Folk Art Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration: Changing Previous Artwork No. 2: Time Lapse

Folk Art Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration: Changing Previous Artwork No. 2: Time Lapse

hello this is Helen Schaefer hopefully
the video about the Meadowlark was helpful to you this is another recycle
instead of tossing out you are not so good or great piece think about redoing
or adding to what you already have first carefully look to see how you can
improve the composition work in this demo has a dark and gloomy vibe so lightning is the answer adding a tree might help the mallard duck is flying into the pond
this is a female mallard possibly she is coming back to her nest on the shore I
think I see it she will lay another egg one per day until her nest is full the Drake her mate is nearby he is there for her
protecting the nest while she flies off for a little break thanks for watching if you want to see more subscribe and don’t forget to ring the bell this is Helen Schaefer saying bye


  • 1MightyR says:

    Wow. This is an amazing landscape. Well done!$

  • Tiffany Vaz Art says:

    Wow!! That's incredible!! Another great video, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Wonderful painting, Helen! I enjoyed watching the transformation. Excellent editing, music pairing, captions and filming. Your reflections in the water are great- you have achieved a real sense of depth in the landscape- it appears to go far into the distance. Your excellent knife work in your newly added birch trees are wonderful contrast to the paint brush sections. Your lovely female duck is very realistic and the light effects on her are great. A big thumbs up.

  • MrSketchy says:

    Love your paintings, your style is similar to Dena's, LOL!

  • Artfully Yours with Diana says:

    Aawww I hope I don’t miss any more of your videos Helen !❤️😍❤️ The addition of the birch trees is excellent in framing out the picture! And the duck flying out of the water is amazing! And so realistic ! Love your painting ! Love your video too !

  • I love Hamsters says:

    Wow Helen! I love your landscape oil paintings!!
    You just earned a new subscriber!✨

  • Mona L creates says:

    Just wonderful! 🙂

  • Kiss My Art says:

    Stunning oil painting Helen, I subbed to you, you have a beautiful art style!! Sub bk if you wish. I really like the water shimmers, keep up the amazing paintings!! 😀 😀

  • Lon Gobell says:

    Enjoyed your idea, surely did change the painting. Joyce


    Folk art …lk…nycee..👌

  • Rincón del Artista says:

    Usted tiene una técnica muy especial

  • Immanuel squad says:

    So that was amazing I subbed plz stay connected

  • Mando Teresia says:

    Hi Helen! This is absolutely beautiful!

  • Nicole's DIY says:

    Hello Helen! I am new to your channel and I must say you are an amazing artist! To see this already beautiful painting transformed into a magnificent piece was just astonishing! I love how you did the birch 🌳 🌲! Thanks for visiting my channel! Blessings and hugs!🦋💕🌸🐇

  • The Art Academy says:

    Awesome folk art landscape painting looks so realistic new friend

  • Siri's Studio says:

    Amazing painting, Helen!

  • paperdoll789 says:

    💕wowwwww so so beautiful!!!!! Thumbs up video. awesome artist. 🔔13/65

  • Kerrie Woodhouse says:

    I really enjoy these recycled painting videos of yours Helen. Every painting has its own journey but normally it is only the artist who gets to see that, so thank you for letting us into the process. The evolution is so interesting to watch. And I'm inspired to get out a palette knife!

  • David Denton Art says:

    Hi Helen, I really enjoyed this video. It was something different to see how an old painting can be improved upon – and you definitely made improvements. It really helps the composition to have those trees framing the duck in the middle. A lovely painting 🙂

  • Whimsy Creek Art says:

    Beautiful painting! The video was very calm and relaxing. I enjoyed it very much. I especially love the little pops of color blended into the background.

  • Moondiver says:

    very great my friend 👍👍

  • Malayan Art says:

    Maam! This is so are so pro..i wish i could draw like this😁😁but i dont know how..its so beautiful..i try to do this kind of art..but fail😆.with color water

  • Rick J Berube Art Studio says:

    Great artwork and advice Helen! As a matter of fact yesterday I was working on a watercolor piece for my barnyard series and did not like the way the cow turned out so I fixed it and finished it literally two seconds ago. So I totally agree with your mentality. Something was wrong with my cow but it only needed some acrylic overlay to fix it. I'm glad I didn't throw it away. Thank you for sharing!

  • kaneez Art says:

    Sooooo beautiful amazing painting 😍😍😱😍👍

  • Angela Rohret says:

    Wonderful, Helen! I love seeing that you can take a previous painting and change it up. Little things can make a big difference on changing the feel a painting evokes. Very peaceful presentation too!

  • Annie The Star says:

    Awesome painting! Beautiful scenery! Like 25

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