How I paint and draw my instagram illustrations! ~ Frannerd

How I paint and draw my instagram illustrations! ~ Frannerd

hi guys it’s a very hot day, here in hastings it’s sunday yeah, it’s probably like 3 pm and today, i have a very chill and relaxed day i am quite sleepy, actually i might i might make some coffe later aah, but i wanted to just like, spend the afternoon with you guys because i don’t know i just want to hang out with you and like, not talk about anything i mean we’re still gonna talk a lot about nothing but, [laughs] so, i think guys that the good thing about having someone that is helping me during the week on my shop and uhm packing stuff and going to the post office is that i finally have time to, i don’t know like draw for draw for pleasure and update my instagram more frequently and today i think i just wanna draw and create content for the upcoming week for my instagram i take instagram in a very weird way because instagram is sort of like my hobby? [giggles] in the sense that i, what i draw is for pleasure. i draw whatever i want because instagram is not my job so i can basically do whatever i want but i like to take the time to create meaningfull content, for me and for you guys so, i want to spend this sunday afternoon not only filming and spending time with you but also drawing so, let’s go to my living room like i said, today we’re going to work together on a couple of illustrations these are very casual illustrations by the way guys, ah so this is my sketchbook, i don’t know if i’ve ever shown you my sketchbook in this channel before yes i have this is something i usually do for my patreons there’s a bunch of kids yelling outside anyway, it’s summer. let the kids enjoy the good weather [laughs] so this is my sketchbook, i am almost at the end of my sketchbook, guys can you believe it and so this is how it looks like usually when i work on my illustrations that i upload on instagram i use the copic and promarker pens? markers this is like my portable to go pencil case these are the markers i use the most and as you can see i have a very defined color palette i don’t know if you can tell, but they’re mostly pinks and purples, blues and grays a couple of yellows i mean maybe i can show you the last one so this is the last illustration i updloaded to my instagram ah, ed and i had a really nice conversation about leg hair [laughs] i mean you can see the whole thing on my instagram but it was so nice that you guys liked that illustration usually when i go out i draw with my trusty old prismacolor color erase this is a classic guys you maybe sick of me talking about these pens and pencils because they are the same i use over and over again i–i haven’t mentioned this before guys but i’m trying to use more erasable pencils from other brands this is the erasable ah, staedtler in the shade aaah–no there’s no shade but it’s the red one [laughs] the quality is very similar to the color erase, to the prismacolor so if you can’t have access to the prismacolors because i know they’re h–they’re a pain in the ass to get you can get the staedtler ones because they’re really good ah, and also for outlining my illustrations i use this muji pen, which is my favorite one and yeah, today i have no plans i have no ideas, i have no idea what to draw but we’ll figure something out [white noise] [sometimes interrupted by sound from a tv show] [white noise] what can i say about the process behind my instagram illustrations? i try to, do my best in terms of colors so, as you can see my color palette is very– when i say defined it doesn’t mean it means that i tried to be as restrictive as i can with my color palette because i’ve noticed that everytime i try to use ALL the copic markers i have or–or old promarkers i have, the illustration doesn’t have a cohesive look so what i try to do is restrict my color palette as much as i can, and from that point onwards i paint everything i can so for example, even though this is not my ah–color–my exact hair color it’s the one that i use for my cheeks and my elbows and my hands, for my shoulders sometimes so i try to do all the details that i can with the least amount of colors possible and i’ve found guys, that this is the best advice i can give you color wise because you won’t ever have all the copic markers in the world ah that is an advice that i try to [snickers] that i also try to follow when i am painting in photoshop so for example i always like to have a color palette– a restricive color palette in photoshop as well, because in photoshop you have all colors avaible. but i’ve found that the illustrations that i like the most they have a very restrictive palette like from other illustrators i think the last time that i purchased copic markers, i tried to go for a more, lilac purple palette because i’m trying to find the best shades for shadowing i don’t know if you can tell but this time this illustration does have shadows which is something that, shadows guys, they always freak me out because once you do a shadow with markers, or with watercolors. there’s no way back [laughs] so i don’t know if you can tell but ah, every once in a while i do swatches in the lower part of the page so i make sure the color that i’m choosing, for example ah, the base of the color which is the best purple that matches that color so what–what is the best purple for shadowing that particular color i make sure to write down all the samples and all the swatches of the colors so i make sure the next time i already know which is going to be the best shadow for that particular color and i make a mental note and i hope you enjoyed this process i know, uhm, i haven’t done one of these in a while let’s draw something together and i really want to go back to let’s draw something, because i really wanna draw with watercolors again with you guys so, let’s make something fun tell me what to draw and i will draw it next time this will be a small challenge for all of thus all of thus? all of us so i will go back with watercolors in all the splendor i’ll make sure to paint this painting this weekend so, just like write in the comment’s section an idea that you would like to see for the next video thank you so much if you have visited my shop in the past few weeks i really–really guys, appreciate all the orders that, uhm, we are receiving right now and, going to the post office is the best thing ever thank you so much for going to the shop thank you so much to all my patrons because, you guys, allow me to sit on this chair and film this video, and do awesome things like buying art supplies and paper and, the watercolors that we’re going to try next week ah, i’m really excited about that AAAH ok, aah so have an amazing day, an awesome weekend i can’t wait to read your comments, and i will see you next week bye bye guys [giggles] [hums while posing] oh, look at all of these beautiful twinkle lights and this box yeah, so glamorous and yeah that [laughs]


  • Luis.G says:

    Seria lindo ver una version tuya de tu ilustracion favorita frann

  • Elisa says:

    This video was great. I love hearing you just talk while drawing. It's super fun and relaxing! Saludos desde Costa Rica!

  • Lot Deleste says:

    Patti Smith's "M Train"!!! <3

  • Duru Durmaz says:

    your favorite movie scene maybe?

  • Carley Rose Studio says:

    Is that Project Runway on in the background? haha I love watching that while i work too 😂

  • Lilacism says:

    i just found your channel while eating sopapillas de chile and your chilean wow!

  • Elli Maanpaa Art says:

    I've always admired you'r cohesive colour palettes 👌 so happy to hear there will be more drawing videos coming up ☺️

  • botanicalfox says:

    In this time I draw foxes. I only draw animals and I love it. So, maybe you can draw also an animal in the next Let's draw something video. That would make me happy. (When you want to know wich animals I draw, you can visit my Instagram (@fleecytinypaws)
    Thank you.

  • hyster wister says:

    i wanna see you try doing food art!!!

  • Macarena Guillen says:

    😄 El grito de emoción por las acuarelas ❤

  • Shimin Mushsharat says:

    Hi! I'm a new subscriber. I visited ypur instagram and blog and loved all the little illustrations. So.. can I download and print some of the pictures to hang on my wall or do I have to buy them?

  • Daryl The pony says:

    fran's videos are always like video chatting with her ~ it's so nice and feels like home~

  • Sarah h says:

    Maybe draw Cereal partially in a patch of light as she ~blesses~ some packages.

  • Postal Swing says:

    Your videos are in my ❤️. Also, I wanna hug you, *hug *

  • imageryislife says:

    That sketch at 2:47 is cute as hell!

  • Yona Duvauchelle says:

    ¿Alguien sabe donde venden los lápices rojos que se borran? (en santiago)

  • Lily Morrison says:

    I would love to see you do a drawing of yourself as a magical girl (like the sailor scouts, or cardcaptor sakura or the girls of W.I.T.C.H) and Ed as the magical guy and your cats as your animal sidekicks. Maybe even just as an instagram post with copics rather than a full blown piece with watercolours. <3

  • UpholsteredCouch says:

    Hello Fran! I just want to ask when you draw an illustration and color it with watercolor do you draw the illustration in a water color paper or sketchbook? Can you paint watercolor on a regular sketchbook? I am practicing and I feel copic markers are out of reach for my budget for now and I am trying watercolor to color my drawings but I don't know if I SHOULD because its in my sketchbook with sketchbook paper.
    I hope you can answer my question.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Ana Victoria Morales says:

    What sketchbook is that?

  • Kellie DC says:

    Your videos have such a great aesthetic, I love them so much.

  • ciucinciu says:

    too instagramish

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    Living for the sleepy kitty shots & that ending. *applause*

  • iwaho says:

    hi fran! in the off chance that you might see this comment, i was just wondering if you could maybe make a video about tips about learning to draw or beginning to draw. i am just starting and I'm struggling drawing the way i want to. love you fran!

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    Fran, me encantan tus videos, tus consejos. Esas caras raras xD! Amo tu canal!! <3

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    you should draw something about your daydreams. you know crazy things that are not likely to be real.

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    This is kind of specific but I'd love to see you paint a bearded sailor man in a striped shirt. Oooo maybe with a mermaid? 🙂

  • Jacinto Linares says:

    Hi Fran, I know its been a few days since you put up this video but I just wanted to reach out to you. I don't know if you will see this but here is hoping. I just wanted to tell you that I am new to your videos & your artwork. I stumbled upon them while looking for inspiration and art career advise, since I am just starting out trying to do this professionally. I AM SO HAPPY I DID! Your videos have helped me so much in just the few weeks I have been watching them. Your personality, artwork, advise & just realness with everything online is so inspiring & relatable. I have already started trying some of your suggestions & watching your videos helps me stay motivated because as you know it can be discouraging with such slow progress in the career choice. So I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do, even in the midst of being so busy & still thinking of your followers to put up videos with such amazing content/editing. But most of all thank you for just being yourself, speaking from someone who's starting out especially it is so appreciated and helpful. So yea just wanted to reach out because your awesome, would love to become a patreon one day when I can finally afford it too, sorry I can't do it now. BTW my name is Chelsea Castle-Linares not Jacinto I use my husbands account for youtube subscriptions. <3 -Chelsea

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    All the best to you and Ed and your wonderful cats from Australia 🙂
    18 July, '17

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