Holi Festival of Colors 2017 || Acrylic Painting on Cardboard

Holi Festival of Colors 2017 || Acrylic Painting on Cardboard

Hi everyone! In today’s video I’m making a small acrylic
painting for Holi, which is a Hindu festival of colors that’s celebrated in the spring. One of the traditions of Holi is to throw
colored powders or colored liquids on each other. So my idea for this painting was an Indian
girl and the colors dripping above her. I used acrylics on cardboard. I fist primed the cardboard using white acrylic
gesso to make sure that the cardboard won’t soak up the paint. I had many references for the face, but no
exact reference for the pose. I first made a postcard size sketch in my
sketchbook and then transferred that onto the cardboard using graphite transfer paper. I put the sketch on top of the cardboard and
taped it down to make it stay in place and then put graphite transfer paper between the
cardboard and the sketch, with the darker side down. You have to make sure you have the right side
facing down and it’s best to draw a few lines and then check if the transfer is working. Then I redrew the portrait and it was transferred
onto the cardboard. While I was sketching and finding references,
I also chose the main color scheme. I decided on a complementary color scheme
of turquoise and orange. And there’s also some yellow. The gesso surface was actually kind of rough
to pain on so next time I’ll maybe sand down the gesso surface a little. I mixed yellow ochre, cadmium red and sienna
for the skin tone, and I added white to make it lighter, and umber and blue to make it
darker. But honestly most of the acrylic paints I
used here are hobby quality paints from Lidl, and they don’t even mention the names of the
pigments so I’m just guessing the names based on what the colors look like to me. I wanted the girl to seem like she’s looking
up at the dripping colors, but I didn’t have an exact reference photo for the eyes or the
pose of looking up. And in the eyes, I just left white space under
the iris, but I think I should’ve also changed the shape of the iris to make it seem like
she’s actually looking up. And also tilt the head by making the forehead
shorter. But I might make a bigger version of this
painting later and try harder to get the pose right. I recently learned you can use matte medium
to glaze with acrylics. Glazing means painting with a very transparent
layer. I do glazing with water anyway, when I want
to kind of blend a color. For example, in this painting after I had
finished the skin tone, I added blush to her cheeks and I wanted the blush to blend into
her skin tone, but the skin tone was already dry. So I watered down the blush color in the edges
to make it seem like it blends to the skin and there’s no hard edge.The problem with
glazing using water is that if you add too much water, the paint might peel off when
it dries. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I also wanted
to try glazing with matte medium in this painting, since I have matte medium that I’ve never
used before. The matte medium I have looks white, but it
dries transparent. I mixed the turquoise paint with matte medium
and then I used the transparent turquoise to shade the face, and neck, and the fabric
to tie the character and the turquoise background together. Even though matte medium is supposed to dry
matte, I have to say that those parts look shinier than the rest of the painting. But if you varnish the painting anyway, when
it’s finished, I don’t think it matters. I also used a bit of metallic acrylic paints
for the eye shadow and the scarf. I used gold and copper. And those parts of course look shiny as well
and they look different depending on the angle of the painting and how the light hits them.I
also made painting of colorful hands and a dripping background of different colors
with this same Holi festival theme a few years ago and I sell prints and stickers and other
products of that and my other paintings in my Redbubble shop. You can also find coloring pages of my art
in my Etsy shop, if you’re interested. When you buy one, you can download the file right
away and print it out and color it. And here’s a sneak peak of other paintings
I’m working on. Happy Holi and thanks for watching!


  • AugustAtkinsonIllustration says:

    I love Holi Festival

  • Elli Maanpaa Art says:

    Moi ihana. Upeat värit sun maalauksessa. Kiinnostaisiko sua lähteä mukaan tekemään yhteistä yhteisöä suomalaisille taidevloggaajille Katri? Sain tänään tälläisen sivun pystyyn facebookiin https://www.facebook.com/taidevlogit – Tuutko mukaan? Saanko mainostaa sun vlogia siellä?

  • Ivy Lily Creative says:

    Cards, stickers and prints of this Indian girl are available in Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/almonda/works/25918752-holi-festival-of-colors-indian-girl

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