could have been
like a couple of hours and I kept looking at it and thinking well there’s
definitely something missing here what do I need to do and it was the ending of
the paint details that really kind of bought it together for me and so you use
my brush to add in some paint details plus also some paint pen detail here too
and filling in that blank space really kind of helped me like this piece a
little bit more so yeah another complete change that definitely went through a
few different changes from abstract to rainbow flower and you can see the
details in well more detail as we have her look closely and it all still adds a
lovely texture to this piece now I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had a
few twisty turny projects recently so let me know how your projects have been
going on I would love to hear and if you’re looking for some more layering
inspiration then watch these videos next and I will see you over there


  • Kim Dellow says:

    If you want another idea for your translucent and transparent paints then watch this:

  • Rachel Pettit says:

    I love this rainbow flower! Can I ask how the paint pens you use compare with posca paint pens? Which do you find more opaque?

  • Karen Atkinson says:

    Love your flower with all the colors. My pieces never turn out the way I think they might.

  • Denise Hogarth says:

    I like this. I enjoyed the process. Thank you for the inspiration

  • Sue Falls says:


  • Sue Falls says:

    Love the 🌈

  • susan vanschuyver says:

    My jaw dropped literally when you started putting on the rainbow arches. Wow. The final piece is good, but I miss that early layer!

  • verafi lindeng says:

    What a lovely piece of art, Kim! I love all the layers this went through 🙂 This happens to me quite often; I´m not the one who can plan stuff, LOL. But some of the pieces really surprise me more than others… YT hadn´t given me notifications of all your videos, I see I´ve missed 2 of your videos. Tfs, hugs Fia

  • Covered in Paint says:

    Haha, you got there in the end! I'm currently working on an art journal page, that's now on it's 4th layer, because I wasn't keen on how it was looking! With my last layer, I completely covered everything, except the focal point, so now I'm thinking about how to fill the empty space, which takes up 2/3s of the page! I'll get there, when inspiration strikes.

    Julia. x

  • Victoria Scully says:

    Kim I love how this turned out. I love those Molotow pens.

  • Judy Daino says:

    Love this Kim. Beautiful layers and love the rainbow flower. I also loved it before you started adding the translucent paint background. Your flowers are always so stunning. 🎨👍💗💙💚

  • Scrapitydoodah says:

    I love the end result. The last doodles were definitely a good edition.

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