Frozen Paintballs – SLO-MO Study

Frozen Paintballs – SLO-MO Study

I am not a paintball player but I was able
to borrow this paintball gun from my friend at work named Tony.
We have been trying to make some slow motion videos using this paintball gun before we
have to return it. The paintballs are interesting to see in slow
motion because they are large and do not fly very fast, around 300 feet per second from
what I
have been told. Aderonn suggested that we freeze paintball
to see how they fly through the air and if they are more destructive than room temperature
paintballs. The paintballs when frozen, have large dimples
in them that will likely have a negative effect on their accuracy.
Using frozen paintballs, if it is even practical, it sort of like bringing brass knuckles to a soccer game. You have the intent to hurt
people. You should expect a law suit, being arrested, or getting beat up. Paintball is
a sport, and one should play by the rules and respect other players.
In the last segment, we shoot unfrozen paintballs. I am not an expert paintball user, but you
can see my shots are more accurate. If you are a paintball player, what are the biggest
concerns in regards to cheating and other issues that affect the game?


  • larry boncella says:

    I took some dxs paint and was able to freeze them all the way it shattered like glass! And no deforming use a air duster tip it upside down the only reason I wanted to try it is with a rifled barrel it shot a lot better do another slow motion that way most paint won't freeze all the way now need to find ones that have a water base fill

  • Christian Nguyen says:

    People dont seem to understand.

  • Leftwinga91 says:

    clearly you play paintball and clearly you have the experience of mike from techpb

  • MetalJokerPro says:

    now use real guns thumbs up so he can see it

  • Manny Lee says:

    i would hate to walk out on a field and get shot by frozen paintballs.

  • 550ParacordGuy says:

    in my experience, different paint reacts differently to cold. some paint becomes brittle and shatters in the barrel, some paint gets super viscous and stays intact. no reason to start a flame war.

  • Uptalk says:

    Wooooo doggy ive seens it.

  • shltdlsturber says:

    0:25 "The paintballs are nice and big…" 😛

  • Aym says:

    In my experience old paint left out in the elements for a week will be a much more solid impact than frozen paintballs, as I'm sure most players have experienced bad/old paint that you can literally stand on w/out breaking the shell.

  • Claw Pewdiefan says:

    that is awesome now when my little sister pulls my hair and crap i can get revenge>:)

  • QaroGaming says:

    Is your friend Tony Soprano? LMAO

  • Manchester Paintball Arena says:

    These are clearly not frozen as the internal contents are still in a liquid state. So all the arguments of what happens to frozen paintballs in reference to video are invalid.

    The paintballs in this video are not frozen. "wikipedia Freezing"

  • Manchester Paintball Arena says:

    They are not frozen. The fill may be thicker but it is not solid, so therefore not frozen. The Video should be called "Can you put paintballs in a home freezer and them shoot them?"

    All you did was demonstrate that paintballs will shoot after they have been in a home freezer, you didn't freeze them.

  • Harrison Gross says:

    No, techpb is right!

  • Manchester Paintball Arena says:

    Yes they can be frozen, as seen in your other video with dry ice, every liquid can be. The fact remains you posted this video about shooting frozen paintballs, these paintballs are not frozen, the liquid inside the balls is not frozen, only thicker i.e cooled.

    So the question still remains, despite both your videos. What happens when you shoot frozen paintballs?

  • Manchester Paintball Arena says:

    Your video description:
    "I made this video to show, in slow motion, what frozen paintballs look like when shot."

  • Manchester Paintball Arena says:


  • jackson stubler says:


  • Atomic Rooster says:

    Your groupings would be much better if the gun was clean. There's obviously some paint residue still in the barrel from the previous breaks you had that's ruining your accuracy.

    Even with the worst paint you can buy and a well used rental gun, from 20ft away your groupings should be within 2" or less except for the odd dimpled ball once in awhile.

  • grantrithor says:

    They hurt less because they break more easily.

  • NotAmusedbro says:

    go to 2:46 and turn on captions

  • doug8505 says:

    thumbs down for ignorant comments… like rice man said frozen paintballs hurt less…

    I have played for 12yrs and when paint breaks it hurts WAYYYY less than when it doesn't, ask anyone who has been shot with Walmart Monsterball, those are like rocks…

  • Logan Glosser says:

    i was just about to say that lol

  • MusicalNinja77 says:

    Is that a DM12-13 with a gravity hopper?! GOOD GOD WHY?!

  • Carson Siedhoff says:

    Lookbehindyousuka you sir are a dumbass first if all this video was made in 2009 and second any person who plays paintball should know that is a ion u retarded fuck

  • emunti says:

    Frozen paintballs aren't a problem , if you freeze them they'll become brittle plus you're wasting your money

  • Ryann Scottland says:

    They aint no different frozen?

  • Tyler Stolar says:

    You can't freeze paintballs

  • Tyler Stolar says:

    I'm a speedball player always have been and it is impossible to freeze the paintballs . They just mess up your gun only an idiot would try and freeze them.

  • Seth Stephens says:

    Buddy's Got A Point.

  • Fendi Monsta says:

    I got shot with a frozen paint welts for days it hurts

  • SFterps says:

    Haha frozen paintballs hurt less. I've been playing for 5 years and I've seen teams freez them because it makes them more brittle. They do it so at long ranges they won't bounce, it will break easier on ur target.


    There's a difference between chilling and freezing.

  • Cole Eperjesi says:

    no but the physics that goes into the paintball and the bolt with they way the air pushs them. i have to agree with him. im getting a masters in physics and im a speedballer as well. and hes right. it is impossible.

  • mark arney says:

    every 5th ball out of my gun is a marble

  • Tomas Higareda says:

    This guy is bullshit frozen paintballs are easier yo break! Unless you use that spay that he used! And plus they don't freeze because the paint isn't water some are oil and other liquids!

  • rampantsanity says:

    most paintballs are made from Gelatin and Polyethylene Glycol. there are some still made for industrial purposes which are not intended or marketed for game play.

    chilling beyond the manufacturer suggested ideal of 65 degrees only serves to make the paintball shell, made of gelatin, more brittle.

    you have interjected several opinions into your video. while you are entitled to your opinion, i would suggest that you have some fact to support them if you want them recognized as fact.

    several tournament teams chill their paint to increase the brittleness of each round with hopes to get more breaks on their increasingly padded targets. if you are not aware, much of the tourney paintball scene involves loose fitting gear combined with "bounce" pads; scenario and woodsball players tend to go the other way. regardless, it may or may not work thus, your opinion that someone freezing paintballs may or may not be with malicious intent.

    freezing does "dimple" the ball, which you have seen and noted in your video. this comes from the contraction of the material shape without any room for the material's actual mass. the law of displacement applies. as you also noted, dimpling effects the trajectory of the round. outside of your range you would have, likely , never made contact with your target.

    your statement about the thicker fill… PEG is part of the same family of chemicals (namely, Ethylene Glycol) that you put in your car as antifreeze; frozen or unfrozen, it has a very similar consistency. you should try a few rounds of normal temp.

    the MSDS of every manufacturer is available to anyone who wants it.

  • waylon messick says:

    Frozen paintballs are basically when some douche puts the paintballs in the freezer over night so when everybody plays paintball he can give you really bad bruises.

  • wyatt_S550 says:

    Frozen paintballs don't hurt at all right when they leave the barrel they explode they become very brittle stop acting like any of you in the comment know anythinh

  • BossMcLovin says:

    I got shot in the eye with a paintball at sort of point blank and now i have 2 pupils in one eye ;|

  • britishpaint11 says:

    frozen paintballs are an urban myth @techpb made a video on so everyone stfu

  • Chris Ringer says:

    O brother you can't shoot for s#:t. Lol

  • Sam Wendell says:

    It's true that it is just a myth. Freezing paintballs only make the ball more brittle, and no more painful (if they even reach the target). But most fields don't even allow paint to be brought unless its from that particular field.  All in all,  freezing paintballs is useless, and depending on the paint, can be a huge waste of money.

  • Tristan Fleming says:

    Only an idiot would freeze their paintballs as the whole point is that they break on your target marking a kill 

  • jacob Poserina says:

    104 people are the people who freeze their paintballs

  • Nox Zimmi says:

    noone would ever have an advantage of frozen Paintballs. Look at the inconsistant flight. u gonna miss every target with frozen Paintballs 

    u can chill em if u want em to get more brittal and break on enemys more easy.
    if u chill em down to the point where u get bulgy Paintballs u just burned 60 Bucks

    srry 4 my bad english

  • Erik Lee says:

    Results were boring but video was pretty well done . . . scientific-ish.  Good for debunking  – liked your reporting on the whole process.

  • Lil Beemo says:

    If you want to hurt someone use monsterballs

  • Alan Perez says:

    I agree with you, people keep it as a sport!

  • m Kopcza says:

    Frozen paintballs don't work bc they melt after a few minutes and become shitty and brake in the barrel

  • hemallool says:

    fk of mr fr and wo er is on ybe acpt me

  • dawson ro says:

    It was wd40

  • TheJPJT1234 says:

    usually not 300ft/sec….more like 280ft/sec

  • TheJPJT1234 says:

    and 20 ft out?…..I am relatively new to the sport and I can get groupings of 3-6 cm across consistently

  • Jamison Fletcher says:

    frozen paint balls don't actually hurt because the shells are brittle and they don't freeze solid because it has PEG "Poly Ethylene Glychol"base not water  so its just brittle and breaks kinda easy I've been hit with a couple and it feels like a normal paint ball may be even softer

  • Preston Dukes says:

    I kid a couple years ago, at my local paintball field, got shot in the neck by someone who was using frozen paintballs and that kid died and they had to close down the paintball field.

  • Ryan Porco says:

    frozen paintballs dont make a difference. its just a myth started years ago to scare people. to the guy that said that a kid died from this shit, go fuck yourself. its impossible

  • cameron denham says:

    did any one notice how the guy was using a gravity hopper on a speedball gun

  • James Burgess says:

    How are you even gonna get to the field before the paintballs start to unfreeze, Many barrel brakes, better bring your swabs

  • John Biddle says:

    Frozen paintballs don't hurt in fact there's a tournament team that refrigerates their paint so that it makes the shell brittle when u freeze paintballs they get brittle u will not hurt a damn thing but ur self

  • Dodge Wrench says:

    I froze a pod of paint balls and they didn't stick

  • Mars Spizikes says:


  • Michael Edwards says:

    grav fed hopper on a high end marker

  • R.S. Lozano says:

    Why a gravity fed hopper

  • SilenceInWar says:

    frozen paintballs do hurt less than regular paintballs. and if you freeze them, you will only make it better for kids, but you will shot terrible. i have been shot up close with frozen paintballs multiple times, and it didn't hurt at all. he sprayed me down, i just walked out laughing! :3
    where did you research this at? if you really did research, you will see videos that proves you wrong!

  • JOLOUlS says:

    What the hell are you doing

  • Andrew says:

    I have that hopper

  • Andrew says:

    Don't use frozen paint it's bad for ur gun when you freeze a liquid it expands

  • SilenceInWar says:

    wtf are you thinking about, grav feed hopper on a high-end marker?!

  • Arthur Red says:

    Slienceinwar called an Ion, high end… Lulzzzz

  • Manchester Paintball Arena says:

    Can't believe this video is still up. I guess some people just want the video hits. They are not frozen. The fill may be thicker but it is not solid, so therefore not frozen. The Video should be called "Can you put paintballs in a home freezer and them shoot them?" All you did was demonstrate that paintballs will shoot after they have been in a home freezer, you didn't freeze them. Google paintballtechpb frozen paintballs for the truth!

  • Mark Diakow says:

    When you freeze paintballs they get more brittle

  • Norwin J says:

    What if all the gamers uses frozen paintball?
    I know it might hurt more than usual, but do you think they all should be arrested?

  • girlsdrinkfeck says:

    silicone spray

  • Luke swartz says:

    how u make paintballs

  • GritsnBeans says:

    Revisit this with an electric hopper. I bet even less are able to hit the target.

  • Crescent Knight says:

    I have a little over 10 years in the sport and frozen paintballs is a myth. What you have demonstrated in the video is how a paintball will fly after being put in a freezer for a period of time. You are correct, the dimple from the air shrinking inside the ball will cause it to fly uncontrollably. The extra coating you put also affects the balls flight (unless its dries completely and there isn't a wet residue). Frozen paintballs actually become more brittle. A good example can be found when the ball breaks in the barrel which you said a good handful of them do. You referred it as a blow out, it's better known as a ball chop but I only say this because that's the term I will be using. Now the marker you are shooting is called an "Smart Parts Ion" they run off an electric board which has a part called "EYES". These "EYES" are used to prevent the ability of the marker to chop a ball. However, you are using a gravity feed hopper (No electric driven auger like system to feed the marker a consistent flow of paint) people could argue that this is the reason the ball chops but if the "EYES" don't register a ball in the chamber they will not allow the bolt (firing mechanism) to move. Now I assume you just pulled them straight out of freezer and shot them. Which is the best way to test the myth. What you don't account for is that these things condensate like crazy and swell.This all happens while you drive to your local course. You go from getting half the balls out the chamber to almost none. Now a better way of testing this would have been shooting at some kind of force meter or simply getting hit by one yourself (make sure that you wear a proper mask, not like what the slow mo guys did). You will feel the difference and notice that frozen ones hurt less. If you can actually get hit by one. A better paintball test would be why paintball courses don't allow whats called Re-Ball or a product called Monster ball to be used and why they chronograph our markers around 280 f.p.s. You yourself made it clear that this isn't something you do and in your description you state that you are simply showing how they come out of the maker. However, when you state something like that these are like taking brass knuckles to a soccer game or in the description you hope to discourage other from even attempting to try it out tells me you want to show that this things can in fact be dangerous. Which is not true.I just wanted to be clear on this subject since a good amount of people actually believe this is what "bad" paintball players will do and don't allow family members to try this sport out. I'd hate for some new kid who wants to play paintball with his friends but their parents won't let them because they saw this video or one like this. I know this because when I started way back when I had to prove to my mom that this doesn't work (as well as a few other myths).

  • Aquaberry Backfist says:

    this is bull shit

  • Erik Werbickas says:

    Thanks for the technical insight I will be sure to share this 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Samuel Zapata says:

    Me gusta el paintball

  • SEAN madden says:

    cool video. thanks

  • Spar klz says:

    holy shit is that an ion

  • stumppudle 1 says:

    all this video is doing is scaring away people from playing the sport dont listen to this guy frozen paintballs hurt the same if not less. i hate when people say this now all the people that wanted to play will be like im not sure i want to play because dont listen to this guy it is a fun sport and if you have not played you should go out and try it

  • Murph AA says:

    Played a long time and never heard of anyone actually trying to do this before going playing….always knew it would ruin the paintballs shell integrity…

  • Sam T says:

    @TAOFLEDERMAUS paintballs are designed to break in the barrel and be super innacurate when you freeze them. alot of the time they will break when they get too cold and they crack

  • Zachary Wing says:

    When u freeze paintballs it is highly unlikely they even come out of the barrel because the gelatin shrivels up and gets all mushy so when u shoot it your bolt will just smash it

  • Shaya Maddex says:

    frozen paint shouldn't hurt (pro teams chill their paint in fridge)

  • Samuel Juskiewicz says:

    play paintball, its better

  • DizzyGamers ! says:

    its like a nukle ball but with paintballs

  • Tyler Bopes says:

    they're almost like knuckle balls in baseball

  • Jacob Reeve says:

    Wd 40

  • Kristian's Lawn and blogs PB says:

    I have a smart parts ion too and an ETEK 5

  • Parker Reynolds says:

    I bet it's Pam

  • Vincetagram says:

    being a soccer player the way those frozen ones curved looked sexy as hell

  • HoCoRydaaH says:

    Oh wow i didn't know this video existed.

  • Vince Dibona says:

    @2:01 – PAM cooking spray, if anyone couldn't figure it out.

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