Gond Painting Tutorial

Hello my creative tribe. I’m back after a
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Everything is now fine at my end. And we’ll continue our Indian folk painting series and
today’s tutorial is on Gond Painting but first things first, we just crossed 25,000
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one of you so for that you just need to tell me have you ever heard about these
folk paintings, Indian folk paintings or have you ever tried them yourself or
whatever comes to your minds after watching this video or you just tell me
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in the comments below and one lovely comment I am going to pick and that one
will win this finished artwork. Gond painting is a tribal art form of central
India which is Madhya Pradesh and it is practiced by largest tribe of India
called Gondi tribe. Gondi tribe live in various parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha and some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra but majority
of the Gond tribe come from Madhya Pradesh. And this word Gond is derived from Dravidian expression, Dravidian word Kond which means mountain.
Well exact origin of Gond painting is not known but it came into light when the
most influential Indian artist Jay Swaminathan spotted a young boy, 17 year old boy in a small village of Madhya Pradesh called Patangarh. And that young boy
used to paint his hut’s wall with dots, lines and dashes in
vibrant colors and that art is now known as Gold painting and Gondi Tribe believes
that looking at good art can bring a lot of good luck in your life. Interesting!!
The style of Gond painting is very simple. The paintings depict flora and fauna
which is trees, bushes, plants and animals and birds. and sometimes you can see
mythological characters, Gods and Goddesses but mainly it has trees and
animals and birds hence Gond paintings are reflection of
human close connection with nature. Like many other folk paintings, in olden days these Gond paintings were also done on the walls of huts and nowadays it
can be done on all the possible surfaces. Then they are filled with vibrant colors
using dots, lines and dashes. So curious enough to know how to make Gond panting. Let’s begin. so I’m using this A4 130 GSM This is
a drawing sheet that I am going to use in this tutorial
and this is the pen, a gel pen classmate octane. These are the acrylic colors. So first
I’ll trace the design. Either hand draw or trace the design. I am drawing bird
feeding its baby. You can find the motif in printable format on my blog
link is given in description box below. Gond paintings are always filled with
vibrant colors like blue, red, green and yellow and that is what I am doing here filling it with all the vibrant colors. Once the figures are filled with colors,
draw double lines or you can draw single line too to create sections. Now this is
very important creating sections. After creating sections, fill the motif
with lines, dots, dashes or fish scale patterns. It’s totally up to you what
pattern you want to fill where. Background is always left as is without
filling any patterns. Sometimes, just plain white or sometimes in a vibrant
color. Here you have it, you masterpiece. After watching this video, if you try
this Gond painting then don’t forget to share it with me on my Instagram which
is @designdecoranddisha and don’t forget to add #CreativeTribe so
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