God’s Paint Brush: Color Mixing Still Life Activity With Kids

God’s Paint Brush: Color Mixing Still Life Activity With Kids

hey everybody we are painting this
morning I’m here with my helpers today we’ve been noticing recently that in the
flowers that we bought this week and in some things that we’re seeing in the
garden and even at the market there’s a lot of beautiful color that just exists
in nature and it looks like a paintbrush was pulled across these things so we’ve
been noticing as our French tulips open then there are streaks of yellow in our
orange tulips there’s even this petal that has streaks of green in it and
things like our pansies from the garden it looks like a white petal where a
streak of purple paint was pulled across it And a couple other things that aren’t
flowers like this blood orange that’s splattered red a yellow apple with all
of this red blush on it and even a regular orange that has splashes of
deeper orange on it so I’ve set up a still-life setup when I paint with my
kids it sometimes gets out of hand or doesn’t quite last as long with the
interest that I’d like for it to last so when I give a little prompt or a
suggestion or a subject like a still life they tend to do better and I think
this is gonna be a lot of fun so today we’re doing paint mixing I have just
washable kids paint you can get this at the craft store or order it on Amazon
I’ll link it up for you down below a selection of brushes but you can use
brushes for house painting or watercolor brushes if you like I do keep trays from
the market but you can also just use a plate this setup is gonna be for our
tulips our citrus and our apple and then for our pansies that are purple and
white I just have a purple and white set up here and it’s nice to have a craft
project where you use the colorful paper or the muted colored paper that no one
likes to use for crafts and so we’re gonna go with neutral palettes from
nature like black which is going to show up really graphically gray and brown I
might do the orange brushstroke for each of them and then I’ll let them add the
second color and pull through with their brush and mix much like those fancy
lattes that you see on Instagram where they draw designs in the foam
we’re gonna be doing that with paint today (music) I know you’re always looking for
after-school ideas activities things that don’t cost money and this didn’t
cost any money I already had the flowers and I already had the produce and we had
the paper and paint please hit subscribe and the like button if you like this video and
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take care and have a great day


  • Theresa Beauchamp says:

    Pansy is cute. Melissa when you do messy crafts what is good to put under the area to protect the floor??

  • Erica Terry DIY says:

    This is lovely!

  • Dinahsoar says:

    Your big girl was doing a fine job adding some brush work to the flower…and your baby was so intent, it was fun to watch her….WAY back in the day when I was in elementary school we had art class…I looked forward to it, but sadly, the main thing I remember is "stay in the lines'. We were not allowed to color outside the lines…perhaps the goal was better eye/hand coordination? At any rate, staying in the lines became a mentality that I unwittingly adopted. And that's not all bad b/c it kept me on the straight and narrow, even as a young child…but it sure does stifle creativity. I thought I had no artistic ability most of my life, only to realize that I do, and that it had never been stimulated or permitted the freedom to experiment: b/c it was too messy LOL. And sadly I was the same way with my children…it was all about the mess…my son loved to cut paper with scissors. I didn't like the mess. A friend suggested giving him a container and allowing him to cut paper into it. I did, but the 'stay in the lines ' mentality continued b/c ingrained habits die hard. Your girls are so blessed to have a mama who is willing to allow messiness and who leads them into creative endeavors like painting and gardening and story telling, etc. Even their lunch box meals are a work of art.

  • Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

    I adore the music with this video. This is a fun idea for any age!!!

  • Sam Tube TV says:

    Love itπŸ€—πŸ‘

  • Ellen's Abundant Life on Less says:

    I love this! Teaching children an art builds so much confidence in their ability to create! Kudos!

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