Home Decorating Basics : How to Select the Best Paint Color for a Room

Home Decorating Basics : How to Select the Best Paint Color for a Room

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to select the best paint color for a room. You want to look at the size.
You want to look at are you starting with nothing in the room or are you starting with
the room already having furniture? If you already have furniture in the room with fabrics
on the furniture you’re going to need to take into consideration the colors that are in
the furniture, the colors that are in the rug. You need to work with that before you
start picking out a color. If it is a blank slate and you really don’t have any type of
color in the room then you can really start at zero and just do whatever you want to do.
Ways to get there would be, what type of mood do you want to create? What type of light
is in the room? What type of traffic? What is the room? Is it a place where you want
it calm? You’re going to sleep, like a bedroom? Then you wouldn’t want to chose a real bright
green, or a real bright yellow, or something that has a lot of energy to it but you want
to go with more of a calm color probably. If it’s a fun room like a laundry room then
you might want to do a really fun zippy color. Because who likes to do laundry, but if you
have a fun color in there then that peps you up and gets you going. So it really has to
do with where you’re going to, where this color is going to go. Another thing that I
would suggest is all your major paint companies and hardware stores will have the paint fans
and you can go in and either get a fan or, a paint fan, or you can go to that paint center,
and they always on the wall will have all different types of cards where you can pull
and get colors and look at them. What I would always say is take your color and put it on
the wall for a twenty-four hour period. You can get these great samples of the paint,
put it on the wall, look at it for a twenty-four or forty-eight hour period to see if you like
it, to see if it’s not what you wanted. Because looking at a color at a paint store and looking
at it in your specific room that you’re going to paint, the color will always change. So
this is Ann Myrick and that is how to select the best paint color for a room.

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  • Robeson Design says:

    This woman needs to think about what se's going t say before the camera starts to roll. I found myself telling her to FOCUS!
    I'm usually a positive comment leaver but here i'm sorry.. this video did nothing to teach me "how to select a color!"

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