Far Cry 5 Multiplayer PaintBall Map Gameplay (18-6)

Far Cry 5 Multiplayer PaintBall Map Gameplay (18-6)

Hello guys It’s GameFX ! How are you all doing I’m doing great and I hope you’re too Welcome today in a new video on Far Cry 5 multiplayer Simply on Far Cry Arcade And today I’m gonna introduce an other map about paintball, I can’t remember the name I guess it is Paintball Island Deathmatch And I really enjoyed this map So I though I could make a video for you guys In addition to a commentary because at first I didn’t expect to do a commentary Because I had nothing important to say On my videos given that what I’m gonna do has already been said except a few things, this is why I gonna talk on this video in order you to be next to me while you’re watching this gameplay Firstly as I said before this map is great It is small, loadouts are perfect We have awesome loadouts, we are not out of ammo And to be honnest, we can have fun on this map the only one cons we can say If one team can reach the other team Usualy we can keep this advantage However that was not that easy for the foe’s team because we were 2 or 3 In my team to play well and doing strong scores So Foe’s team had problems to keep moving As always, cons are always as I said on previous videos Spawns can not turn that is to say If we can reach to the foe’s team They will continue to spawn even though we are in front of them They won’t respawn on an other place somewhere else Like we can see on Call Of Duty games Not on battlefield because spawn systems are differents Here for example on Call Of Duty and even Far Cry 3 when we were to close of the ennemie’s spawn it would turn on the other way of the map, we said that spawn were turning (french way to say it you might see what I want to say :)) Here on Far Cry Arcade it is not the case I might have seen a map which works on this system But I can’t remember its name So yeah, this is the only cons I found For the rest, this map is fun Loadouts are correct Often I play on maps it might happen to you aswell You play on very good maps without any good loadout And the experience is ruined Here the map and loadouts were both awesome When I shared the map from csgo and the nuketown map also They were great maps, very funny to play and with good loadouts aswell This map here is simple guys definitly very simple and effective We don’t ask for questions at all This is what developpers said about Far Cry Arcade There is no restriction on the way maps can be settle There are many way to experience the game Here it is totaly the case Who expected a map like this one about paintball on Far Cry 5 Before the game was released ? Nobody Nobody could expect that Firstly gg to the guy who made this map The name of the player is in the description Anyway congrats to him, he knows what is the definiton of fun Like other video I did on other maps Don’t forget to add this map on your favorites Then you will about to play it on game If you have been selected to choose a map on multiplayer And might play it if players voted for it I don’t know if it was clear But yeah it is a question you guys often ask to me How can we play a map you showed us It’s very simple the only thing you have to do is get the name of the map or the creator of the map you want look for it on Far Cry Arcade server, add it as favorite select it when you can choose a map And vote for it If there are enough votes to your map then you will able to play it So guys this video is about to finish the video was a little bit faster than I expected, I finally had many things to say I hope to see you very soon In 1 or 2 days For the first episode of Far Cry 5 Campaign walkthough in coop with StenaTiff Edit is already complete I just have to upload it See ya guys and thanks again for watching, you da best !


  • GameFX Professional FarCry Player says:

    English subtitles are now available ! Make sure you activated them ! 🙂

  • Blood-Tiger says:

    Super vidéo gros Ca fait encore super plaisir de découvrir une nouvelle mal avec un très bon gameplay 😉

  • XanDor [маfiasquad] says:

    Tu préfères une map réaliste avec ambiance ou les map simple sans ambiance (encore super vidéo)

  • Mitseki says:

    GG à celui qui a fait la map .

  • Virtual Family says:

    Salut, juste une petite question toute bête mais au moins je serai fixé. Le mode éditeur et multijoueur sont dispo pour tout le monde ? J'ai vu également des maps zombies, survie, elles sont accessibles pour tous ?

  • Loupos Koala says:

    Toujours sympa les petites vidéos comme ça 😀 Mais sinon c'est vrai que du commentary c'est cool mais si jamais tu sais vraiment pas quoi dire ou que tu as déjà tout dit auparavant, te forces pas non plus. Et hâte de voir votre let's play :3

  • Freezyyp [Play And Fun] says:

    Vraiment dommage que pas assez de gens te connaissent…Ton contenue sur les vidéos sont très largement supérieurs à certaines personnes qui font (on c’est ps comment) plus de vue et de like que toi.Breff tout ça pour dire que le commentary sur tes vidéos sont bons (tu dis pas n’importe quoi) et que le gameplay est plaisant à regarder car tu es grv bon.😀👌🏽

  • Le prince Popeye says:

    Sympa la map

  • Edgar Bartoloso says:

    Super vidéo et la Map à vraiment l'air bien , dommage que j'sois pas sur pc ! Et franchement , les vidéos commentées , même si c'est plus de travail , sont vraiment plus plaisant à regarder .
    Continue comme ça mec , t le seul youtubeur que je suis , pour ta personnalité et ta qualité de vidéo , srx reste comme ça , change rien t nikel 👌.
    Sur ce , bonne continuation 😊😉

  • Sasuke Uchiwa says:

    Je viens de te découvrir et putin que tes vidéos sont extrêmement bien je te kiff déjà continue sur cette lancé poto

  • Erwan Vallais says:

    La plus part des maps sont mal faites c'est dommage

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