FAMILY FUN FRIDAY!  Carving Pumpkins Challenge GONE WRONG Dad Gets FACE PAINT/ That YouTub3 Family

FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Carving Pumpkins Challenge GONE WRONG Dad Gets FACE PAINT/ That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat music) – Hi, guys and welcome back to: – [All] That YouTube Family! – And today, we are: – Carving Pumpkins!
– Carving Pumpkins. And it’s going to get a little fun. It’s going to get a little unique. We’re taking a suggestion
from one of you guys. We’ll give you a shout out
here in just a few minutes. But let’s show you what we’re gonna do this year for our pumpkins. – Woo!
– Are you guys excited? – Yeah, let’s do it! – All right. – Since I have a white pumpkin, I am going to carve out Jack
Skellington, I’m super excited. – [Dad] Nice, what are you doing, Ty? – So I’m gonna paint mine and it’s going to say Boo!
– [Dad] Boo? Awesome.
– Actually, all I have to do is the black. – [Dad] What are you doing, bud? – I’m gonna color crayon mine. – [Dad] You’re gonna color crayon yours? – Uh-huh
– Okay. You’re picking out your colors? – Yep.
– Okay. So we’ve got pink pumpkins
and some white pumpkins. We’ve never done white pumpkins before.
– [Jordan] Pink? Wait, pink?
– Did I say pink? – [Jordan] Yes!
– I meant, we have orange pumpkins
and white pumpkins. And we’ve never done the
white pumpkins before. So this year Jordan and Dad got white. So we’re gonna try those out.
– JoJo and dad. – [Dad] All right, let’s go and get Mom and Audrey, we’ll be right back. – All right, so we have
our pumpkins set up here. And Ty has started painting his black. – [Dad] Oh boy.
– Oh, yeah! That’s gonna be awesome, Ty,
I’m so excited to see it. – [Dad] Very nice, and his is gonna look something like that when it’s all done. – Oh yeah, and then I, okay, I stole Dad’s pumpkin
because on my first pumpkin I cut around it like that big, forgetting that I had to
reach my hand in there. So Dad and I swapped pumpkins and he’s gonna use my pumpkin that I made a tiny little incision at the top. And he’s gonna paint on the outside of it. So Dad cut this one, and then Jacob, what are you going to do?
– I’m gonna crayon paint. – You’re going to do crayons? Okay. All right, so I’m going to first start by digging out all the guts. And it is my first time
with a white pumpkin. So I’m curious to see like if it’s orange on the inside, so ready? Let’s look. – Or just white.
– Oh! Ah! – [Ty] It’s yellow!
– Uh-oh, oh that smells! Ew, it’s white! – [Jacob] White guts! – Jake, stick your hand in there. It’s like a spider trap. It’s gonna go in but it won’t come out!
– Ahh! Oh woah.
– Is it wet? – [Jacob] Yeah.
– Is it cold? – [Jacob] Yeah.
– Should I stick the camera down there?
– No. It’s like a hole.
– (laughs) All right, Jacob, so what are you doing? You’re melting crayons?
– Yeah – [Dad] So do you have your
crayons that you have picked? – Yup.
– Okay, so how this works is you’re gonna use that heat gun and you’re gonna stick the crayon kind of over the pumpkin and you’ll put the heat gun on it. And it’s just gonna drip and start dripping down the sides and running down, okay?
– Okay. – [Ty] Is the heat gun a flame thrower? – [Dad] So you’re gonna make the designs based upon how you do that. – So I keep it like this? – [Jordan] Careful, it’s
hot, don’t touch up there. It’s hot, it will get really hot. – [Dad] Okay, all right,
Jacob’s starting his. – [Jordan] I’m excited to see it. – [Dad] It’s starting to melt.
– It’s gonna flame this way, if you hold it up to the top. – [Dad] This is his first attempt at crayon melting on a pumpkin. We’ll see what that ends up being. All right Jordan, how’s yours? – Oh, it’s got lots of seeds. And one of my favorite
parts about carving pumpkins is afterwards, you can cook up the seeds, and then they’re the most
delicious things ever. So I have a separate
pile for like the seeds. – [Dad] All right.
– So, yeah. – [Dad] Jordan, your
pumpkin has a lot of guts! – Ah!
– (laughs) – Wait, dad, can you
– I’m here! – [Dad] There’s Audrey,
what’s Audrey doing? – I was getting my templates ready. And I was deciding between a Cheshire Cat and the Mocking Jay
logo from Hunger Games. – [Dad] (whistles) – Yeah, but I think I’m going
to go with Cheshire Cat. – [Dad] Aww, going with the cat. – Yeah.
– All right. – Wait, guys, should we
keep the seeds separated? Because they taste different.
– Yes. – [Dad] We can. – Let’s get carving and we’ll check back in with you guys in a few minutes. – Okay, so I’m gonna to do
the same thing as Jacob, except I’ve taped all
my crayons to the top, and then I’m gonna to melt them from the top down and we’ll see what they do. So let’s start with this pink one here. How’s yours coming, Jake? – Good. – [Dad] Audrey?
– Almost carved out. – [Dad] Oh, only a few
more pieces in there. – Yup.
– Let’s see how Ty is coming, it looks like
a bowl cut right there. Let’s see how this side’s coming, Oh! Cool! And Jordan? How’s your guts coming?
– Almost all the way out! – [Dad] There you go.
– Yeah. – [Dad] We’re getting
lots of pumpkin seeds. We’re gonna roast those later. – Yay, Mom’s here, woo!
– Yay, I’m here. – [Audrey] Yours is pretty much carved out if you want to start carving it? – Everyone’s here! – And Now I can do my Pumpkin, I’ve been excited to use these! – [Jordan] So what are those? – These are some creepy hands
and they feel really cool. – [Jordan] So they’re gonna
stick into your pumpkin? – Yes, because I want it to look like it’s just coming alive, no way am I going to be able to carve like that. – [Jordan] That’s really good.
– You could do that. – There is no way. But that’s really cool. So we’ll see what we get, I don’t know, we’ll see.
– [Jordan] Awesome. – I’m excited to use these,
though, these vine arms. – [Ty] Mom, look.
– Oh, that will be fun. – Oh Ty, yours is awesome!
– I’m painting this. – [Jordan] Look at Ty Ty’s.
– Good job. – [Jordan] His is going really good! – [Mom] Yours looks cool! – [Jordan] It’s looking really nice. And then, here’s my pumpkin! I’ve just finished cleaning it all out and now I’m going to start carving! (heat torch blowing) – [Dad] We’re getting a
big pool of crayon up here. We’ve got to seal off the
hole that Jordan made. – It’s like writing in school. I have like a really big bump on my finger because it’s like a
callous that forms when you hold a pencil and you write so much. Comment down below if
you have a bump, too. Jordan does, she has one on a different finger.
– Right there. – Because we hold our pencils different. But it’s like hurting because I’m holding this like a pencil, I’m like… – Whoa.
– Cool. – [Mom] That looks good! Dad’s pretty much done! He’s got the spooky, creepy pumpkin. – [Ty] That looks pretty cool.
– Mine was a crayon box that exploded.
– Oh, it’s like coming off the pumpkin. – [Mom] It’s awesome.
– Yeah. – It looks cool.
– Look at mine. – [Mom] Let’s see yours Ty! – This is the part that
I just need to get done. – [Mom] Nice, you’re very
close, good job, looking good. – Okay, so mine is complete,
here’s what it looks like. And I want to give a
shout out to RadioBlaster who asked Jordan to do this, but then I stole the idea because
I saw the comment first. But I want to give a shout out to you guys because I actually think
this was really fun and cool to do, so thanks for the idea. – [Mom] And it’s cool how
the crayon drippings hang like they’re 3D.
– Yeah, they’re not sticking to it.
– Yeah, that’s pretty crazy. – Okay, so I got mine, the top carved off, and I was hollowing mine out and it, like the seeds were brown
and it was smelling weird. And it reeks in here, let me
show you what’s in my pumpkin. So down in my pumpkin, is all
this liquidous gross stuff. Mine is rotten, it is so stinky
that these guys are dying. – It smells so bad.
– It’s like a baby’s diaper. – We didn’t put any of the
seeds in here, and I’m glad. – [Mom] It stinks, it
smells like poopy diapers. So I’m taking mine outside as is. And I’m not carving it anymore, I’m done. – It smells bad!
– Okay. – All right guys, so
I’ve started carving now and this is what it looks like so far. I have one eye and the nose. So now I’m going to
work on the other eyes. And then I’ll move to
the main part, the mouth. Which is like, (laughs). – You ready to see mine? Face reveal! (laughs) It’s just a bunch of dots and now I have to carve the face. – So I’m almost done, I just have to punch out the mouth now, and this is like the hardest part
because I usually mess up. So, I’m going to cut it in half. – [Audrey] I like how the
pumpkin has scars on it. – Yeah! Ah. – [Audrey] Oh, you’re
cutting half the mouth? – I can’t get it out. – [Audrey] Oh, no. No, you push it from the inside out. You push it from the inside out! – I can’t push it from the
inside out, it’s too late! – [Audrey] Jordan, (laughs)
your eyeballs are shaking! – (laughs) – It’s easier if you
push it from the inside. – It’s too late, I’m not going back now! I was like knee-deep in
it, I was like, I can’t! Okay, well I’ve gotten one half of it. – [Audrey] He’s got a half smile. – Look, his mouth is moving.
– Yours is breaking. – No! – [Audrey] Is it breaking?
– Go! It’s like getting really flimsy. Oh, got it! Yay, ta-da! Here is my pumpkin, let’s put on the top. It’s always so hard to put on the top. Yay, that’s what he looks like. Now I’m going to go set
him outside with the rest. And we’ll show you all of our final products once everyone is done. Audrey’s the only one left working. I’m excited to see what hers looks like, it will be super cool. – All right, so we got done
decorating our pumpkins, except for me, because mine was rotten. (cheering) So I was the winner
because I was the fastest. (laughter) – I thought I beat you!
– Okay, actually we want you guys to vote whose is the coolest pumpkin, who the winner is of this pumpkin
challenge for Fun Friday. All right, let’s show you our final products.
– Oh, yeah! – First up, it’s Jake’s! (cheering) – [Jordan] Ta-da! – [Mom] I think that’s awesome. I like how it sticks out with the 3D. – Yeah, there’s like some 3D action. And there’s like a unicorn horn, is that what you’d call that? A unicorn or a narwhal?
– Anything horn. – [Jordan] There’s just
a horn sticking out. – [Jake] It’s randomness. – [Jordan] It looks so
cool, I really like it. – Then there’s this weird thing. – [Jordan] I like it, awesome job Jake! – Yeah!
– Woo! – Then there’s mine (laughs). – [Jordan] Oh.
– Is that how you do it? – [Jordan] Stop. – Okay, here’s Dad’s pumpkin! – [Dad] Woo!
– It’s got some 3D action going on, too. And it’s got lots of different colors. – I already know mine’s a fan favorite because it was requested by a fan. So that’s, I automatically should get the winning in the polls, not Jordan, it should be Dad.
– And Jake. – [Audrey] Okay, let’s go look at mine! So I was the last one
to finish my pumpkin. But I think that it turned out good, I made Cheshire the Cat. So this is what he looks like. I was kind of rushed at the end. But I still think it’s pretty good. – [Jordan] I like it,
it looks really cool. And then here’s Mom’s, sadly it’s rotten. – Here’s mine, I can’t show the
back because it’s still wet. – [Jordan] It’s still wet, but it says Boo and it’s got like
raindrops going down, not raindrops, but it’s got like drops going down.
– You can come over here and see a little bit more. – See, it’s cool! I like it Ty, good job! – And then here’s my pumpkin right here. I made Jack Skellington, and I really like how it turned out. Although, I did mess up a little bit right here when I was poking the holes. I think it still worked out pretty good. – [Mom] Okay guys, who wants to paint Dad’s head like a pumpkin? (children cheer)
– What? – [Mom] Yeah, we’re gonna
paint your head like a pumpkin. – I don’t have very good
canvas for a pumpkin. – Yeah, your head’s round.
– My head’s round? – And bald!
– It’s a good thing it’s round, because if it
was square or triangle, I don’t know, that
would be a little weird. – You have the roundest head.
– All right, hold on. – [Mom] You’ve got the
perfect pumpkin head. – I don’t know about that. Okay, you get five minutes, that’s it. – [Mom] Five minutes,
do your damage, go kids! – [Audrey] Get those fingers
in there kids, go go go! (laughter) – [Audrey] You know what, I think you should go out in town like that. He’s got a jaundice head. (laughter) – [Audrey] Red? Why are you putting red in there? – It’s the only orange.
– It should be orange, isn’t it orange?
– Uh uh. It’s like a darker shade of orange – [Audrey] Oh wow!
– What is going on?! – [Audrey] Are you doing his eyebrows? – [Mom] Yup.
– We could make him like the guy from Halloween,
the lady from Halloweentown. – [Mom] Wow, this is a good idea, you look as bright as Jake’s shirt. Literally, you’re matching. Oh, I like the eyebrow,
the one eyebrow is spot on. On fleek!
– Fleek? My eyebrow is on fleek? – [Mom] On fleek, for Halloween anyway. – [Audrey] No blue Ty, why are you putting blue on his head?
– Brainstem. – Why not?! Why not?
– Why not?! – Oh, boy.
– This could be the weirdest pumpkin ever.
– I made a green stem. – I’m making a Jack-o’-lantern happy face. – [Mom] It’s going to be a
Jack-o’-lantern in a lake. – We saw purple. [Mom] Oh, in a swamp. – Yeah, it’s a swamp.
– What is going on? – Why not black? – Everything’s happening.
– Oh no. – [Jordan] Don’t forget the lips, guys. – Comment down below if you’ve
ever done this to somebody. – I don’t think you’re
gonna get many comments. (laughter) – [Mom] Wow, okay, looks great, Ty! We got clown on front, pumpkin on top. – Oh, yeah.
– Looking good. – I’m coloring his back hairs!
– We’re just missing um… – [Mom] Hey, there’s a cute heart on the side.
– That’s me! – You know, I asked the
kids to clean the house, they don’t put forth much energy. They say, hey let’s go paint Dad’s face. Look at all of this energy
they’ve got all of a sudden. – I’m making a circle around his ear. – Just color his face, use every color you need.
– This is going to be fun for you to get out. Ta-da, he’s got a red beard.
– Guys, we need to take everything and put it on him. – You’re not getting it off.
– Oh, gobs of goo! (laughter) – Tyler’s like urgh. – Let’s watch Dad make him
some more pimples galore. (laughter) – No, I got it on my shirt! – Oh, the sacrifice.
– He’s got like the oil from our fingers rubbing in.
– Oh, no, I broke it! – Guys, you’re not supposed to use all of the paint.
– Ty’s mixing the colors. – Too late! – [Mom] You are their canvas. – Am I a Picasso pumpkin? – [Mom] Yeah, sure. (crosstalk) – [Mom] Tell yourself that.
– Simba! (laughter) – We’re ruining the pumpkin. – Tyler is.
– Yeah, I thought this was
supposed to be a pumpkin. – There’s still pumpkin
on top that you don’t see. – Good thing that you don’t have hair. – Don’t put it in my ears, no! – [Mom] Yeah, make sure you get
those ears really good guys. (cheering) – Okay, thirty seconds.
– No! (laughter) – Ready for the rest of this party! – [Mom] (laughs) Oh wow! – Ty, your shirt’s getting in it. – [Mom] So is Dad’s (laughs). – Dad’s shirt’s totally destroyed. – We have to get his hands guys, don’t forget the hands.
– Ten. Nine.
– Get the hands! – Eight. Seven, don’t. Six. Five.
– He looks like somebody came out of a horror scene.
– Four. Three. Two.
– Guys! – Stop! (laughter) – [Mom] Finished product.
– Oh no! [Mom] Would you like to see yourself? – Yep.
– You wanna see yourself?
– Yep. (laughter) – What did you do?
– It’s a pumpkin on top! – There is no resemblance to a pumpkin! – There’s a pumpkin on
top somewhere, I promise! – You guys are going down, this… – So see, there’s the jack-o’-lantern. And it’s a pumpkin, and then there’s some green going up here. It’s a pumpkin, it works. – [Mom] It’s a pumpkin. You’re a pumpkin.
– All right guys, paybacks. – [Mom] Everybody lock your doors when you go to bed tonight. I hope that comes out of your clothes. – Yeah, me too, and my skin. – [Mom] If you end up red
tomorrow, that’s gonna be awesome. – Okay, stop. Stop.
– Wow, okay. – Is it coming off your guys’ skin? (gasps) It’s not! (screaming) – Good Luck, Dad! – [Mom] Dad’s gonna be red. – All right guys, that was really fun to paint Dad’s head,
and carve our pumpkins. Comment down below, what’s your favorite part about Halloween? – And which pumpkin was the best? Dad’s canvas or those other ones? – Canvas.
– Canvas. – Yeah. – Thank you guys so much for watching, we really appreciate it. Remember to like, subscribe, and: – [All] Share!
– And click the bell! (laughter) – [All] Bye!

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