Fusion Mineral Paint Review

Fusion Mineral Paint Review

Hi, I’m Jenni with roots and wings furniture And today we are going to be talking about the ABCs of Fusion mineral paint ready to check this stuff out me too. Let’s go The folks at fusion were nice enough to send me some awesome products so that I can share it with you I’ve heard a lot about Fusion mineral paint, but I have yet to try it. So this is all new to me as well I’m in the box that they sent they sent this TSV it is It says phosphate free organic degreaser and this is what you’re supposed to prep your piece with so we will dig into that here in just a second and Then I chose the color midnight blue. I thought this was a gorgeous dark navy blue So I thought that’s what we’d give a try today. This is their paint They also sent a little jar of clear furniture wax. Now the deal with Fusion is there is no topcoat required but I think some people like the Feel and the look of the wax so they did send this we can play with as well and then check this brush out this Is a still Meister brush? I hope I’m saying that right. It is a big nice fancy brush. So we’re gonna use this To paint with it’s a nice synthetic bristle brush. It’s really soft It fits nicely in your hand and it’s got the nice round Top to it. So I’m excited to give this a try Ok, let’s talk first about application now I did just show you this awesome brush that they sent and in reading and researching a little bit about the paint There’s a few different ways that you can apply the paint depending on the finish that you want So if you want a really nice smooth finish They do recommend a synthetic bristle brush if you want something with a little bit more texture old-world look something you’re going to add some waxes and finishes to they say that you can use a natural bristle brush and Then if you have a large surface area They say you can even use a roller for it something like a microfiber roller And if you had any roller marks You could just smooth it out with a brush as you go so that those are the tips for the application It seems like you can do it any you want It just depends on the finishing look that you want to get so that’s nice something good to know and keep in mind for sure For today’s sample. We are gonna use this brush since it’s what they sent again. This is the synthetic bristle brush So hopefully we’ll get a nice really smooth beautiful finish so let’s jump in here and Before we begin let’s talk about surface prep. This is where we’re going to use our TSP as a cleaner And all it says is to do two capfuls of water. I’m sorry two capfuls of TSP into a liter of water So this squirt bottle just has plain water in it, and I’m just going to add the cap fulls of cleaner It looks like so looks like dish soap it’s not dished up just looks like it Traditional TSP you have to be a little bit careful with this says no rinsing required very effective water-based and biodegradable Compatible with all surfaces no phosphates and zero VLC there. There’s no smell to it And a little bit of that goes a long way which is super nice just spray this down I Did not do any standing or anything else to the store It’s nice that you don’t have to do any rinsing that saves you a step for sure Yep laughs its that’s dirt All right, even PZ Alright now, let’s do the fun part. Let’s get into the paint So we’re going to talk about consistency first and then both in the can as well as on the piece as we begin to paint You what it looks like Last night it’s it’s actually thinner than I was anticipating it to be It’s really smooth and really nice Yeah, I don’t know why I was thinking I was gonna be nice and thick, alright, it’s really nice Tip that that so you can sing It’s a really nice medium it’s not too thin and it’s not too thick which is really nice Consistency as it’s being applied is really nice and smooth Bridge of it is also really good. I know in some of the darker colors You should be able to get a one coat coverage and you can see it’s covering really nice There is a little bit of wood coming through and a few spots really nice coverage It also seems to be sticking really well, there’s no spots where the paint And it’s sticking or bubbling or doing anything funny. So it’s sticking on there. Really nice. I think to get a solid Coverage though in terms of just a solid color. This would require two coats for sure I’m seeing wood showing through here. I’ve all over so it would definitely knit another coat after it would be dry Now as we’re applying it obviously we are seeing a few little brush strokes here But I do hope that that levels out as it dries see what it looks like Trying to go kind of with the grain here Okay We’re gonna let this dry and see what it looks like here in just a minute. Okay? The door is dry. So let’s take a look at it. It would definitely need another coat to get full coverage You can see there is just some wood coming through kind of all over it looks really cool It’s actually a really neat finish that this made the color is gorgeous This one is midnight blue again. So great color and it turned out really smooth It’s a really pretty smooth finish It’s got just a little bit of Sheen to it kind of built into the paint and it’s the texture of it Like I say it’s just really smooth. So I think with one more coat it would Cover really nice and be a really nice finish It does say let it dry for two hours before adding another coat So there is that but it all is all water-based. So it’s easy to clean the brush. It’s easy to Clean up and take care of and it does dry pretty quickly. So that’s nice Let’s just talk about The durability of it really quick again durability is the hardest thing for us to test here in a quick sample But it does look like just doing the nail tests on the end here. It’s not scratching off The canvas a also to add extra durability to do the second coat So I think the more paint you use obviously it’s going to give you a thicker finish making it more durable over time as well Because of the nice sheen to it. It really doesn’t need a top coat, but they did send this little jar of clear wax So I thought we’d give it a try and just kind of see what it looks like. We’ll do them half the door To see what it looks like on top of the paint just to give a little sample of that I’m just going to use an old t-shirt To get it on here and it’s really nice and soft wax, so I’m going to try not to use too much almost the consistency of like Butter maybe even a little bit thinner than Kind of buff it on here again We’re just gonna do half of the door so we can get a little sample of what it looks like It says you can apply this with a rag like we are or a wax brush It does go on really nice and smooth and easy and it’s not super smelly Some waxes whew they really get Jeff Okay, I’m gonna let that dry just for a second and then we’ll kind of buff it out and see what the difference it makes in the finish And while that’s drying let’s look at our color card here real quick. Again. We used midnight blue, which is a beautiful dark navy They did send this color card and check out all those colors really nice colors really pretty And have more than 50 colors and they are some really gorgeous colors. I love this. I’m looking at the back. Look at this Look at that pink that blush dresser. Oh, isn’t that pretty so lots of really nice colors the a wide variety lots of neutrals And obviously lots of things that you could mix together just to get any color that you wanted So really pretty on the colors for sure Okay, let’s give this a little buffing we’ll see if it’s dry enough Okay, the wax is dry and I know it’s really hard to see and but right it’s right about here This side has the wax finish on it. And this one does not it increased the sheen just a little bit I did buff it and it could probably be buffed again in a few minutes It’s really again just it adds a little bit of an extra smoothness to it and a tiny bit of shine So if you’re a fan of wax clear wax this would definitely be something you would like It’s easy to work with and it’s not super smelly, which is nice So overall the the paint it’s not a one coat coverage paint like I’ve heard it boasted about You can see that there are there is a lot of wood showing through so it would definitely need a second coat Which is good it would increase the durability that way as well It is really it’s a smooth to the touch paint, which I do really like it has a great Sheen to it I like the finish that it has There are some brushstrokes showing and I think that is just because we’re seeing the wood through I think it will level out nicely with the second coat on there as well the brush Was a really nice synthetic bristle brush I’m not a fan of these handles that just it just hurts my hand after a while of using it I’m not saying that you wouldn’t like it these Round skinny handles like this though Just make my hand cramp if I’m painting a big project and holding on to it for a while again The bristles are really nice though. And I think you could use any synthetic brush with this kind of paint For sure and get a really nice finish So that is just about it the ABCs of fusion mineral paint Hey guess what fusion is sponsoring a giveaway check out the description for instructions on how to enter go back?


  • Leah Ben says:

    Thanks for your great review Jenni! I have tried FMP a couple of times and am very pleased with its durability and would love to try some of their beautiful colors. I'm thinking of doing a pair of bedside tables next or a large carved buffet that's been prepped and ready to go.

  • Laura Zeleznak says:

    I have a small table that used to be my Gram’s. It is in deep need of some TLC. I have been planning on updating it for years. I would love to be able to start this project that has been on my to do list Fivever (as Sierra would say meaning longer than forever) 🙂

  • Lynn Avery says:

    Thank for the video. I would paint a wood frame mirror. In gray

  • Dawn Dotson says:

    I have an older RV camper we just bought that I want to paint and update the interior.Lots of cabinets and the walls.

  • Dena Masterino says:

    I have a bench in my foyer that is that orange wood. Blech. The dark blue OR black would be great.

  • Gail Newby says:

    Have lots of "hand me down" furniture at our beach house. Can't wait to get going.

  • Deb Aniol says:

    Great review Jenni! I have read good things about this paint for kitchen cabinets….and we have a store that carries the Fusion Mineral paint just north of us. I love their color choices! Your demo and helpful comments really make it easier for the rest of us who want to be like Jenni!

  • Mary Messenger says:

    Thanks for the video. I'm sorry that you did not put the second coat of paint on the door. Not someone to just jump into a big project, I have been looking everywhere and anywhere for the right paint for my kitchen cabinets. I am leaning toward Fusion because it has no odor and the finish looks so much like the painted cabinets in the stores. I know it's a little more pricey and that has to be considered when doing as much wood to cover that I have. Any time I find someone using Fusion they have nothing but good things to say.

  • Megan Mancari says:

    I would paint an old wardrobe. Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Darlene Bruehl says:

    I have used it a few times. I have a big farmhouse coffee table that needs some TLC. Maybe a light taupe?

  • Dana Yezak says:

    This is a great review; very helpful! I would want to use this on a chest of drawers that was my late husband's that I am using in the grandkids' bedroom in my home.

  • Jeanine Ducote says:

    Great job! I love watching you paint. You make it so much fun. I would paint a smallish dresser that I am using in my kitchen as an island. Thanks for the review.

  • Karen Decker says:

    Thank you for another great review! I have a dresser from my great aunt that I was selling online but decided to keep and would give a new life!

  • Darla B says:

    A cute accent table that still has an original Kauffman’s tag on it! Thanks so much for all the great info!

  • Kathy Cawley says:

    That looks like really nice paint, would like to try it on my next project. I'm doing a little girls desk and chair, the pink color would be really pretty. I love watching your video's.

  • Carolyn Ann says:

    Thank you for the review! This series has been very helpful!!

  • Gina Shumate says:

    I have a highboy that could use a nice Fusion Mineral paint color. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  • Christina Wisherd says:

    Great review. I have been wanting to try fusion mineral but having a hard time finding a place to buy in my area. I would be painting an old stereo console that I am converting to a bar for my own personal use, I’m thinking a great green and stain combo.

  • Deborah Ghiselli says:

    Subscribed ✔️. Am liking the blue. Would probably paint an old sideboard I have in distressed red, white & blue!

  • Robin Chartier says:

    Thanks for the great review! I’ve just painted and sold a 1930’s China cabinet in that very same color. I would love to try their red that was just featured in HGTV Magazine.

  • Lisa Roth says:

    Thanks for a thorough review Jenni. I've been watching videos and learning about various paints and based on your review, I'd love to give Fusion a try. My plan is to paint the dressers in our bedroom. This blue you used would be gorgeous in there! Thanks for the information.

  • Deborah Cathcart says:

    I would paint my bookshelf

  • Lydia Fitzpatrick says:

    Thank you for these reviews they have been so informative! I've seen fusion paint on you tube and I have wanted to try it. I have some endtables and nightstands I would love to paint with gray and white paint to make a linen texture on the pieces. Since you showed it leaves brush marks this paint would be perfect for the effect I'm going for. Again thank you for the review!

  • LuAnn Smidt says:

    My Aunt who recently passed has an old dresser that I am bringing home. I would love to paint this piece and bring it back to life!! As always thank you for your generous informative videos!

  • Lindsey Phinisey says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve just started painting furniture! Would love to experiment with this! I have a dresser to redo for my little girls shared room.

  • Melanie Brooks says:

    Yay! I found where to comment! Lol!
    I'm so glad you're doing these comparisons… I've only used Fusion, DB, and Heirloom Traditions. This is great information- without tge expense of doing it all ourselves!
    I love FMP! It's so nice to have that built in topcoat, and the colirs are great!

  • Brenda Howard says:

    Thank you for your unbiased review. If anyone would like more information about Fusion Mineral Paint please visit www.amanidesign.me

  • Rachel Barker says:

    I love watching your videos – they have been so helpful for me and I would love to paint a few items for my little girls – a rocking chair, dresser, and bench I have would be gorgeous in the Fusion Mineral blush pink you showed!

  • Tammy O'Dell says:

    Thank you Jenni and Fusion for the give away opportunity. I would paint a piece of furniture I have stored our box trailer; China cabinet, desk, and/or a trunk. Jennie, I appreciate your options and the details of each product in you ABCs videos.

  • Dance Star 101 says:

    I haven’t tried FMP yet! I would paint an old Jacobean radio cabinet that is screaming for a makeover!

  • Christina Cyphers says:

    Ok, so you said leave a comment all about Dixie Belle's BOSS. I like the clear boss, I can still distress back to the undercoat here and there:)

  • Jackie Martin says:

    I want to try DB BOSS. I need to win! Just built a new house and need to redo some furniture to match new decor. The budget is tight!

  • poofy nunya says:

    Painter by trade and restorer of furniture, unfortunately this paint was a disappointment. Even after using their clear primer the paint still chipped off. I'll stick to general finishes. These companies are a dime a dozen. Infact the store i bought the paint from closed not too long after i purchased the paint🤔

  • Miss Mimi says:

    💚your reviews,.. fair and detailed.

  • Jannie227 says:

    I wish you would have followed thru and did a second coat. I'm no farther ahead in my decision about buying this product. 🙁

  • Sheila Kelemen says:

    Can I paint my laminate flooring

  • Jennifer Hargrove says:

    Great review..

  • Yessy Quiles says:

    The brush is designed to hold it with the tip of your fingers in the round part. Not in the wood stick.
    Thank you for the review

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