Failed Experiment? | Turtle Oil Painting Timelapse (Sketch)

Failed Experiment? | Turtle Oil Painting Timelapse (Sketch)

[Music] hi guys and welcome back to my channel this painting is a sketch for one of my major projects about mass tourism and how it affects small island ecosystems I wanted to try out oil paints as I am not too familiar with them and I needed to experiment how it looked like at this point of my project I was trying to see how different alcohols react with different sorts of paint so I used vodka as a thinner for the oils here and I also sprinkled salt on the canvas and poured some Bacardi on it the effects I was going for they didn’t really happen but I still wanted to share this video to show you that art projects are often a result of a lot of experimenting not every painting or experiment you do is a success you just need to see it as a part of your process one step closer to the final result that is yet to be created let me know in the comments the last time you experimented with medium but it just didn’t work out what did you learn from it please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel on your way out [Music]

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  • Jen’s Wild about art says:

    Nooooo not the Bacardi lol , that was fun to watch, I love experimenting and have lots of fails but I love trying , looking forward to the next video 😊

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