Fruity doughnut illustration & Ink Comparison (Ink or Watercolor)

Fruity doughnut illustration & Ink Comparison (Ink or Watercolor)

hi there Lindsay here the frugal crafter
with surprise and inktober video I know I’ve totally fell off the wagon and been
slacking off big-time but I’ve got one done today and I used the new incredible
inks from Jane Devonport and I’m going to kind of compare them with the mermaid
markers and cross-reference them at the end of the video in case you’re
interested you can stick around for that so I started off with the I’m using the
incredible fountain pen and I put fountain pen ink and I tried to find the
brand of the fountain pen India ink that I’m using but like honestly it’s like
some no-name generic brand because like all it says is pen and ink safe for
fountain pens India ink honestly there’s like no brand name on that bottle so it
was in a square bottle great stuff it just no company wants to own up to
producing it apparently but that’s what I used in this pen and it’s working out
really well so actually using yesterday’s inked over prompt which is
juicy and I love that word is like one of my most used to adjectives
whether I’m talking about a marker an ink pad a paint I love the word juicy
so like I’ve got to do something for this and I was going to do a pomegranate
but they’re not in season yet here in Maine and they’re not they don’t grow in
Maine but they’re not in season and I couldn’t find a good reference photo for
it so instead I thought I would draw these Donuts that are covered with the
fruit I thought they’re really cute I’ll link the reference photo down below I
found it on the photo-sharing site up splash which has commercial use
royalty-free artwork so you can check that out it’s a good resource and I just
thought these doughnuts with frosting and fruit looked amazing and then I had
a really bad sweet tooth after I was done who was done painting these so I
sketched this with the India ink like I mentioned and I did not heat set it so
some of this ink might smear a little bit because I didn’t really give it any
time to dry but I figured all the donut part it didn’t really matter because I
just wanted that kind of neutral tone anyway so music the color tinsel in
water to do the base color of the donut so I had kind of like a tan and then I’m
using some of the hot coco ink to put some shadow in there the inks I I
started off kind of diluting them quite a bit so the palette that I’m using I
put a little dropper full of ink in each of the wells and then I would use the
other empty wells for adding or because I didn’t have to dilute some
of these down or mixing colors I am not very used to using inks in the bottles
because I it’s kind of an ordeal I have to take another bottle put them in a
pallet then I have to like either use them up or you know put it back in the
bottle it just seems like an ordeal so so I don’t tend to do that too often so
I’m gonna be putting a few of these inks into ink brushes like water brushes and
that way I will actually use them more so I’m just going through with this this
is watermelon which is kind of like a pinky red ink and I am just doing the
lighter red shades on these fruits so I did the little pomegranate seeds I did
the cherry parts of the cherry and I did some of this strawberry now thing about
ink versus water color is that once it hits the paper it stains whereas water
color you could lift it up pretty like if you blotted it right away you could
lift it up or if you went in with a wet brush you could spread it around that is
not as easy to do with ink ink wants to kind of like grab that paper and absorb
in and be permanent it was a permanent ink fades but I mean it like it grabs on
tight and it’s gonna be tough to manipulate so you have to kind of go
over it or just kind of deal with it just kind of be happy with what you got
think of what you get you don’t get upset with the ink so now I’m going in
with some of this a darker red this is called Frieda and it’s more of like a
crimson red and I’m putting in those mid tones on the cherry I want the cherry to
be kind of shiny and painting the stem with some of this bright green trying to
remember what that one’s called but at the end of this video I’m actually going
to be going over the inks and the mermaid markers and because I think some
of these inks are close enough to refill your mermaid markers with so if you’ve
been running out and you want to keep using your mermaid markers it’s a great
solution hopefully there’ll be refills for those coming up but until now I mean
that’s I think it’s a good a good solution these inks do have a little bit
of a scent to them it’s very pleasant it’s not super strong but if you are
bothered by like if you would be bothered by mr. sketchy marker you
wouldn’t want to use these inks because they would probably they would probably
bother you but and they kind of just a faint scent to them and once they dry
there’s no more assent so here was in a situation where
I was putting in watered-down ink and I was thinking I’m just gonna paint in the
shadows of the icing and then I’m gonna spread it around with water but I really
didn’t get the spread that I wanted when I went back in even though the ink
wasn’t dry underneath I still couldn’t spread it around like watercolor so but
I’m like my goal Franco burrs to learn new things so that’s why I’m using the
inks here I do have a watercolor palette they’re only because I don’t have a
yellow ink and if I had thought about it I could have just used a yellow mermaid
marker but apparently my wasn’t firing on all eight cylinders this morning so
on this one I decided to do a super light wash of the pink and then let that
dry then I’ll go back in and put my shadows so I have a little bit better
look there so I wanted to make the flesh color for these peaches and I needed
some yellow so I used to yell a water color from the new Jane Davenport
watercolor palette and that worked out mixing with ink pretty well and that’s
kind of how I did that I think we can often get into the trap
of thinking that well if I don’t have every color then there’s no point in me
even trying this or doing this but I think that if you add a new product to
your collection it should make your other products more useful so if you’re
not sure about inks don’t go buy them all buy a bottle or two of colors you
think you’re gonna use a lot and use them with other supplies that you have
like your watercolors and then see if they add value to your artwork and you
can tell by only a couple of those inks whether it’s something that you’re going
to enjoy working with or not so don’t be afraid like if you’re missing a yellow
because in an ink grab a watercolor grab a marker grab something that will that
will fit the bill that will kind of act as a substitute while you’re using that
while you’re doing that so here I really like the fact you can glaze over really
well with inks so I mixed a darker purple and I think I used one of the
purples a little bit of the Frieda red and I think I maybe even touch a brown
there that super dark blackberry color and I also pulled some of that into that
cherry on the edges now at this stage I am drying in between colors because I
want to make sure they don’t feather now my yellow in the peach flush wasn’t
quite yellow enough so I just glazed over with the yellow straight from the
pan and added some of that into the strawberry too that’s a great thing
about the inks even though they’re not like a permanent ink meaning they’re
not indelible they do grab that paper so well that you can glaze over with
watercolors and not really have a big mess so now I’m using some pens these
are the acrylic paint pens to paint over pens to add some mid-tone highlight so
these would be not the super super bright highlights they’re more the kind
of like reflected highlights here and just lightening up areas that need it
like the flesh of that strawberry it was really quite quite white from the
reference photo and highlights on the frosting there so I’m just trying to go
through and kind of brighten up spots that need brightening and now I realize
I totally forgot the shading on that blueberry so I’m going in with some
water color to do that I have to say I’m much more comfortable with water color
than ink and so it was nice to kind of have that palette handy in case I felt
like I wanted to kind of dip into it I did there too I grabbed some of that red
ink from the the new watercolor palette and I want to add a shadow and I knew
that if I messed it up if it was watercolor I’d be able to do something
about it so I’m mixing a couple of the colors like the kind of cobalt II blue
color and the kind of like light red color which is like a kind of a earthy
pigment together to get this really soft granulating gray and I’m just using this
angled three-quarter inch brush to just put a kind of a soft shadow around there
just to give them a little bit of a place to sit in the composition here and
that that’s pretty much it I mean I decided that I could use some brighter
highlights so I grabbed my dr. pH Martin’s bleep proof white and I put it
in a wall of that palette and added some water to it that white is super opaque
on its own and I just wanted to kind of give a little more body to the frosting
that were on the donuts here by mixing the water into that bleed proof white it
gives me that kind of glaze and subtle transparency that just lets me slightly
affect the colors underneath but not changing a lot so there’s a little tip
for you that’s not how it’s meant to be used it’s meant to be used as kind of
like final highlights straight out of the bottle but I find this to be an
extremely useful way to manipulate it and then you also have the option of
that being a super opaque white gouache that you can go in and use for a final
highlight so bleep proof wife white is an awesome product that you can use for
that I’ll try to remember to link everything down below
so that you can find it of course the white gel pen is a great way to give you
super bright white highlights especially if you want to get in with a lot of
little detail the thing with inks if you are doing your highlighting straight
away it will it will let some of that ink bleach up into your into your gel
pen so you might have to let it dry completely and go back in on top and
give it another brightness I love the water colors for the depth of color and
the interesting mixes I can get and I did go make some greens some earthy
green to go in and adjust some of those colors and you know I’d I like to go in
maybe adjust my values going a little bit of darker red there and just kind of
finishing up the piece so here you can see it all done and I hope you enjoy it
now if you want to stick around and listen to the end of the video I’m going
to compare the new incredible inks for the mermaid markers in case you’ve been
looking for refills for your mermaid markers some of these are going to work
so stick around if you want to hear about that I wanted to pop in and share
with you some experimentation that I did after I was done my artwork here so you
probably saw this like little palette that I had my inks in the reason I don’t
use bottled inks very often is because I have to put them into something to use
them because I don’t like to dip right into the bottle in case I contaminate it
when I’m mixing colors so I used the droppers to drop ink in here and then I
was able to use the dropper to fish out the pure and you can put him back in the
bottles I was pretty careful to clean my brush in between colors so that worked
out alright but that’s more work than what I want to do typically when I’m
creating and what I really liked was how much these ink reminded me of the
mermaid markers and I liked using the mermaid markers and I thought why don’t
I look through and see what colors if any of these colors would overlap and so
I had swatched out these originally on some more color paper and then I went
with my mermaid markers and tried to find pretty close duplications of color
and some add some pretty close colors and so then I just decided just swatch
them out a little neater here so I could share them my information with you
they’re not perfect matches and if you want a perfect match I would just wait
and see if Jen comes out with mermaid marker refills but if you are have used
or not but you really just want to get back to creating
these are the closest cross colors I could find so for the color Frieda the
new octopus and mermaid markers pretty close it’s a little bit more crimson
where Friede is a little bit more Orange II but they’re pretty close especially
if you were to water down the octopus it’s pretty close to Frida for
watermelon I found that coral was a pretty close or
for the coral mermaid marker watermelons fairly close it’s a little pink year
where corals a little more orange II and see that really when you have them side
by side fairy floss didn’t really have a direct color that I could find and it
could be it could be possible that I’m missing a couple of mermaid markers
because I was counting and it seems like I should have an even number and have an
odd number so one could have went on a little adventure on me and if that’s the
case and if you know there’s definitely a color that’s more close to fairy floss
let me know I thought starfish was gonna be more
close but once i swatched it out on this paper it looked more red but when I did
it over here it looked more more pink so the paper can kind of affect the way the
color looks I think which is kind of strange but I found conch the new conch
marker was very close but it’s lighter so it would be like fairy floss plus
white I’m sorry plus water UM berrylicious
really didn’t have a good match Gil’s was probably the closest but that’s a
little bit more Moroni violet syrup was probably closest to jellyfish jellyfish
is less saturated actually I found that berrylicious and violet syrup were very
close like if you had very little added water and a touch of brown to it that
would give you like the violet violet syrup color blueberry and Blue Bottle
were pretty close they look closer on my cotton watercolor paper swatch for
whatever reason you know the inks in the papers react differently on different
papers fresh air and Byron Bay were pretty close they look a little
different here but when I did it on the cotton and I put the mermaid marker out
and I spread it out with some water I thought those looked really close like
the Byron Bay’s a little darker here it is there too but once I added water it
was pretty close to fresh air so I don’t know if you’d want to put that ink in
there being a little bit lighter but but you know that’s your call it’s just a
solution and an option if you’re running out of ink and you just want to keep on
going I thought siren and mermaid tail were
really close I thought mom even seaweed are pretty close to sea we all I mean
the bottle of ink I kept the bottle things to the left-hand side I thought
well I made it a little more yellow in it seaweeds a little bit more of a
straight green and tinsel really didn’t have one the closest one I could find
was a new seashell color so I think I will take tinsel and put that in its own
ink pen water brush so that I could have a brush of that cuz I think that would
be really useful and reef and Coco are fairly close reaps a little bit darker
so depending on how many neutral tones you want I mean what I tend to do is
have a just a bucket in water and a brush or I’ll have a just a empty water
brush and I’ll spread out colors when I need the lighter gradient but that said
I just I know I’m unlikely to use these from the bottle if I have to take the
ink out every time but if I could put them in a pen then I’m much more likely
to use them so I thought that may help you out if you’re trying to if you were
trying to maybe buy a few of these tubes as refills in your markers you could do
that you can also use these in the pens or any fountain pen or the incredible
pen so hopefully that you know that can help you help pick what you need or give
you some solution as far as refilling these because these are such
high-quality water brushes that you know you could wash them out use them as a
water brush but you probably don’t need 12 water brushes or 24 water brushes
depending on how many you have you might as well fill them with ink and keep on
using them because if you used it up you obviously like to use it that’s all I
have for today thank you so much for watching please give me a thumbs up if
you liked it until next time happy crafting


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