Friendship Painting for beginners in Moonlight night | Step by Step Guide Friends Forever in Acrylic

Hello Friends, Welcome to my channel ‘Dipanwita Art’ Today we will make painting of 3 Girls. Best Friends. You can use Canvas board for this painting, though I haven’t used Canvas I have used Acrylic Paper for this painting Now, we will first do the background of the painting For this we will use White, Cobalt Blue, UltraMarine Blue,
Prussian Blue and Purple. We will blend all these colors to create Background After background, I will now paint Moon with White After finishing Moon, now I will paint a tree on the right side For that I am using Round Brush and will paint Black I have given links of all the materials used in this painting, in the description box below Now we will draw 3 friends enjoying swinging We will use Round Brush 000 and will paint Black and after it gets dried, will make highlight with White now my painting is ready Let me know in the comment box, how much did you like this painting… If you have any query or need any info, you can write that in the description box below Like, Share & Subscribe
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