First Use of Citadel Colour Contrast Paint

First Use of Citadel Colour Contrast Paint

hey guys welcome to rootstem gaming
which is like a quick snippet it’s a video that’s not being released on a
normal day that’s simply because I’ve been to Warhammer world and I’ve painted
these four lovely models not all that one but these four lovely models
basically as a test I was a test on how you do contrast paints so I decided to
ever go as some of the most notorious colors I think everyone has and a little
bit wet blending with some of the more detailed figures and even trying some
flesh tones and the first model I started painting was this lab here now
this is a bloody angel Space Marine that’s 1/4 red I did test it because he
caught you will get as you can see there’s some pattern ins and I’m not I’m
impressed by it from a distance when you start getting closer it’s not the
greatest I’m not impressed by the black at all if I’m perfectly honest I think
maybe just doing jet black and highlighting the black is probably
better or maybe because I don’t really have time but maybe 2 or 3 quarts of
black might be something to do yep that’s the rust bloody angel red that’s
quite a nice dark red it was over I believe this one was the gray no this
one was the born color that this was over as you can see it’s gone into the
shake shades it quite nicely it’s just down
here on the Greaves where you’ve got little bits of the color of us mixed I’m
not quite sure if I’m using it right or whether or not it’d be better doing it
as Finkle so I don’t know but it’s definitely interested it’s definitely
different it was definitely quick very quick I did notice that the pain started
to dry quite thick and globular hence why I did that test there if you can see
that trying to zoom in on that bit there I purposely let a bit of it go heavy and
dry and then try to took tried to do it with the brush to try and
see if we can get it out wait and it was instantly left that type map so it’s one
of them why you really need to do you need to do it quick you need to make
sure that it’s quickly done and it’s quickly neatened while you’re actually
painting now one of the second cause I wanted to
try was white I wanted to see what type of effect this would have this was born
the gray background this particular white get it closer to camera again and
I’m camera it looks quite alright actually it looks like it’s going to the
recess is quite nicely but again some patent in I wonder if that’s gonna look
all right if I put some dry blush on I gotta try to do Balter black it’s not
the greatest black I don’t think you’re gonna be able to do black properly with
these type of color Fitness giving it a go maybe doing a dark gray first and
then putting black on my work but that’s something to experiment with when these
colors come out on Saturday I’ve done a yellow Eagle for a chest the yellow
Eagle definitely quite good with a yellow to be honest review the yellow
was amazing it looked quite dark when it was actually in the pot and when I put
it on and it dried he came out very very very very light a really really good
color to use for a contrast would be yellow I’m thinking certain colors are
gonna be great although colors not so much personally
why would I do marine like this I’m not sure I’m probably gonna experiment to my
answer drybrush some white on top of this just to see what type of effect
that we’re also getting I did a flush boy this was a borrowed miniature the
guy at workshop become what his name was but somebody had already painted the
glove and such so it will just like here try this cuz I think you only supposed
to have two figures so it was like here try this now that is one quart of flush
color and it did it quite well I think maybe again maybe a bit of a dry brush
with something over the top just to finish off I think all of these could do
with a bit of a dry brush and maybe do a might answer go ahead and do some of
that bring it in have a look
but yeah but that looks quite I was actually quite impressed with the flash
court flash Cole was one of my favorites the red is not this alright it’s okay
but the white again a little bit disappointing
what did a bit more of a darker share the suppose that’s better for me to do
myself and the black was very very disappointing but this little figure
here was given to me and he said yeah use this and triangle wet blend so
that’s yellow or to orange one set yellow of Anna quickly while it was
still wet and went on with orange now another that what the greatest painting
was because what the room was giving you medium shared bushes to pain with which
are some of the thickest fat didn’t there’s no normal end they kept saying
that he’s the best brushes to paint with I don’t think there would be I think
maybe having some basing brushes would probably be better but again I wait
until the range comes out and suffer didn’t give it a goal but yet a wet
blending on that was very very nice very very quick very very easy you just put
one on they put the over on have any waiting for it to dry it took ages to
drive or when it was when you did this method he wasn’t a quick dry procedure
it took an absolute age to actually soft set again if you wanted to put a bit of
a bit of highlight in there a bit of dry brush picking up all the suppose even
even when you think about it dry brushing is quite quick and quite easy
see what I’m gonna do I actually love these okay so I’ve done a bit of dye
blush in that I have dry brushed with evil sons scarlet now it’s not really
pick Machoke at all if I’m honest maybe edge highlighting would probably work
well with that particular Space Marine I did some dry brushing on top of that and
I didn’t like it because what he kept doing was all the recesses UVA look at
about there especially on all the Reese’s that gone nice and dark
he he tried picking up and he tried dry brushing those pieces as well so he
didn’t because I was I was answer to be very careful I was just slapping it on
so that that didn’t really work well I probably just leave I if we’re gonna do
like an imperial Guardsmen face or something about nature but this it’s
cracking in my opinion very ghosty and the white really worked well dry
brushing skull white over the top of because it’s mainly agree I think that
be look really well for some whites guys arm is personally I think that cracking
for some wise guys armies yeah that’s my little tiny tiny foray into contrast
paints I’m not gonna be doing well I will be once the actual paints are out
I’m gonna be doing a little bit of how to maybe videos a lot of people say no
I’m not going to be doing any videos with them because what’s the point but I
do think that these paints not the be-all and end-all when you paint with
these you’re not were just gonna have finished special a lot more advanced
techniques I think you’re gonna need to finish off certain figures especially
like I said about white having to dry brush that white to get the look that I
actually wanted and then not dry brushing without but maybe going over it
with some layers and maybe with this trying to figure out a different way to
do that red it’s a nice darkest red but still I’m not don’t know if I’m keen for
it to be part of my blood ends or forces I like my blood red to actually look
quite bright and quite blood reddish but for wet blending see I think video is on
masking a bit of warrior to go forward that went blending I was very impressed
with I can see a lot of advanced techniques coming out of that but anyway thanks very much for watching guys this
has been a quick quick very very quick video looking at what I managed to get
out of contrast paints I wasn’t allowed to use or camera I wasn’t allowed to
video record while I was up to or but they did let me take all four other
models so more wiser than seconds of pictures and be describing them to you
right now well thanks very much for watching guys please like share
subscribe hit the notification button if you want to see more the world with some
over contrast videos coming up I’m actually going to try and get my nephew
as well to paint his corridor using nothing but contrast paints and my
nephew is a bell it’s 1314 years old and he’s never
paired his life so I think that’s gonna be a really really good challenge on the
contrast paints to see what happens when you give them to a 14 year old alright
thank you very much for watching guys we will see you next time if you are
interested in Commission painting got a root stem decoder at UK so many message
on there I’ll be happy to help


  • Federico Pinci says:

    sorry mate but if u just mix lahmian medium or a flow improver to the normal paint isn't it the exact same thing? I just don't get it really… they are super expensive and they contain less pigment. I mean yes I do get it in GW's perspective obviously…

  • Björn - Brence - Bonten says:

    I believe the stuff looks great once youget the hang of your brush strokes (as that seems to help negate the streakyness) and how to be precise with moving around the paint that starts pooling.

  • grimjhaixus says:

    So it’s good at lights and brights but not darks?

  • Northern Dark Arts says:

    Cheers for this fran definitely won't be getting any black. I bet some of these colours would look good over a silver basecoat

  • Fearior says:

    What base do you recommend for Orange? I used wraithbone and its red-orange (carrot like) :/ I wanted more "pure" orange. Any tips?

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