Faber-Castell Pitt Artists Brush Pens Review & Demo

Faber-Castell Pitt Artists Brush Pens Review & Demo

Hi guys and welcome to another review video. In this week’s video I’ll be having a
look at the 24 set of Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. As always all opinions are my own so we’ll
start by taking a look at the packaging and the pens themselves, then we’ll take a look
at the colours in this set and what kind of techniques you can use with them, and then
after that I’ll be demonstrating these pens in a speedpaint whilst talking about the product
specifics. So let’s get right to it, starting off with
the packaging. So the packaging was what struck me when I
first saw these pens in my local office supply store, which is where I bought them. They come in this gorgeously solid, heavy-seeming
cardboard box and it has a real quality edge to it. And the box was also entirely shrink-wrapped,
but of course that’s since long-gone, since I’ve been playing around with these pens
in my sketchbook. There’s not much to glean from this outer
sleeve. It says “24 Pitt Artist Pens brush”. “Pigmented India Ink”. “Fine Artist Quality”, which unfortunately
doesn’t really mean anything these days as I’ve seen it on budget and kids quality
products. I’m not sure if you can see it here but
it says that it’s made in Germany, and there’s a guarantee that if you’re not satisfied
with the product that they’ll send you a replacement. Those I think are much more meaningful words
than “Finest Artist Quality” in my opinion. And on the back there is a swatch of the 24
colours that are included in this set, along with the numbers of each colour and their
lightfast ratings. Which is depicted by stars and they do correspond
to the Blue Wool Scale, and I’ll leave a link to where you can find that information
down in the description box down below. There’s also similar information here as
on the front: “Pigmented India Ink”, High Light Fastness, Waterproof, Permanent, Odourless,
Acid-Free, pH Neutral and available in 60 colours. There are all great, this means that they
are archive and shouldn’t have much problem with them in terms of fading, although I can
see that there is 1 pen out of this 24 set that is only rated a 1 star, which is not
light fast enough in my opinion. Taking a look inside the box now, and once
again I just want to reiterate how lovely this box feels- It’s made out of thick cardboard
and has a leatheresque plastic finish to it and a magnetic closure. And I think this makes it a perfect item to
travel with, it’s going to be fairly waterproof and unlikely to spill its contents. And you can also bend this lid back to form
a sort of stand for the box which makes it easier to pull out the colours you want. There also is this ribbon which you can pull
to pull out the bottom tray slightly- not very much- but that also makes it easier to
reach the bottom ones compared to the top ones. So my only complaint about this box is that
it’s far too easy to stand upright, and if you do that then all the ink settles to
the bottom of the pen and the ink flow isn’t very good, and it actually says on the pen
itself to store it horizontally. On each pen it’s printed with all of the
information that you can find on the cardboard sleeve essentially, which I think is really
useful considering that most people will throw away that cardboard sleeve as soon as they
open the box. And it also has the colour name, number and
the lightfast rating on the pen as well as a B on both the barrel and the cap, and this
is to denote that it’s a brush tip marker and that’s because the Pitt pens come in
a range of nib size and types. This is the brush tip. I find that the cap colour and the barrel
colour is pretty close in terms of representation of the ink so you don’t necessarily need
to have a swatch handy when using these pens, although I always recommend it. I really appreciate that the colour is printed
on the pens. A lot of companies neglect that and it’s
really important for people who are colour blind for example for them to be able to read
them. This one I’m not so keen on, it’s very
difficult to read and I think there’s a red that’s really difficult to read. This one. These two colours I find that the contrast
is a bit hard to read. It’s a little bit easier on camera than
it is real life… but perhaps that could be improved. But I think these are fairly minor complaints
given the quality of the pens. There are a couple of other things included
in the packaging- one was just showing you how to use the ribbon that come in these gift
box sets, and the other thing is a leaflet, which I’ll quickly flick through now so
you guys can have a look at what’s inside the leaflet. Just making sure that it’s in focus…. And I won’t spend too long on each page,
because you guys can pause the video if you want to read it. That’s the set that I have. “does not bleed through paper”. “Available in different nib sizes”. “For linear and extensive drawing”…
hmm. This is the whole list of colours that the
pens are available in. Uhm… and these are the different kinds of
pens they offer. I love these kinds of leaflets, it’s really
inspiring to look at all the different drawings and techniques that are used. These metallic ones were quite tempting as
well… just because they’re metallic and I love all things shiny! And an interesting thing to note is that these
pens also come in sets of six of varying colours, so if you want to try some out without having
to spend as much money you could try one of these smaller sets out first. And it also means that you can add to your
collection if you wanted to increase a particular range of colours. The gift box or studio box sets come in 12,
24… that must be 36… oh no, that’s probably the 48 actually, and that’s 60. And a 60 set in a sort of display case which
looks very fancy. So now onto the testing of the techniques
that I will use in my demonstration. So the first technique I tried was blending
which is where you apply colour and layer and mix right on top of the first whilst it’s
still wet. They blend very smoothly together and although
this cheap watercolour paper really isn’t very good quality and quickly pilled where
I rubbed over areas of the paper that were still wet with ink, I don’t think I’ve
seen any other water-based pens blend quite as well as these ones. I was thoroughly impressed particularly by
the yellow to blue gradient on the right that I’ve done here and you can see that the
pen applies smoothly and the pen strokes aren’t visible unlike cheaper water-based markers. So the next technique that I try is layering
and this is where you apply separate layers of ink to the paper, allowing each layer to
thoroughly dry before applying the next one, and this seems to work very well if you’re
using paper that can’t handle much abuse, the kind of abuse that you’d get from the
previous technique, but even so the transitions won’t be seamless when using this technique. However, by doing this, you can achieve quite
a good range of saturation from just one pen, owing to the great transparency of these pens,
I can count four or five different shades that you can get from a single colour if you
layer it up. So the next technique that I tried was to
activate the ink with water. You need to be quite quick with this as the
ink only dissolve in water whilst it’s still fresh on the page. It becomes very waterproof as soon as it is
allowed to dry, but you can get beautiful watercolour wash effects with this technique. And similarly, you can also apply the ink
with a brush if you scribble the pen on a pallete or a piece of plastic, ceramic or
glass and then you can lift the ink with a damp brush. This also allows you to mix your own colours
and you are certainly not limited to the 24 colours in this set. You can also get pale nuances with this method
which opens up all sorts of possibilities for subject matter and subtle shading and
blending. The next one I tried was the splatter technique,
which is where you flick the tip of a wet brush against the nib of the pen. You can also lift pigment directly from the
pen to a brush by doing this as well, and this makes for some cool textures but I’m
not really sure how technically useful this effect would be. And in the bottom left hand corner here, I
do a quick test to see how compatible these pens are with other inks. So I drew out lines using a black Pitt pen-
one from this set-, a ballpoint pen, a water-based pigment fine-liner, and an alcohol-based markers. I’m pleased to say that these brush pens
don’t seem to dissolve any of those kinds of pens, and I think that the only smudge
came from the ballpoint pen which had kind of globbed on the paper a little bit and it
wasn’t fully dry. So this is great news if you’d like to use
these pens to colour in line work or to use in colouring books for example. And finally the tip-to-tip method which is
where you carefully put the nibs of two pens together and allow the ink from one to flow
from one tip to the other. This results in a gradient effect on the nib
but it seems to be fairly uncontrollable. You can do this technique to much greater
effect with alcohol-based markers, perhaps alcohol ink flows better? I’m not really quite sure… but it doesn’t
seem to work quite as well with these water-based india ink markers. But the nibs did not stain from this technique
and will quickl return to their original state after scribbling on the paper a little bit. Anyway, moving on to the most exciting part-
the speedpaint! So as you might be able to see, I’ve sketched
out a peacock here on an A5 sized sheet of Canson Moulin du Roy hot pressed watercolour
paper. I wanted to use smooth and good quality paper
for this pieces to try and reduce the chance of pilling as much as possible. I chose a peacock as the subject matter as
the colour selection seemed to be well suited for it with a good selection of blues and
greens. On the other hand, this 24 set seems to be
a little light on the oranges, unless you count the flesh colour as some kind og orange,
but I don’t think it’d be too difficult to blend and mix a different shade of orange
because the set comes with a good range of yellows and reds. So with this drawing I start off with using
some washes of colour to layer in some of the lightest values and I did this by scribbling
on a plastic palette and lifting the ink up with a brush. And then once I’ve got in those pale colours,
I move on to using the pen directly onto the paper and using a damp brush to disperse some
of the pigments. I love the fact that these pens are so waterproof
as it allows me to layer up without being too concernd about lifting previous detail. One thing to be advised is that the inks do
seem to feather slightly, resulting in edges that aren’t very crisp. In regards to how much this set cost, this
set cost me 520 Norwegian Kroner from my local Staples, which I think is incredibly reasonable
given the cost of art supplies here. And that equates to about 65 USD or about
50 pounds British. And my stepdad and I went halves in on this
set so it’s a half present from him and half a present from mysekf. On Amazon you can find this 24 set for 41
pounds on the UK site, and 54 dollars on the US site. Once again I am not sponsored by Amazon or
Staples, it’s just a convenient place that most people have access to, and of course
they might be found cheaper elsewhere. Anyhow, for a water-based pen this is on the
expensive side, and you can find similar products at a lower price. For example, the Sakura Koi colouring brush
pens spring to mind. And from what I‘ve looked at, at a glance,
it seems like a similar sized set would cost you about two thirds of the price of the Pitt
Pens set. But the difference in what you’re paying
for with what you’re paying for with the Pitt Pens is that the ink inside them is pigment
based as opposed to dye based, meaning they are far more lightfast and there’s only
one colour in this set that isn’t considered lightfast, which is the “Light Yellow Glaze”
and the colours in pigment based products tend to be purer and less likely to muddy
when mixing them together. Like I said earlier, the largest available
set of these brush pens is the 60 set, but there’s a whole range of similar pens in
this line from fine liners to metallic pens, calligraphy pens… you name it. The pigments in these pens have been matched
to other Faber-Castell products, including the Pitt Pastels, Polychromos coloured pencils
and the Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils. It’s worth noting though that the colours
from these pen sets do not match equally sized sets the other mediums. For example the 24 Polychromos set and this
set do not contain the same range of colours and by extension the 60 Polychromos set that
I own doesn’t contain some of the colours in this Pitt pen set. But anyway, the colours are matched pretty
closely, I’ll show the swatch sheet again at the end so you can see and I’ve swatched
out some of the coloured pencils next to the swatched of the Pitt Pens and the coloured
pencils are a little bit more saturated than the pens but other than that they seem very
similar indeed. One of the challenges that I faced when drawing
this was that the pens did seem to feather slightly so I ended up some of my polychromos
on this picture towards the end in order to sharpen up some of the detail and texture
as well as to adjust some highlights. Usually for these reviews I only stick to
one medium or the one that I am reviewing, but considering this product is designed with
the other Faber-Castell products in mind, I figured it would be reasonable to use them
in conjunction with each other. And they work absolutely wonderfully together,
the pencils offer a little more control and texture but complement the pens very well. I really love these pens because they’re
so juicy and vibrant, and the fairly firm fibre tip is easily controlled yet offers
a good variation in line weight. I think these would be perfect for quickly
adding colour to sketchbook studies. But because they are high-quality and lightfast,
they’d be excellent for using on finished artwork too. I really like the idea of using these pens
as a way to block in colour and then using coloured pencil to refine. Overall, I’m really pleased with how this
drawing turned out. I was a bit apprehensive about what I wanted
he outcome to look like, but I’m pleased with this mix of illustrative and realistic. I didn’t really want to spend a hugely long
time on the detailed feathers and repeating patterns, so I went for a more impressionistic,
sort of loose style. And I’m not sure if this piece is entirely
finished, I quite fancy painting in the background with metallic gold watercolour, so be sure
to follow me on my social media to see if and when I add that in. To summarise, I really love these pens and
think they are well worth the money if you’re interested in a medium to complement your
coloured pencils or are interested in branching out into a new medium in general. As I said earlier, I can certainly see myself
using these a lot in my sketchbook and to take with me when I’m out and about. And I don’t think there’s anything that
‘d want to change about these pens, I think they’re perfect the way they are. Oh… and before I forget, here is the swatch
where I added the coloured pencil colours that match the pens, and as you can see they’re
pretty close- the one that’s the most difference is – …excuse the tape…- the dark indigo,
it’s quite a bit more saturated and yes… less grey-looking than the pen. But the other ones I think are pretty accurate…
pretty close…., just a little bit more saturated. But before I wrap this video up, there’s
a couple of things that I wanted to mention. Once again, I’m so sorry this video is up
a couple of days late, like last time I’ve been very busy with work, I’ve also been
a bit tired and not very well, but I didn’t want to rush this drawing or video for you
guys. But the other far more exciting things I wanted
to mention is that I’ve now set up a discord chat server for your guys, so you can chat
to each other, talk to me, ask question as well as get critique and feedback on your
own drawings. The link to it is in the description box down
below. I’d love it if you could pop in and say
hi. Thank you so much for watching this video. Let me know in the comments if you own these
pens or perhaps if you’re considering buying them. And as always, I’m always available to answer
questions, reply comments, and I’m also open to video suggestions. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe if you
haven’t already- that would mean the world to me! And check me out on my social media for more
frequent art updates, sketchbook doodles and sneak peeks on what I’m working on. Have a lovely week and I’ll see you in the
next video!


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    Hi Claudia, congratulations for the very well done video, the perfectly balanced comments and, of course, your wonderful drawing, I own a few of the 6 pens sets (basic, terra, landscape, manga and shades of grey) plus a couple of different sized pens in sets of 4 (black and sepia) also by Faber-Castell so I think I’m pretty well equipped as far as these pens go, the only and major problem seems to be how to put them to good use!…that is why I went looking for some instructions and examples and came across your channel. I’ll make sure to follow whenever I can and on a future opportunity I’d like to show you some of my very modest work😃 cheers

  • Pallavi Lande says:

    can one use these brush pens over a layer of water colour/ acrylic colour as a background of the painting?
    Have you tried it?

  • letsgetit says:

    What if I want to use these to line my watercolor art? If I let them dry for 2hrs will they still dissolve with water?

  • Harman Singh Soni says:

    What a video!

  • Turjak_art says:

    Thank you for review

  • 5T3V3_501 says:

    I am considering buying these as i love Faber Castell an have lots of their products and as i want to start useing such pens they seem interesting, probably if i can get a 48 box for not so much i am booked

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