Glass Painting Techniques : How to Pick Colors for Glass Painting

JASON PAINTER: Hi. I’m Jason. Today, we’re
painting on glass. We’re going to paint a skull and crossbone on this jar that I got
from my garage. When you get paint and you’re first starting out, we’re going to keep it
simple. We’re going to keep a simple design and we’re going to use the two best colors
that I’ve found for painting on glass. They are white and black. Reds, greens, they all
are a lot–they go on a lot thinner. You have–it’s got more coats. And when you’re painting on
glass, the less you have to do, the better. It will stick better. It will look better.
So white–and we’ve got white and black. We also want to make sure that we’ve got good
surface conditioner. I’ve got two separate colors of black here. One I’ve got in a liner.
It’s just an air dryer liner. And then I’ve got one that’s a little bit thinner. And you
can find these both right together. It’s still also for glass but it’s thinner–the liner
will go on thicker, and will stay and then this is easier to use with a brush. And as
far as brushes, I picked out two today, just a broad brush and then one with an angle,
because I’m going to need to get into corners with the nose and the eyes. And the flat brush
won’t allow me to do that. So we’ve got our brushes, we’ve got our towel, we’ve got our
paints and we’ve got our primer, we’ve got our design and we’re ready to go with that.

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