High Temp Engine Paint & Coatings – 2K Primers to OEM Color Paints – Eastwood

High Temp Engine Paint & Coatings – 2K Primers to OEM Color Paints – Eastwood

a freshly-painted engine can be the
crown jewel on your restoration and really be a nice payoff for all that
hard work so if you’ve ever wanted to know how to properly paint an engine we
got some great tips for you the first thing like any painting
project is getting clean get clean get it clean if you disassembled in a rebuilding your
engine well it’s probably already gonna be hot tank so you’re miles ahead of the
guy that’s not if you’re not just assembling a rebuilding your engine well
start with a pressure washer and a good organic cleaner to get all that nasty
crud off of the engine block and all the components that you want to refinish
after that nice bath with eastwards chassis clean and some wire brushes will
further get into all the crevices and cracks and really do a nice job of
cleaning and follow that up with eastwards pre-painting prep which sets
up for better adhesion and a nice foundation for all of your engine code
insistence speaking of that lets talk about paint now a great alternative to
the auto parts store rattle-can his Eastwood’s 2k aerospace a professional
painting system in a rattle can there’s a chamber that gets punctured and then
the catalyst is released into the rattle can it becomes a professional coding I
never recommend to go paint right on top of bare steel because it Heejun is not
the best so to Cairo spray has a high temperature primer that’s a perfect
ground coat then you follow with the top coat color of your choice the great thing about 2k arrow spray in
the engine paint is that there’s a 650 degree temperature rating so it’s not
gonna cook off right next to your exhaust ports and things like that now if you don’t want to go to Cairo
spray Eastwood has high temp ceramic engine paint in all of your standard
engine colors that way if you want to use your pneumatic spray equipment or
even brush it on you’ve got that option if you want to brush it on use a foam
brush and not a bristle brush that way you don’t brush strokes now engine paint
is not header paint but if you want to take care of your headers and coat them
Eastwood has products specifically for that are designed to withstand those
extreme temperatures so now let’s talk about masking obviously you want to mask
off for a nice clean job especially if you’re using more than one color but you
also want to be very meticulous around your gasketed surfaces and make sure and
mask them off so you don’t have any seal problems or interference between
tolerances such as a carburetor or an upper lower intake manifold now here’s a cool trick this guy has
left his spark plugs in place let’s face it you’re going to replace the plugs
that’s a consumable so he’s left the plugs in place and that’s going to keep
paint from getting down into the sparkplug bore or into the combustion
chamber and that’s never good these are easy to take out and it’s a
simple masking trick so make sure you click the button for more information on
everything you two need to properly refinish your engine or engine
compartment and subscribe to these videos so we can show you more
information on how to do the job right yeah yeah yeah yeah


  • Eastwood Company says:

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  • Michael Gravenstreter says:

    Really enjoying Kevin Tetz videos on your channel.

  • speedy vargas says:

    So what's better this paint or your powder coat to do an engine block


    How many cans of primer for sbc

  • DieselPunk Cummins says:

    About to paint my 2.5L subaru motor in a few days. i'll let everyone know how it goes.

  • Zoran Perovic says:

    can i use only high temp ceramic engine paint withouth primer?

  • Lina Gargasaite says:

    did he painted spark plugs… xD

  • Marshall Houston says:

    I have had the eastwood ceramic 2k turn brown and flake off anywhere near exhaust parts- including the crossover ports on the intake- looks terrible! how do I get the coating to perform like it should?

  • Colton Wancho says:

    Painting over bolts and spark plugs is dumb. When removing the boots or plugs the paint has a high chance of cracking or flaking. Even if you don't see it cracked this is how micro cracked lead to rusting poping the paint from underneath. Just do yourself a favor and prep it the right way no short cuts.

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