Gel Pens as Watercolors?  | Color Fastness Test | Live Stream (Music)

Gel Pens as Watercolors? | Color Fastness Test | Live Stream (Music)

(Music Only)
Canson Brand Water color paper (Music Only)
Folding paper into four sections in order to cut it. (Music Only) (Music Only)
Cutting (Music Only) (Music Only)
Secret Alexa Escape the Car Clue on the cardboard backing of my paper pack- SHHHHH. (Music Only)
Folding the paper in half. (Music Only)
This makes it a little easier to cut when in a hurry. (Music Only)
Now, doing the same to the other piece. (Music Only)
And… trying to trim it up a bit. (Music Only)
I’m not going for perfect as this is a test, however really uneven edges bother me. (Music Only)
Now, cutting the paper in half again using the folded edge as a rough guide. (Music Only) (Music Only)
At this point the edges are really bothering me…. So out comes the paper cutter! (Music Only -continued) Just the edges are trimmed off, as I’m not going for perfectly square corners nor a specific size to the paper. (Music Only – continued)


  • Art Geek Design says:

    Love Artsy Experiments? Let me know in a reply here what other media I should tackle next? Mix and match what wouldn't be normally used together! (Like gel pens and water, or watercolor pencils and blender pens).

  • s a m says:

    Cool! Maybe you can try alcohol based markers and oil paints?

  • Easy to tips and tricks ect says:

    16 views 3 comments and I gave you your first thumbs up really what's wrong with that picture you should be getting more thumbs up keep up the good work God bless By4now KeepLookingUp!

  • Easy to tips and tricks ect says:

    What kind of paper are you using?

    Do you know how to do holiday cards or birthday cards let me something cool to teach people and show them how to draw and color and paint just an idea along with the shadowing and shading what do you think?

  • Sparkle by Monica says:

    Thanks for your help on the live stream topic. I'm supporting you at #69. I'll also go ahead and pop this video into my Small Channel Support for Beaders and Crafters playlist. Hopefully you'll get some extra peeps as a result. Best wishes!!

  • Easy Life With Me Varsha says:

    nice 👍m ur new friend

  • Easy Life With Me Varsha says:


  • VlogGrrr says:

    Haha that cardboard brings back fond memories! Look left… cut the seatbelt! 😂💪💕

  • VlogGrrr says:

    I used to LOVE gel pens in high school but they DEFINITELY SMEAR! 💪💕

  • Paulina Quezada says:

    I REALLY love your videos! I’m sharing your channel with my family so they subscribe to you, and you get 100 subs!❤️

  • Hey Guys! It's Jessie! says:

    I love watching someone draw, color, and paint! This was fun!

  • #WeAreCreators Community says:


  • Mad Russian Scientist says:

    Saw you on James Cox live stream and now supporting you!

  • Free To #BeYourself With Claudia B Vogas says:

    Seeing you in the Nick Nimmin Live Stream! Wanted to stop by your channel and say hi!I heard about those pens. Cool. If you like to get inspired, motivated or just laugh stop by and say hi.

  • Ann Winifred Parkes. says:

    They do smear and make a bit of a mess occasionally. 🌸

  • Duncan Creates says:

    Wow, had no idea that water would make the pens blend like that.. The second brand was better for sure. We may need to try this. Thanks for the idea!

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