How I Schedule My Days + Plans For Inktober · REALTIME · 1-Hour in My Sketchbook · SKTCH1HR #9

How I Schedule My Days + Plans For Inktober · REALTIME · 1-Hour in My Sketchbook · SKTCH1HR #9

Okay! Hello study-buddies, painting-buddies, work-mates or procrastinators. Whatever you’re here doing, let’s just
spend the hour together, get some stuff done or nothing at all. Today, I’m working
on a painting of an eye, carrying on from the last spread I did in one of the
faster videos, but I’d love to know what you guys are up to. It was really
interesting last time to hear all about it.
We had quite a few knitters and crocheters last time, and more than one person
painting and drawing dragons which I thought was an interesting coincidence.
But yeah, just going to crack on. I am painting in oils again today. This is the
second time ever using oils so we will see how that goes,
and doing a study of an eye again. Not something that I’m
particularly experienced with so we will have to see- we’ll have to see how it
goes. And I think I’ll start with some of the darker areas maybe, I think that’s
always one of the easiest ways for me to get started with a painting. So I’m
gonna go in with this colour that I just mixed up earlier but maybe add a little
bit of blue to it. Let’s see… where are our darkest areas… I did sketch this out,
as I said, in the end of the last video. You might have caught it. I just thought
it might make things a little bit easier to have more of a detailed sketch to
work off. But then I am also just gonna go in and see if I can kind of adopt
more of a sculptural approach to this painting- so really carve out the shapes the values to
see what we end up with. Not putting too much pressure on myself to end up with
something amazing, just want to see what I can do really.
And I’m quite looking forward to it. I had a lot of fun with this page over
here, kind of surprised myself really. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn an
eye or really anything in that kind of detail and I really enjoyed it, so if you
haven’t seen that video, you should check it out. I’ll have it linked up above and
in the description as well. And yeah, back to kind of talking about what we talked
about last time, I like to revisit our old discussions, so we did talk a little
bit about what days we thought would be best for these videos and the general
consensus was weekends. I agree, this seems more like a weekend
type of video. I am thinking of changing it just slightly. At the moment it’s part
of my kind of ‘hour in my sketchbook’ type series, and I would like to broaden it a
little bit so it doesn’t always have to be in the sketchbook. So I’m thinking of
making it more- I don’t know- like a ‘paint with me’ or ‘work with me’ because I know a
lot of people aren’t even painting when they watch these, they’re doing other
things, and it’d be fun to broaden what we have the
potential to do on these videos. It would still be an hour-long I think. It’d
be nice to maybe work on canvas sometimes, so really nothing much will
change, it just wouldn’t be an hour in my sketchbook, it would just be an hour of
painting. And I would love to hear some feedback on what I could call it, just so
that people know what it is. Sso people can get an idea of
what we’re doing and that you can come along and join me for an hour and have
me on in the background and work on whatever you’re working on. I don’t know, something like that. I’m also
thinking of changing the usual ‘hour in my sketchbook’ videos,
the quick ones, to just maybe change the name of it so it’s more
like- well, I started it so it could be like a jumping-off point creatively for
people where you could just jump in, watch a video get a little bit inspired
and then go off and paint something for yourselves, so trying to think of a new
name for it maybe because I think it’d be a cool idea to do something like this
and then if anyone’s been stuck on what to do in their sketchbook that
day, they’ve seen me spend an hour working on eye studies and I can
just say ‘go ahead and try it out for yourself’. I’m always coming
up with new ideas for videos that are just the same as what I already do but
slightly different. I’d like to have a little bit more structure with what I’m
doing just so I know where I’m at with everything. I
am preferring this so far actually, this more sculptural approach. I keep forgetting
that word, sculptural. I keep trying to say structural which I suppose I could
say but not quite what I’m going for.
I’ve been doing a lot of crosswords recently. My mum got me a crossword book. I
love puzzles and things so I’ve been trying to really work on my vocab but
clearly it’s not not working. Other than that though, I haven’t been up to much
new. That’s really all I can go back to regarding what we talked about last
time. And then just in life in general some boring stuff- we changed
broadband providers recently because our internet was absolutely
awful. We spent quite a lot of money on getting internet here because we wanted
fiber-optic broadband just because Ozzy plays a lot of video games and obviously
a huge chunk of my work involves the internet so we paid for that and we
could only get one provider to do that here in this flat and I was expecting a
lot because they’re a big big name provider- I won’t say who it was- but it
was so disappointing, and for the last year- because we’ve been here almost a
year now, can you believe it- for the last year that we’ve had that
internet, it’s just been almost unusable. Most of the time we did just use the
data from our phones to get internet because the speeds here were
just so bad, so useless. Upload speeds were the worst, I went to my mum’s house
a lot to upload videos because otherwise a five minute video would take
about an hour and videos like this, you can imagine, took probably a day to
upload. Whereas back at my mum’s house- where she didn’t even have any
special internet, she didn’t have fiber-optic or anything like that – it
would take a lot less time. So had to cancel that internet. Luckily we were
coming to the end of that contract anyway, they were putting their prices up
so we had a good excuse to opt-out, change to something else, so far so
good. I haven’t tried to upload anything yet so we’ll see how that goes.
We have downgraded what speeds we should be getting but we weren’t really getting
the speeds we were supposed to be so we’ll just see. And we’re hoping now
that we’re on with this new provider- since no one could provide fiber-optic-
we’re hoping that now that we are actually on with them they’ll see that
they can provide fiber optic here. Because I know our neighbors have it and
they live in the same building so I don’t really understand why we wouldn’t
have access to it as well. But canceling that broadband was quite an ordeal. They
really were adamant to keep us, and I get that. I think obviously that’s a huge
part of that person’s job; retaining customers, but it felt like they took
it a bit too far really, quite frustrating. In the end, I spent about 20
minutes on the phone with someone who got more and more adamant, more and
more forceful with it and almost… making me feel like I was doing something wrong
to them personally. And it really left a bad taste in my mouth with that company.
Like it was bad enough that the internet was so bad I probably could have got
over that but it was a bit too aggressive. I felt that that tactic of
trying to keep us and offer us a much better deal- which is finem, and I was
saying ‘I appreciate that, I know that this is your job and I know you
have to ask these questions about why we’re leaving but
we have found a replacement and there’s
really no point to this because we’re not gonna go back on that’ and the guy
is like ‘oh I understand but just on a personal level, I’d love to
know why you left, because you didn’t even ring us to try and fix it’ and I said to him ‘I’ve been on the phone for 20
minutes, I’m at work-‘ which was kind of a lie, kind of the truth. Home is still work for me. I kept saying ‘have
you have you done it? Can I go now? Have you actually put this
through?’ and he’d say ‘yeah but you know let’s talk more…’ It’s just
it was just too much. It was too forceful for me and really annoying, and
then the next day they rang me again to try and offer us an even better deal. I
think that’s cool you know if if we were still in the market then that’s great, I
appreciate that they want to keep customers, I think that is a good value
for a service to have but they need to do some more training with
their people about how to not be so aggressive with it. And I feel like I
haven’t really described it properly because it was a few weeks ago now but
it really left a bad taste in my mouth. I would be interested to know if
other people have had that kind of experience because obviously this is
like my first time- I mean, if you don’t know, I’ve been living with my boyfriend
for almost a year now, but before that obviously mum took care of
everything- so yeah, I’m not really used to-… and I hate phone calls anyway, so it
was hard enough, but then there were certain points where honestly he
made me feel like an idiot, when he kept pressing about the fact that I’d never
rung up to see if I could have it fixed and he didn’t understand why. Yeah it
just I think when you’re an anxious person- maybe that was part of
it as well, maybe it was less about him- although I do think it’s partly to do
with him. There was one point in the phone call right at the end where
I’d said ‘look, I know that your company caps upload speeds at a certain point
anyway so there’s really not a lot that you could do to help me because the
upload speeds not gonna get better and that’s a
huge factor for me’ and we kind of carried on the conversation and right at
the end before we hung up he just kind of had to get in ‘oh by the way, we could have done that probably, you were wrong about
that’. It’s just like… I know I’m not wrong and I don’t know why
he felt really passive-aggressive and really
victimy which I really didn’t get because it it’s not your life. Maybe you’d get a bonus for keeping me but it’s not that deep, he’s
not gonna get fired for letting me go. But yeah, that was a little rant, a little
ramble. I think it’s one of those days where I just kind of- it’s nice to
talk to someone. Ozzy’s been at work all day, I haven’t
actually spoken to anyone. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve used my voice yet today and
it’s three o’clock in the afternoon so it’s nice to have a quick chat. This
is coming up more red on camera than it looks on the page but I’m not too
bothered about that, I think it’s going decently. Definitely liking the flat
brush more than I enjoyed using the regular brush last time in my last oil
painting video. I think this is the way to go for me. It just makes things a lot
easier. Otherwise, went on a nice trip to the seaside recently. In fact
probably this time last week, we went up to Cleveley’s which I had never heard of-
and most people probably haven’t- it’s near Blackpool. We went when it was really
really hot as kind of like a family memorial for my
grandma who passed away a couple of months ago. She really liked it there
so it was like a little gathering for everyone,
we scattered the ashes, and it wasn’t a sad thing at all-
just if anyone’s worried- it was a really nice little occasion, getting everyone
together, lovely day, lovely weather and it’s nice to go to the seaside and have
it not be really full of people. I think because it’s kind of a lesser-known
place- there’s still stuff going on but it was a really nice little trip away. I’ve always loved the seaside. My
mum so many times, says it was like my favorite
favorite thing as a child, that it was the thing that she’d never seen me get
more excited about anything as much as I did going to the seaside. And I do love it.
I can’t resist just getting my feet in the sea. Once it’s
there, I need to touch it and be part of it. I think there’s nothing
better in this world than the ocean. I think it’s amazing. And in people
want to go to space and stuff but if I could just spend my life
by the sea or in the sea, that would be me. Definitely would not want
to go to space but the sea could be my whole life. I would love
to be a sea creature, I just think it’s so lovely out there, it’s so peaceful. Yeah it was nice to get out of the city and of all the hustle and bustle, even
though it was only for a day . It has been really hot here- I think
it’s been really hot everywhere- but it was nice to get out of this flat,
it’s boiling here. We’ve got loads of windows but not a lot of
air circulation. I think probably because of the windows , the sun
just shines in everywhere and it gets so hot and airless. So a lot
of the time, Ozzy and I just go to a nearby park or like a pub garden
when it gets really unbearably hot. We only just invested in- well I say
invested- we just got quite a cheap fan which I should have got so long ago. It’s
already changed the game. But it’s still- I mean it’s cooling down now- and it’s
kind of bittersweet, because I love the summer. It is a bit too much
sometimes, does go on a bit. And I know I will miss it so much when it’s cold, but
sometimes you just need a bit of a break. I think having that sketch did help but
I do feel like I’m losing my way a teeny tiny bit. I am still just playing
around, seeing how things go. Obviously I’ve abandoned my plan of
starting with the dark parts and kind of getting those all in first but that
tends to happen. Yeah that doesn.’t look too bad. I might kind of go and come back to that section in a little while, just see
how it looks I’m wondering when and how to put in
some details. I’m assuming that that’s the kind of thing you do right at the end.
It always helps to bring things together a bit more and kind of
encourage you that you are on the right track. I’m liking this so far, I’m quite
pleased with how it’s going and hopeful that we can get it done within an hour.
But we’ll see. Either way, I can tick something off my to-do list for the week
which was to try again because I don’t want it to be one of those things that I
try once and then just let kind of fall to the wayside and get back into my old
habits and the things I know I can do or that I’m a bit more experienced with and
a bit more confident with. I want to keep challenging myself with this and see
what I can do with it. Need a bit more of a pinky colour…. so
today’s topic I wanted to talk about was inktober. It’s that time of year again
where people start asking about it and yeah, I would like to do it this year. I’d
like to do something. I’m trying to come up with a theme and I would
love to hear any ideas that you guys might have so far- for yourselves, not for
me- although I would be very open to your suggestions, don’t wanna steal your
guys’s ideas. I would love to know what other people are doing
and I would love to really get into it this year. I did do it last year but on
kind of a smaller scale and I wasn’t posting every day as far as I can
remember. I just need to find a good theme, something that’s gonna make me
excited about it. it’d be nice to end up with a nice little collection of
drawings at the end of it.That’s always my favorite thing about inktober, just a
little body of work, a little memory of that period. I can
look back on a few October’s now in a row and the work that I’ve done
just kind of remember where I was at that stage and what I was up to
creatively. That’s a lot of fun. It’d be interesting to know if you guys
are going to try it this year and if you’ve got any ideas so far. I know it’s
quite soon, we’re just in September but it always seems
around this time that people start asking about it, like my comments are
suddenly overflowing with people asking about inktober. I’m pretty happy with this you know and
it’s not easy, it’s not always going to plan, but it’s a nice, it’s working for me.
And apologies if you can hear my chair creaking- I definitely need a
new chair, I’ve been having a lot of back pain recently sitting at this chair, it’s
just not made for working at. It also creaks, sometimes
there’s some nails that fall out of the bottom of it or some screws that I have to
screw back on because I don’t want the leg to fall off and I
don’t want it collapse on the floor with me on it. I normally put more white out than I
think I’ll need. I think today I was going to be a bit more sparing with
it cos I don’t want to run out. This was quite an investment. If you seen my oil
painting video, a lot of money just starting out with oil paints, but I think I need to break out of that fear of running out and just crack on and
make some art and I’m sure it will be worthwhile. Can you tell I’m avoiding the parts I
don’t want to do- the actual eye. I think because it’s gonna be more detailed, it’s
kind of nerve-wracking. I also don’t want it to just end here, I’d
rather just kind of fade it out. I don’t think I mentioned where this reference
came from. It’s from an article that I actually found on Pinterest while I was
looking for reference. It’s a Bangladeshi photographer who has been
going around taking pictures of marginalised children. It’s an
interesting article and it really does a good job of humanising these children. I find it weird sometimes using references and not
knowing where it’s come from, not knowing whose face it is, so it was nice to actually
have some background on this one. I’ll have it linked below
if I can remember and you guys can check out that article and also check
out the pictures that are included in it because this is a really talented
photographer and the pictures are really really striking. Lots
of different children. I do find children quite hard to draw
just because everything’s so smooth and nice and cute and you can’t really get
really into the little details that I think it’d make a drawing pop more. Everything’s a bit more nice you know. But I’m gonna see if I can add a bit of
grit to this- at least if I have time, if I can work up the courage to get around
to actually painting the eyeball. Alright, am I gonna do it. Should I do it
guys? Oh God okay, let’s go for it. Start with the whites of the eye…
just use a color that I’ve already got down here, a kind of dirty bluey
white. Maybe add a bit more blue to the white. Yeah that’s working. I think I’m having good art-mojo today. It’s one of those rare days
where things do just seem to work out how you want them to. And now that I’ve
said that, I’m sure it’ll all go wrong but I’m happy. I’m enjoying the painting
process which is always something to appreciate. And as I finish
this little section, I think it might be a good time again for us to get up, have a
little stretch, have a little break. I think I’m gonna have like half a glass
of water, just down it, just stretch my legs. We had a funny comment from last
time from- I think it was Robin Spain- who said they appreciated the reminder to
stand up and stretch because they were sitting like a goblin embroidering and
that made me chuckle so I thought I’d share it with you guys. But yeah it would
be good. You should just have a stretch, a quick walk around the room,
and then we will come back in a second. Right, we’re back in business. Just washed
my hands and had a bit of water and I remembered hadn’t even mentioned what
I’m using today. So I’m using gamblin paints, I am painting in my Moleskine
sketchbook and I’ve gessoed the page with Winsor and newton
acrylic gesso- but info on everything will be in the description as always is.
And now it’s time for my favourite kind of section of these videos which is where we
talk about all the usual stuff. So first I would like to as always just cover a
couple of questions from previous comments. So ‘walkingexercise5’ asked ‘what
is your time management/productivity method for art, housework, fun,
self-care and exercise. For example, do you schedule ie Monday to Friday art
weekend self-care….’ Ok confusing. Basically, do I schedule things,
do time block. Sorry, it’s hard to like read and try to paint at the same time. My
system hasn’t really changed since my last video where I talked about it which I
think was my ‘getting my life together’ video. So I generally will kind of block things into my Google Calendar, things
like any big goals for the month, any deadlines, any appointments and then for
kind of day-to-day planning, I’ll do a weekly spread- but you know nothing
nothing too detailed- in just a notebook, and there
I’ll just kind of write a few different things I want to get done that week and
I might assign them a day. I kind of batch my days with like-tasks so I
have like an admin day which is usually
Monday and that’s the day that I normally spend at my mum’s house just
because I go there to pack orders and then while I’m there I can get on with
some paperwork and just looking at recording any finances or just little
things like that, if I’m dealing with contracts and any paperwork type stuff, I leave a lot of that stuff at my mum’s just because while I’m there, it’s
good to just get that all done in one. So yeah, I kind of batch tasks to different
days. I’m gonna change a little bit of my planning at the moment just because I do
feel like I’m getting back into the habit of putting too much on there to do. I like my day-to-day to do list. I like putting things on it like little
things and things I’ve already done, things like’water the plants’
and whatever else. It”s just nice to be able to tick things off. But with my
weekly plans, I think I get can I carried away, and it’s hard to focus on just one
thing, and then I end up not doing anything, because it’s kind of
overwhelming. So I’m gonna try to go back to you know like a top three
priority type list. Because that always helps me really focus in, and that’s what
I’m doing today actually because I am pre-recording this one at the same time,
the same day that I did this other page. So my two my three things for today are
to record these videos- that’s one and two- and to edit one of them. And then
other than that, I did have other things on my list, I just draw a line
under those three things, those are the main things I need to do, and then
there’s like the little things that I know I’m gonna get done anyway like
cleaning the kitchen and I actually have to text a friend about something and I
don’t wanna forget about it and I need to book a taxi which is for going to the
airport in a couple of days because I’m going to Berlin, which is also why I need
to text that friend because she lives in Berlin and I wanna meet up with her. I
haven seen her in about three years- if not more. I’m going to Berlin with Intel
actually which is really exciting. First ever brand trip. I’m really excited
for it but obviously quite nervous and I’ll see how it goes. I will see if I
can like bring you along with me, see how much filming I can do while I’m there.
Yeah that got very sidelined there… they also asked do I use the Pomodoro
Technique and I do a kind of version of it where, if I really need to focus, I’ll
set a timer for 45 minutes and see how much I can get done and
that’s usually when I’m doing emails because that’s my least favourite thing
to do and sometimes I just have to sit myself down put that timer on and say
don’t get distracted, don’t go on YouTube, don’t do anything else, just clear this
inbox. So generally I just use it for that and I don’t do twenty five minutes
and five minutes, I do like 45 minutes and 15 minutes just because I don’t feel
like I get enough done in 25 minutes to really kind of settle into it. In this picture, this girl has these really colorful and detailed eyes and I
know I’m not going to be able to do them justice but I would like to get some
some kind of semblance of all the different colors that she’s got in there.
I think her eyes are the real feature of the photograph just don’t know how much
I’ll be able to capture that in a quick painting study. I already feel like I might have cocked
it up a little bit with the yellow I used but it’s not big a deal is it. It’s
just a study after all, which is why I really like these painting sessions.
There is no pressure at all, it’s just seeing what we end up with really. I
think looks pretty good when I look at it from afar. I’m quite happy with it. And
then before we move on, I did have another question from Superficial Saint
who asked if I will be going back to my monthly vlogs. I feel like it’s been
quite a while since I did a proper monthly vlog but I do still consider a
lot of the videos that I do to be vlogs just because I’m kind of showing the behind
the scenes and I might be working on a particular project or something or have
a particular topic that the video covers but generally I like to show what’s
going on in my life at the same time. Will I be going back to monthly vlogs? I
don’t I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll do it in the same format. It’s quite nice not wondering if I should have my camera
with me or should I have captured that or should I bring it
with me to this or that. It’s nice to kind of free yourself from that
so I do sort of decide on certain times where I do want to vlog and I just kind
of stick to that. I would like to get back into a bit more of the
behind-the-scenes life stuff. The studio vlog type things, I just like to
have a topic for those types of videos rather than going into it more aimlessly.
It makes it easier for me to edit it and just kind of keep it concise. Which I think people find more interesting anyway but it’d be
interesting to hear what you guys would think. Yeah I think I’m gonna keep
doing what I’m doing really. Maybe chuck in some vlogs here
and there. In fact, I might see if I can vlog the
next few days with this trip I’m going on but we’ll see how that goes. So other things I want to talk about;
I’m working on maybe planning a little story, I think I’ve mentioned this a
couple of times but I would love to do some writing and an illustrated
book- and again, I think as I said, I would like
it to be kind of a private thing at least for now just so I can allow myself
some time and space to experiment and see what I end up with without any
pressure of thinking that people are watching but that’s one of the things
I’ve been thinking about working on and I want to see if I can start that soon,
probably once I get back from Berlin. I’ve got two ideas actually that I want to do but obviously I can’t really
talk about it too much, so that’s as much as I say. But I am working on things, I
guess is the point that I’m trying to make. And I do I want to spend more time on personal
projects. You guys really liked that personal Commission in the video that I
did where I designed a movie poster so I think that could potentially be
something that I do more of you know. Do different idea, different
topics. A lot of people suggested doing a book cover so I thought I could
maybe make a series out of that and kind of set that Commission to you guys as well
so we’ll do it together. I’m trying to work out the logistics of that, I just
think it’d be quite a fun idea and then other than that I’m just planning my
trip to Berlin really. I’m only there for a few days. I’ve been before, although last time I went, I was like 19, I went out to visit my friend
who I just mentioned who lives out there and I mean, the main goal was to
party a lot and you know to sleep all day and drink a lot and that was
definitely what we did so this time will be a lot different.
It would be nice to actually see the city although we did we did get out and
did get to see quite a lot of Berlin. It was nice being there with someone
that lived there. This is a childhood friend, my best friend
from primary school actually, who is someone that- we kind of are in and out
of touch with each other- we’ll talk to each other here and there and then not
talk to each other for about a year or even more and then get back in contact
and it’s like we never stopped talking. I love a friendship like that. It’s just
like an easy breezy, no pressure, I just know that you’re always there, I’m
always there. You can tell I haven’t spoken
much today, a little bit all over the place. So I don’t think it’s time to
start with these little, little details but they just really make a painting
come together. I don’t even know if you’d be able to see them on camera. I think I’m getting the hang of this oil malarkey, although that last
decision was maybe not the best one. It does start to go sticky on the
pallete. That might be to do with the galkyd that I’m using. Some people did say
that it makes your paint a bit stickier so I’m gonna try and use it
more sparingly. And then back to the books that I’ve been reading, I don’t
really have anything new to say this month because my reading has really
slipped. I think because Ozzy’s been around a lot more. Normally he works either
doubles-… don’t know he’s been on a lot lot of late shifts which means
he’s around in the morning which is the time I normally read but when he’s
around, we just spend the mornings together and chill out so
I’ve not had a lot of my usual reading time. So I just
finished The Immortalists that I’ve talked about in three of these videos
now by Chloe Benjamin which is about four siblings-
four young siblings- who visit a fortune-teller and find out the date
that they’re will die. And it’s just a really interesting
story where you follow each of them as they grow up with this kind of prophecy
hanging over them, and whether they believe it or not and how that affects
how they live their lives and the choices they make. And I really fell in
love with the first character, Simon who’s the youngest, just following his
story it felt really real and I got really
invested and sucked in to him as a person and his life and the choices he
was making. And you do have this overbearing feeling, this like foreboding
feeling that- it’s kind of like the same feeling that you can assume the
characters would be having, knowing that this date is hanging over, them the date
that they’ll die, and you have that as a reader wondering if it’s going to happen.
And you’re really invested in these people but you’re also
really scared to get too close because there’s this fear that they’re not gonna
last. It was really beautifully written, It was really, really
nice. I would definitely recommend it. As it changed perspectives, I didn’t know
if I would be as interested just because I was so in love with this first
character but you do get a completely different perspective and
it’s all been done so thoughtfully and can tell a lot of research
and a lot of thought has gone into it. These people feel like real people.
I think Benjamin did a really good job of that. I would definitely recommend
this book, I really enjoyed it and I will be checking out more of what this
authors done. I had a great comment last time, when I mention this from
SovochkaArt – they said that they
they were reading it as well and they slowed down a little bit but they’re
gonna pick it back up since I reminded them of it, and they said that the
writing style is so beautiful ‘like there’s not a single word in the wrong
place’ and I think that’s the perfect way to describe it. It’s just a really just a
perfect book for me really, I couldn’t fault it. And then Leslie
Rickman recommended the Haunting of
Hill House book, which I didn’t even know it was a book- that’s something I
probably should have known! So yeah I think that’ll be coming up next
somewhere along the line on my list. Definitely going to read it
at some point, so thank you so much for that recommendation. I feel like you guys
really spoil me here when it comes to guiding me on what to read next. And then
a lot of people suggested using Goodreads to keep track of what I’m
reading and what I’ve read and what I want to read and I do. That’s exactly
what I use it for! I don’t use it for like the social aspect of it, I’m not
really interested in following different authors or different people or
interacting with people to be honest. I just like to use it to keep a record
of what books I’m gonna read and what books I’ve read and how far along I am
with particular books, because you can also just put in like what page you’re at and stuff like that and I do like to use
that feature of it just to keep track of how quickly I’m reading different things,
how many books I’ve read in a particular month and just stuff of that nature. And
they also suggested that I should get my mum using
Goodreads because, as I mentioned, she uses her spreadsheet just to keep track
of all the books she’s read but she loves her spreadsheets. What can I say. I
don’t think I could convince her to use Goodreads. I don’t don’t think I would
want to try anyway, she loves a good spreadsheet and she’s got
her little system going even if it does seem a bit overly complicated to me. Okay I think we’re getting somewhere
with this, possibly time to put in some more little details. We are missing
eyelashes and I think that the addition of those would make quite a
difference. We’ve got about ten minutes left. So we’ll finish off as
always talking about what
I’ve been watching. I mentioned last time that I watched a film called February
with Emma Roberts and that I found a bit disappointing and that when I watched it
I had been deciding between two films and it had been this film that I had
decided to watch on that particular night. sS I decided to watch the other
film that I had been umming and arring about when I chose February and that was
called The Son or El Hijo which is an Argentinean, tense thriller type
film. It’s about an artist who becomes convinced that his new wife is trying to
keep their young son from him and it’s kind of that typical psychological
thriller type thing where… are people gonna believe him? Is he crazy? And I wanted to
like it. It’s my kind of film, as I always feel like I say, and it wasn’t like badly
done- no, it was a nice looking film as well and decent acting. It just
kind of annoyed me I think. With psychological thrillers, sometimes they
do this thing where people don’t act like people would, or they just make
stupid decisions where you just think… You know when you’re like screaming your
screen thinking ‘why are you going there??’ and I’m not spoiling it at
all, these are just like general things like ‘why are you going in there on your
own? why haven’t you called the police? why haven’t you like recorded this to
get evidence? why do you have to act so crazy and erratic when you’re explaining
this to people? if you just said this in a level-headed way, people would believe
you. also why does no one even think to
believe you? why is no one taking this seriously?’ It just it seemed all too
convenient, like the way that people acted just to keep the story going. It wasn’t it wasn’t a bad film at all and I wouldn’t mind watching again, but I just
get a bit annoyed sometimes, films like that-.. I like I like dumb films, and I
wouldn’t say that this was a dumb film, I think there was a lot that I did like
about it but there was a lot that just made me roll my eyes.
The main guy was a good actor but like the character was such a just typical
you know eccentric artist guy, throwing paint a canvas and listening to loud
classical music and it just didn’t do anything new for me. And then there’s
this whole- I wouldn’t even call it a subploy- but he’s convinced
that his wife is keeping his baby son from him and it’s the worst thing in the
world for him but then there’s mention towards the beginning that he has two
daughters with another woman who he doesn’t get to see and it’s almost like
flippantly dealt with like ‘oh yeah I have these daughters I don’t get to see
and that’s why I want to spend so much time with this son’ but like we don’t see
him at any point trying to make an effort with his two daughters who, fair
enough he’s in Argetina and they live in Canada but you can’t just
completely shut off from having other children and just start start with a new
one. I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for him
like as a dad because I just saw a man that was trying to do
better this time without really working on what he already had. And like fair
enough, have another child and spend more time with him and do better, but also
spend some time with the children that you already have maybe? I didn’t
think that part was dealt with very well. One thing I really did like was like the
two side characters, like his friends from art school I’m guessing. One of
his ex-girlfriend’s and her new boyfriend who was also one of his
friends, and they have their own kind of subplot going on where they
trying to have a baby and they were having trouble with it and I would have
much preferred for that to have been the film. I was really interested in those
two, I really liked the actress that played the friend and also her husband
or whoever that guy was in it and she was the most realistic
character in it for me and the most interesting, so yeah I would have I would
have liked to have seen a film just about her and I might actually look her
up as an actress just because I found her
captivating. There was something about her that I would love to see more
of. I’ve also started watching a series called What-if which is on Netflix
with the Renee Zellweger and it’s like she’s this high-powered executive
woman- not really sure what she does- but she’s got loads of money, really powerful.
And this other young woman who’s got this kind of clinical breakthrough that
she just needs funding for, it’s like a really personal project for her into
researching illness and she is looking for funding and Renee offers
to help on the condition that she can spend the night with her husband-
to spend the night with this young woman’s husband-
and there’s a lot of kind of side stories and it’s all getting deeper and
more complicated and it’s not really what you think is going on, there’s a lot
of kind of blackmail and manipulation and secrets and it’s ver… it’s a good
it’s a good dinner time show for me. It’s a good- don’t really want to pay too much attention but I’m happy to kind of spend
some time watching it. It’s very American for me . Like Grey’s Anatomy or How to get Away with Murder. it’s got that
really dramatic, over-the-top, running in the rain and crying and shouting type of
vibe. But I really like that kind of thing every once in a while in the right
way. And yeah I like it, it’s like good like evening show for me. Not
something I’m gonna obsess over- because I would obsess with Grey’s Anatomy- like I do love it I do love a good American drama every once in a while. My
mum’s just got into Suits. I can’t watch it, it’s
not for me, but every once in a while, I do like one of those proper American TV
shows and this is kind of filling that void for me. But other than that I have
been watching Peaky Blinders which I’ve been saying I want to watch for so long.
And oh my god, me and Oz just started watching it together, we don’t watch
anything together really, we haven’t really found a series that we
both like so this has really hit the spot for both of us. And I love Cillian
Murphy, I have for years and years and years. Decades, from way back when he was
still doing his like indie Irish films. I was obsessed
with him. So it’s lovely, lovely to see him in that. We watch it-
we’re trying not to over-watch it. I love it. It’s on Netflix, it’s
also on BBC iPlayer, we’re watching it on Netflix, I don’t know how much of it they
have on BBC iPlayer, and there’s a new series coming out- I think it might
actually have come out already but we’re just finishing the first series. It’s like my new favorite thing, Ozzy’s obsessed with it. Every day he comes home
from work and he’s begging yo watch it while I’m saying that we have
to go to bed. I feel like like a mean mum making her childhood to bed. Otherwise he would stay up all night watching it and would have
finished it by now. I’m trying to be a responsible adult and not binge too much
on it. I have a few other things I could talk about, but I feel like we’re running
out of time, and also I feel like I’m coming to the end of this painting. I
think the only other thing I can really do is add a few other little details but
look at that! I’m happy with that! I think that’s turned out really well. I’m
actually really pleased and really surprised that I managed to do it in the
time I think it looks quite impressive. There is something
about oils where it just looks so striking and deep whatever you do. I did
have a question from Maria who asked if I’d seen the movie Jacob’s
Ladder because they think I might like it so that has been added to the
list which kind of ties into their next question which was like ‘do you plan what
you’re going to read or watch’ because I think I quite often mention in my list
and I do have a list. I use the app Trello and I have a list of things to
read, have a list of things I want to watch, I have a list of places I want to
go, restaurants I want to eat at, and I if I’m looking for a film
or something to watch, I refer to that list and just see what’s there,
what I have access to, have a look through Netflix to
see if anything matches up and then I use Goodreads as I said to look at what
books I want to read next and then I also do keep a list of that on Trello as
well. So I kind of mix and match between it to see what I want to move on to
next. I might start reading The Waves by
Virginia Woolf just because that’s what I have at the moment. I’ve ordered some
new books that I was hoping would get here before I leave for Berlin but so
far they’re not here so I might have to stick to one I’ve already got. And then
the final thing that I actually added to my notes today to talk about, because I
was putting off painting today, watching YouTube videos- which I keep talking
about not doing- but I’ve been loving bon appetit, the YouTube channel where
they do food videos. Absolutely love Brad, I’m just obsessed. And yeah it’s been
taking up a huge amount of my time. But I’ll stop rambling now because I
think I think that we’re done. So thank you so much for joining
me- this really went quickly today! I hope you’re having a great evening
and I will see you in the next one! Bye!


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    Could you do a video on your advice for inktober ? Would love to hear your thoughts xo

  • somebodyelsa says:

    I'm drawing a spread of a book I'm currently working on. In this particular spread there's a frog swimming race happening. Thank you for the company.
    I'm trying to get some more work in surface design so for inktober I'm thinking of doing some patterns.

  • Kyomii says:

    I think a good name would be either ‘Minnie’s Power Hour’ OR ‘Mini Power Hour’ (a play on words as it’s small slice of the day to (em)power people to create with you and also your name is Minnie.)

  • Linda Luna says:

    so relaxing!

  • riverbean says:

    Hey Minnie, love your work so so much. Thank you for sharing it. I was thinking of doing a climate crisis themed inktober. But I want it to be positive and proactive, not doomsday-y. Haven't figured out how to tie it all together yet! I was hoping to make each drawing a part of a bigger whole but I like the idea of a collection as well.

  • Anna li says:

    I use pebeo oil paints and they're quite cheap I managed to get a deal where I paid like £10 for a 200ml tube of titanium white and some other colours would really recommend their stuff as its really good quality for the price ! Beau B Frank also uses peso and his works amazing

  • ArtbyCe says:

    I actually listen to these videos while I’m getting ready for the day! (Putting on makeup lol). Also for inktober there’s this page I co-run with like 12 other artists called @thesketchbooksociety and they made an absolutely fabulous list for inktober and in my opinion it’s much more creative and unique then most of the other lists I have seen! Things like teeth, bayou, tea leaves, momento mori, etc. I would definitely check it out ☺️

  • Andyapolis says:

    I'm doing some architectural drafting while I listen and switching screens so I can see your painting progress. I'm completely relating to trying a new medium once and going back to my "old" mediums. I've tried acrylics recently and it's not going as well as I'd expected it. But I don't want to give up as well. 🙂

  • Megan Illick says:

    For my third year of Inktober I'm actually using a theme, Historical Fashion. I'm doing some last-minute research for it this month. I'm really excited about this year. The past two years I've tried it I haven't made it through the entire month. I'm hopeful for this year, though. I think having a prompt will help a lot.

  • Felicienne Zahra says:

    Stunning! You are an amazing and inspiring artist Minnie. Always look forward to seeing your videos 🙂

  • Andres Johnson says:

    i love the colors and i took an oil painting class and the professor would always prefer to use filbert brushes as it can act as a flat brush when needed or a thick brush

  • meow paw says:

    I loooovvee these videos❤ you are sooo amazing!

  • The Introvert Queen K says:

    Where r all my fellow procrastinators at?

  • Awa Sow says:

    What about doing some quick scenes or landscapes for imktober ? The drawing is gorgeous and your voice very relaxing!

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