Giraffe Silhouette  – Arteza brush pens and water brush

Giraffe Silhouette – Arteza brush pens and water brush

welcome back to Candy’s art world I’m
Candy and today I’m going to be doing a giraffe silhouette and a sunset I draw
it out with pencil but then I use all of my not all of them but only thing I use
on it besides pencil is my art ease of brush pens and a water pen I started with the sky cuz it’s the
first furthest thing in the photo or the background you should say sometimes it’s
better to start with the background before you put in with the subject so
that way you don’t mess up your subject with your background you can you can do
it the other way if you wanted to it would be even better if you had like
liquid masking tape or whatever they you people use to to block out the image
that you’re not wanting to put color on then you could make your sky or
background or whatever go straight across the object and then peel that up
and have just the paper showing but I do not have any of that right now or ever
have I’ve never had it kind of seems a little intimidating to me but when I
find some I will get it and try it for everybody see how it works I also grabbed another brush to try to
blend it out kind of like you would with acrylic paint it doesn’t really blend us
as much as acrylic paint and Here I am starting the silhouette of
the giraffe I started with a lighter gray for some reason that seemed a
little less intimidating to start with a light gray but a ninja peas and all the
different kinds of darker gray darker grays and blacks that the Artesia brush
pen set has I’m in the reference photo you could kind of make out the giraffes
face even though it was a silhouette I kind of wanted to keep that in my
painting so I tried I tried to just differentiate a little bit with the
shades of gray for the ground I started with this
second to darkest shade of gray to try and work in the little details of the
the far I’ve trees and grasses and brush the goal is to not completely cover up
the sky colors so it can be peeping through but the base is pretty solid
when you look at the photograph it was pretty solid black so I will end up
going back in and darkening up the the ground portion Thank you for watching, please like, subscibe and leave a comment. Have a Great Day! 🦒

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