Gel Printing with Texture Plate, Vegetables & Complementary Colors 17, 18 & 19

Gel Printing with Texture Plate, Vegetables & Complementary Colors 17, 18 & 19

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you some more gel plate
printing and I’m using gel plates from Gelli Arts the 6×6 and the I’m gonna say
that one’s three by five to do my prompts from the Bridgit Koopsen gel
printing challenge with Gelli Arts this prompt for today which is seventeen is
texture plates now Burchett has designed some texture plates for Carabelle
studios and they are basically deeply etched red rubber which has no padding
and no wood so it’s a stamp without the padding in wood which makes it easy to
apply texture to things like a gel plate because it’s flexible and you can use
just a section or whatever I don’t have any of those I have large background
stamps from Stampin Up and I decided to use those I used to be a Stampin Up
demonstrator for over ten years and so I have a large collection of Stampin Up
stuff so these are basically the same thing except for they have wood I’m
patting on them I could remove them and make them into texture plates if I
wanted to but I haven’t taken the time to do that so that’s what I’m using for
the texture plates prompt so that being said I am using darker paint and then
using the stamp to remove some of the paint you know acrylic paint sticks
really well to rubber stamps so that’s why you gotta clean them right away you
cannot let it dry on there unless you want a big mess on your hands it is
cleanable if you soak it in Murphy’s Oil Soap mixed with water but it’s just a
pain in the behind you might as well go ahead and just clean it right away so
that’s what I do is I just clean it up right away so where are we oh yes a
couple different ways to use the texture plate would be to do what I’m doing
which is to put some paint on the plate remove it with the stamp or the texture
plate is you whatever you’re using and then put
another color over the top so that you can fill in all the little areas that
have been removed the paint’s been removed and it looks really cool it’s a
fun thing to do another way you can do it is to or an additional use that you
can have with the texture plate is to take the plate that’s all wet from the
painting you’ve removed and put it on another plate so I think it’s a really
great idea to have more than one gel plate I have actually a lot of them I
have several and I like to use at least two sometimes three or four at a time
for that exact reason you can use the extra paint off of your brayer on the
second one you can use paint on the second one to be kind of an ink pad to
apply it to the other one you can use paint from your stamp and make more
shapes on the second plate you can do so many things if you have to if you are
planning to buy another one please use my link to Amazon to my Amazon store to
buy it because that doesn’t cost you anything but it gives me credit if you
go from my video to Amazon and they give me a few cents to buy more art supplies
so I’m always grateful when people use my Amazon store my Amazon links below
the video to buy some more stuff so I say go buy another jelly plate you
should have two because it’s so much easier to to have a long gel printing
session if you have more than one plate so the paint I’m using today is our tizi
acrylic paint in tubes if you are just brand new to gel printing I recommend
the artis a box of 24 or even they have a box of 60 they’re inexpensive and they
are the right consistency to use on a gel plate at least for where I live a
lot of people do use craft paint craft paint to me drives weight drives
way too quick it has fillers in it and so it dries instantly on my plates here
in Arizona I can’t use craft paint it just doesn’t work so
like to use medium or heavy body acrylic paint and these are tizi paints work
great for me so I recommend them if you are starting out because you can get a
lot of colors for a little price so I’m continuing to use the different stamps
that I pulled out I have more but I didn’t get every single one out we have
have to have some sort of a limit can’t Gel print all day although maybe you
can I could but I’ve got to move on to the next prompt eventually I’m trying to
do about half an hour for each prompt so that I can fit three of them into a 20
minute video fairly well but I ended up going over and then I have to you know
speed up and whatever but it’s fun I’m having a great time with the challenge
this month and I’m gonna try to do videos for all of the prompts that I do
which has been really most of them also if you need more gel printing I have a
gel printing would you call that playlist and I looked at it the other
day and it has over 50 videos on that playlist so you could really watch for a
while and get lots of inspiration and technique from those videos because I’ve
been doing this for a while and I enjoy it so yeah play my playlist if you
really want to watch some videos a lot of common question I get for what paper
you are using I’m using a combination of regular text weight paper which is just
inexpensive inkjet printer paper I also have this deli paper which is in the
United States some places we use that for wrapping sandwiches or putting in
baskets for fish and chips and stuff like that I like to use that for gel
printing and then I’m also I also have text weight light weight black paper as
well it’s like you know printer weight paper
so the next prompt vegies yep we’re not eating veggies veggies today we’re going
to print with them okay I already ate some of them I was making a chicken
noodle soup and I just brought some of the veggies that I was using for the
chicken noodle soup and then a couple other ones I was using for some pico de
gallo so that I could print with them I cut them in half you do want to like set
the vegetables on some paper towels and try to get them dry if they’re too wet
they make the paint bead up on the plate from the moisture from the vegetable
yeah I have another video where I use fruit and that was really fun to you I
used a grapefruit and an orange and a lemon and I don’t remember what else but
Oh strawberries I used some strawberries I’ll try to remember to put that in the
iCard up in the right-hand side if you’d like to watch that video it’s a similar
video to this it was during the challenge last year so I’ve got some
mushrooms I cut those in half and I was using a carrot I cut the carrot in half
I cut the tops off so I could use the tops as well and I put some green paint
down and then used the the veggies in the onto the plate to lift up the paint
to make impressions and in some cases I pressed the vegetable down with an extra
piece of paper and remove some of the paint this is my first try that was
mushrooms that you just went by real quick which is kind of fun if you ever
printed with mushrooms the other thing that I was going to do that I forgot to
do was I was going to grab a potato and I was going to cut it in half and then
cut out shapes from the potatoes do you remember back in kindergarten or
something where you did potato printing with tempera paint you could certainly
do that with a gel plate and I meant to do it and then I completely forgot about
it these are their fresh veggies and I just
like oh I’m gonna use these so I did a carrot and there’s several different
ones from the carrots that you’ll see coming through I’m just kind of putting
the different pictures in here in between so you can see how some of the
prints came out with specific vegetables now this time I wanted that the
mushrooms to be mushroom colored which they’re white button button mushrooms so
I’m using some unbleached titanium or Titan buff paint and I’m using the small
plate has an ink pad and then picking up the paint with the mushroom and then
applying it to the other pad and then I thought I would do an onion this is half
of an onion I’m making impressions with that onions are kind of cool because
they have those layers upon layers upon layers on the inside so you get that
texture but I guess mine wasn’t is I don’t know I saw other people’s lincoln
prints and they were much nicer than mine I guess my mung onion was too tight
maybe it was a type of onion maybe I should have gotten a different type I
don’t know so sweet onion Vidalia so there’s my mushroom print I really like
that one that might be the best one I thought it was really fun so on the
smaller plate I put some yellow and then I removed some paint with the onion and
then now I’m taking some brown paint and going back over picking up the brown
paints on the second plate and applying it to the other plate trying to get like
a brown impression inside of the yellow impression just thinking is slightly
offset so that I thought it would be kind of cool to do that and then on my
other one I already have the brown with the onions so I just went ahead and put
some other paints on there and I’m using my carrot to make some impressions they
almost look like fingers it’s kind of weird almost like fingers and
and I’ve got my carrot top and I decided I would try to apply paint by bearing
the paint onto the leaves and then putting the leaves on and applying it so
that was another experiment I did this is pretty fun picking them all up with
that same unbleached titanium paint so I do have a white a black and an
unbleached titanium that I’m using during this session in addition to the
Artesia paints because the white is empty and the black is empty of my artis
of paints I used them all up they’re not bigger than the other ones so I used
them all up I’m trying to use these paints up
obviously I don’t want them to dry out I’ve had him for a while so here’s a
jalapeno pepper and I cut that guy in half removed the seeds the reason I
removed the seeds is because I think if I remember correctly last time I printed
with any type of food I think it was a tomato the seeds came out of it and got
on my plate and I had to sit there and pick all the seeds off so I decided not
to leave seeds into my jalapeno so I thought it would be fun to have that
shape it’s an iconic shape I made sure that I picked one that had a hooked end
and then that print is made with the bottom of the celery I cut the bottom of
the celery off so that I can put I could cut up some of the celery and then put
the other the rest of the sorry I put peanut butter on it and had it for lunch
so the bottom when you cut it off it has all the little crescent shapes and I
thought that I made more prints with it but I guess I didn’t I guess I don’t
know it makes kind of a what looks like a rose or something it’s cool so I
should have made more but I don’t know I guess I forgot so there’s some blue
chili peppers and then some yellow chili peppers on blue I also obviously did red
I think this is where I decided you know what I should do with the smaller plate
the tiny one is I should be decorating envelopes because it’s fun and to send
decorated envelopes when sending your happy melody thank you
notes so I I started to do that with my prints from the smaller plate that I was
making in addition to the larger ones larger being 6×6 which isn’t very big I
haven’t got I don’t have out my large plate I’m just using the smaller ones
because there’s a lot of gel printing going on so that’s what the carrot top
not the guy the actual leaves from the carrot every time I say carrot top I
laugh because I think of that weird guy with the red hair red curly hair some
more with my jalapeno some more onions that onion when turned out cool I liked
the crusty bits they came up hashtag crusty bits there was some blue
left on the plate if you don’t know what a crusty bit is there was crusty bits
left on the plate that came up with the next print which I always enjoy I think
it looks cool when you get those serendipitous extra colors that you
weren’t expecting I think my colors were to the same on that one
here’s some more carrots I guess I was really into the carrot because I ended
up getting more carrot prints than anything else just trying to get it to
work and I got a second prints from that chilli pepper one under envelopes but
that’s smart because now I have decorated envelopes I don’t have to go
and you know spray them or do anything with them to make them decorate it and I
think that you know the postal workers me workers need to see some colorful
stuff coming through so when I mail out thank-you notes and things I will be
using gel printed envelopes yep that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it I have
some thank-you notes I need to mail I haven’t got to it yet I think I said
that before in a video and then I haven’t even done it it’s terrible I got
all the addresses I just haven’t sent them yet
so here it that that turned out cool you can’t really tell it’s a carrot but it’s
your knuckle so there is veggie prints and then prints with veggies on my
envelopes and I can just put a labeled in the center and write the person’s
address so that’ll work out fine next prompt prompted number 19 is
complementary colors so complementary colors I was showing you there on my
color wheel actually using it as a tool for once those are the colors that are
across each up from each other on the wheel so blue and orange red and green
violet and yellow thing you need to know about complementary colors is that if
you get them one on top and the other one they make a unattractive color it
might be a gray it might be a brown it’s what people refer to as mud basically
just a yucky neutral color is going to be made if you mix two complementary
colors together so when you’re doing on the gel plate you want to make
complementary colors which is a fun thing to do because those colors are
complementary in that they they complement each other and make each
other look brighter so when you put in orange next to a blue both colors look
brighter and more fun and more interesting I don’t know why it’s just
the way it is it’s color science so you just have to make sure that you don’t
mix them together and like in the case of this print the one on the 6×6
when I show it in the close-up you’ll see that right where the two colors are
mixing there’s a gray a grayish color I decided to throw a little bit of pasta
pin on there while I was messing around so and it wasn’t dry yet when I put my
pick up acrylic on they’re still making envelopes
with my smaller plate that’s the perfect use for those I don’t know why I didn’t
think of that until now it’s perfect then you have the decorating envelopes I
could also flip them over and do the flap of the envelope on the bigger plate
if I wanted to so I was talking to myself there I don’t imagine that you
heard what I said there’s enough there’s a complementary a complementary color
thing and that’s that’s also with also three so you pick a color and then
instead of using the one directly across you use the two that are next to the one
on either side of the one directly across so that’s what I’m doing with
this the red and then the yellow green and the blue green those are all
complementary to each other’s so I figured I’d make a print with that it’s
not a triad that’s a different thing and it’s not a tetrad that’s a different one
this is a complementary split or split complementary I decided to pick this one
up with a metallic paint so I got out a green gold metallic paint to pick it up
and I think it turned out very nice of course you guys can’t really see the
shimmer because it’s on the video but trust me they’re shimmery kind of canned
a little bit all these stencils that I use for the complementary color portion
of this video are from a stencil girl so I picked that one up on some craft
colored deli paper and then there was a lot of paint left on the plate so I
decided to pick it up with black and just make like an interesting pickup
print so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have please remember to
give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below subscribe if you
haven’t already and be sure to turn on those notification bells very important
also you can share this on Pinterest and I’ll have links below the video
products that I used if you’re planning on checking them out and I’ll try to
remember to link the color wheel because maybe you don’t have a color wheel it is
a useful tool I’m not obsessed with using the color wheel I use it sparingly
because I like to pick my own colors so in this case this is a tint
complimentary so if you take a color and you mix it with titanium white it
becomes a tint that means a pastel basically so I picked the 10th color of
the what is it the orange yellow and the blue green I think the but I don’t know
anyway their chance that’s all I know and then I use the black underneath the
stencil and then lifted the black out of the stencil and put in the complementary
colors so that is it for complementary colors there’s some more close-ups
coming up and I will see you in the next jelly print seeing video bye bye


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