Gouache and Ink

Gouache and Ink

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Here’s your weekly dose of inspiration to
build a creative habit one drawing at a time. brought to you by Sketchbook Skool Remember last week’s drawing with the cacti? Well, those cacti never bore me! This week I’ll be trying Gouache and play
around with those prickly shapes again. If you have a cheap gouache set like I do,
it’ll take a bit of rubbing to pick up enough paint. Then, paint those cactus shapes – not being
too accurate, just their main shapes. Let’s also add some colourful pots for these
cacti. Those gouache colors straight from the set
are quite bright and fun! Now let it dry completely before doing anything
else. I’ll use a black pen and a white pen again,
like I did last week. I’ll add needles and dots, in the repetitive
pattern I noticed last week when I was doing the observational drawing. Now, I’ll use a bit of imagination too. The pen lines are really making all the difference,
it’s up to your imagination how much you add – you could add the needles only, or draw
outlines of the shapes, or do both. With those plant pots, you can come up with
many different fun patterns, using white and black pen lines. Will you try a drawing today, using pen lines
onto a color shape? Have fun! And if you like to learn more, sign up for
a free klass at sketchbookskool.com


  • brightpurpleviking says:

    My favorite thing about your videos is that you encourage me to just have fun. I get so caught up in thinking everything I spend time drawing or creating has to be frameable and perfect that it makes me more anxious than relaxed. Thank you!

  • brightpurpleviking says:

    And one more thing…I am reminded of a cleaning guru whose famous quote is "housework done incorrectly still blesses your family." Applied to art it is so true…"artwork done 'incorrectly' still blesses your life."

  • Steven Walter says:

    Yes! I just did this with gouache, a Zebra fine brush pen and a Gelly Roll white pen. Perhaps not as loose as I intended but the overall result made me happy. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Prickly Pear says:

    These cacti are so cute! Do you mind if I ask what brand/set of gouache you used?

  • Jennifer J. Smith says:

    Did you use watercolor paper?

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