EXPERIMENTING WITH WATERCOLOR ROSES!? | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing

EXPERIMENTING WITH WATERCOLOR ROSES!? | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing

today I’m going to
be opening up the July ArtSnacks plus box we’re gonna be opening it up, finding
out what’s inside, and then trying to make some art with it!~ here we go! ♪ so the first thing I see is this-oh oh it’s an envelope of 100% cotton paper it
appears to be watercolor paper I’m getting that hint because it literally
says watercolor paper on it [reading:]
“long life permanent paper then” [sticker asmr] then you have
your twelve loose leaf sheets of paper [shakes the paper, making it sing] sounds good. here we have the adorable
bubble wrap bag I geeked out about this last month so this is actually only
their second month of the ArtsSnacks plus it’s a brand new box and usually it’s
the ArtSnacks box which is like this big and it comes with just the art
supplies that are in the tissue paper – I think last month I was a little
underwhelmed because ArtSnacks always comes in a small box and you have
small art supplies and now that they’ve made the Box bigger to incorporate full
size premium paper you’re kind of expecting there to be large art supplies
which doesn’t really work out that way I think that’s just like a mental thing so this menu actually lists the items that are in the regular ArtSnacks box so
that goes with that – this lists the art supplies that come exclusively in the
ArtSnacks Plus this is the master brush cleaner and preserver – youre supposed to run
your brush under water and then rub it gently on this soap and it’s supposed to
clean things very very well I have no idea what I’m talking about, just reading
the description then we have this we have this Princeton Lauren series gold
synthetic brush in the size 4 yup, seems to be a brush and then the other exclusive
ArtSnacks plus item obviously is the paper on the back we have a coupon code, a
prompt – they suggest that we draw some unique trees or paint vibrant flowers so
let’s find out what the actual art supplies we’ll be working with are oh
and of course we have a nice candy: an extra sour cry-baby bubble gum now the
art supplies! Oh daniel smith watercolor! eeee so we have
these two colors it appears to be Phthalo Blue and uhhhhhhhh…… a rose color [clears throat] we have
this Pigma Graphic 1 so I guess it’s one millimeter and this is a Graphic
which I’m gonna guess makes big bold graphic lines also we have the ArtSnacks
sticker which looks like this those are exclusive to each month we
have this Princeton number eight round brush yeah look at that
it’s a brush very nice the last art supply in this month’s box is the
general sketch and wash pencil now does that mean it’s water soluble? so it’s a
watercolor pencil I guess we should find out this seems like as good a time as any to mention the sponsor of today’s video ArtSnacks if it wasn’t
obvious and no I didn’t film this later because I forgot what are you talking about? ArtSnacks is
offering all of you 10% off your first order for in ArtSnacks subscription box
either the ArtSnacks plus or the ArtSnacks original – if you use the code
“waffles” I also want to mention something about this because I don’t do it in the
actual video I got some of this paint on my desk and it’s stained which is weird
for watercolor and I tried soap I even tried
acetone and nothing would get it off and then I remembered that this existed and
so I tried it and well this is where it was [points] so I just took a little bit of the
brush cleaner you tap it there used some water and scrubbed and it came right off
and it actually took a couple other stains that I had on my desk so I’m very
happy with this this is something I’m going to be using a lot of in the future I’ll have a link in the description for more information about ArtSnacks
through their website and I want to thank again ArtSnacks for sponsoring
the channel and the video now let’s get back to the video where I attempt to
draw out those roses (my arch-nemesis.) [gentle paper cutting] there I cut the paper down to an a5 size
and then we also have some little swatch papers we can use to test the art
supplies here is what we’re working with, I also need some water I have a dirty
water cup and a clean water cup (I mean they’re both
clean but one is for dirty water and one is for clean water) let’s see what
happens gonna grab a little paintbrush some water just see…oh yeah look at that
see how it lifts – yes okay I’m in love with that –
see what kind of tones you can get with this depending on how much water we add definitely lots of options in one tube which is
what I really like about water color but it’s also very tricky for me
as a beginner to get the specific tone that I want let’s try the blue oh
and then I wanted to go back and check that micron [/its the Graphic] — alright it does lift just
a smidge but it might be the humidity oh no no wait wait wiat it looks pretty good now they
didn’t include a pencil hopefully that’s not cheating I’m gonna grab a pencil I
want to just sketch out an idea here don’t have a green which is usually kind
of what I associate with something being lush or organic so we have to kind of
play around with it the first thing that came to my head is one of those
characters from that Thumbelina movie but they’re all like “is she gonna marry
the fairy Prince, Mama?” those people so maybe the outfit is also a bud I can’t
quite remember what they look like but that the first thing that kind of came
to mind maybe something kind of like plant inspired or organic looking
creature or the head could be a flower although that feels kind of Pokemon to
me maybe something with a rose for a head – also since I don’t appear to
know how to draw flowers maybe I should just try to draw one from reference oOoo
something like this pretty flower now flowers… I always try to simplify
everything down into simple shapes and then I build from there but flowers are
just so complicated and delicate it kind of goes against everything that I know
how to do so I find them very difficult to draw obviously maybe if I can learn
how to do them it’ll help my Art as a whole in the future because I mean if
you can learn to simplify complicated things that just opens up a whole bunch
of doors so that’s like a bud mm-hmm looks like buds tend to group themselves
in these bouquets I’m looking at grab a paintbrush just add some water to this
the sketchbooks not a watercolor sketchbook
but who cares just add some light color see how I could go about this without
having green maybe what if I just substituted green with purple I could
make it look a little bit more fantasy -like well we also have that pencil if we
need something to be dark or black we should probably try to keep it a tone
first try to stay away from black as much as possible
so I can kind of learn to use different tones for those instead I love doing
particle dots I think they look cool and they kind of like make the eye think of
things without it like expressly telling you what to see like they don’t take
away the creativity of the viewer by expressly telling you what you need
to see (that sounds deeper than I would have ever imagined I could be) alright so I seem to be kind of mixing all the colors together a lot and I think I
want to keep some separate so that the bouquet feels more like the flowers are
all different because right now I’m mixing all the colors together and I’m
feel like that kind of takes away from any point where the color could be used
solely on its own let me just try throwing some of this in here so this isn’t quite
as black as I thought it was at first it does look a lot like kind of like
graphite but obviously it works a lot like a watercolor pencil let me try
without sketching just like throwing paint around and seeing if I can do
anything it looks like a flower just kind of like
paint simple shapes see how much I can make it look like a flower I’m kind of
gonna just not wait for anything to dry and let it spread see what happens and
I’ll try and blue one like right next to it and see if I like that better than
like incorporating most of the colors together – maybe a different kind of
flower too this one kind of just looks like I tried to use blue as a green
don’t ask me what kind of flowers these are they’re blue flowers, blue magic
flowers that look however I decided they want to look I think we definitely need
another pink flower in here I’m gonna add like a squishy swirly looking thing ♪ make it look like it’s a little bit behind
there more pigmented of the pink actually it’s rose isn’t it and then
darken up around here try and create the illusion of like the folds of a flower concentrating most of the texture in the center – hmm… interesting I think I’ve improved since my first attempt just by layering it and taking
it a little slower the compositions a little meh but I like the flowers – add a
little detailed little bitty flowers gonna be scribbly with it cuz I’m gonna
add a wash over it that’s not completely inside the lines (Oh
barbaric!) yeah this isn’t turning out at all the way I pictured so what I’m
finding the most fun was trying to draw the roses so I’m thinking I’m getting a
little too bogged down by like all these other elements and I don’t really know
how to draw any flowers so if I pull back a bit and just focus on trying to
draw a rose I might come up with something that I’ll be pretty happy with
– grab our piece of paper here I’m gonna start with a very light wash of the pink
and I might end up mixing some blue into it too this stuff appears to not come off
your desk which is strange for watercolors I’m gonna use the really
large brush and try to just paint Rose shapes so maybe we have a petal over
here – I gotta think of it all as like petals try and figure out where the
actual bud is well we’ve got like a bit of a rose shape I just need this stuff
in the middle and the stuff on the outside –
curled petal down here okay I’m trying to keep them all as separate shapes and
not connecting them yet so that I can hopefully continue to visualize
it when I have to start adding in more tones like darkening up certain sections kind of just slowly making this shape smaller and smaller it looks like this
where it gets really complicated because there’s like smaller bits that are
inside the flower and then they get bigger and come out like that and
I’m not sure what I’m looking at even with a reference this whole area
probably should be a dark petal – here is the reference I’m using I have it I’ll have
it linked in the description and then now I need to go in and darken up some
areas so we’ve got like the basic shapes down but now I need to start adding in
the tones I’m going to take some more pink but add a little less water this
time and it looks like it needs to be dark …inside here and that kind of like
gradients outwards and also behind there as well so this little white section is
supposed to be a petal coming up and then curling outwards so this little
curled section is getting a lot more light which is gonna make it lighter
I’m keeping it white right now so that I don’t forget about it but it should be
pink by the time we’re done but I need to make sure all these sections around
it are significantly darker if that makes sense now go ahead and just do one
petal at a time also these white sections between each
petal probably should be the darkest but I need to keep them separated so that I
know what I’m looking at basically I’m just simplifying everything down I’m
trying to do it step by step instead of trying to draw a big complicated flower
right off the bat so that’s another petal right there
see how weird that shape is like how would you ever think to do that I guess
I need to draw a lot more flowers next up some flowers up here or petals..
excuse me now this is where I’m getting very different from my reference so I’m
just gonna have to wing it this one right here should almost be the
darkest petal fill these in while I can cause I’ll have to wait for it to dry to
build a completely paint in all those little white sections that I left I’m
just trying to pay attention to the funny little shapes because like
obviously there aren’t triangles and circles in here I mean unless you break
that down too like that’s kind of triangular and this is like rectangular
but I’m kind of trying to just pay attention to the actual shapes so
hopefully I’ll be able to draw a rose in the future, gain some knowledge you
know now i’m slowly darkening things up I
might have to add a little blue maybe by making it purple I can get some contrast
in these sections that I kind of lost by going too dark too fast mm-hmm definitely I’m losing a lot of contrast here kind of lost a lot of the light
tones specifically so I’m kind of too nervous to get rid of the white spaces
that I did leave I want to try again the this time, I’m going to use a whole sheet of
paper and this time I’m gonna try sketching it out first and try to simplify everything and
draw this darn rose again since it is the second time I’m drawing it that
should help as well because there’s things that I picked up on the first
time I drew it and hopefully I’ll remember and then I’ll also pick up on
some new things okay now this complicated middle bit
again ♪ ♪ these things are so complicated, I don’t know what I’m doing ♪ ♪ I’m just trying anyway ♪ maybe I’m taking this too seriously maybe flowers are just
supposed to be pretty little things that you look at and don’t paint anyway I’m
gonna start doing the lineart or I’m gonna Drive myself crazy trying to make
this perfect try to not keep any of the edge of the petals too straight and
perfect because they’re very wobbly because there’s like little niches and
notches and all the little bits color in all these like really dark sections here
in the folds of the petals I think I’m learning something the way these curve
and the way to draw the way the curve folds into the petal (I don’t know if that makes any sense) but it’s starting to make a little bit more sense to me I’m just gonna wing
it here this might be a mistake here’s my rose so far – think I’ll add the little bud down
here too keep it a little bit more simple so it doesn’t distract all right next
I’m going to erase everything a little texture to the edge of the petals grab
the big (op, not that guy) grab the larger paintbrush our number eight and water color in all the lightest points maybe I’ll see which Rose turned out better
once this is – once I finish this one this one’s definitely gonna be a little
bit more illustrative because it has that bold line obviously then go in with
like a nice mid-tone maybe color in some more doesn’t seem any darker
does it? yeah I just hmmmmmmmmmm this is kind of what I mean when I say I’m not very good with
watercolors I have a hard time getting the tones I want and maybe a proper
palette would help – i’m coloring it in trying to keep similar tones farther away from
each other best I can I also want to kind of like fade out
when it gets near the edge personally think that watercolor is just a very
complicated medium there’s so many different factors that go into getting
each color and each tone: like your type of brush, the amount of water you’re
adding, the amount of pigment that you have, and the paper that you’re using so each
time I attempt them it’s like equal amount of struggle I haven’t like
improved yet and I’ve kind of like tried my hardest to learn on my own and this
might be one of those mediums where I just need someone to be over my
shoulder telling me exactly what I need to do to improve and like giving me
lessons and exercises and things like that
I just have so much to learn watercolor artists have my greatest respect and Im gonna
grab some of the blue and color in this stem if there’s one thing I could teach
you in my videos it’s that you need to try even if you’re gonna fail so that’s
why a lot of the end results I come up with aren’t necessarily perfect — let’s
compare this to the one I made earlier, I kind of like different things about each
of them I like the simplicity and the like shape fulness of this one like the
way the petals look and then this would I think I did a little bit better when
it came to separating my tones so I am moving in the right direction
I’m just glad that I have the opportunity to be able to make these
kind of things and the fact that I’m still living which
means I can still improve in the future wonder if I can use this to like darken up
some areas while the papers still wet just draw on it with the watercolor
pencil there we have it here’s what I came up with today a couple sketch book pages I think this is personally my favorite thing I made
today and then we have these two roses as well I think I am going to just take
a little bit of water and a little bit of this bluish purple that we’ve made
and add it to this because I really like it over there almost all the same places
that I added the graphite or the watercolor pencil has a different look to it Anyway! I do want to thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed
watching me go through the July ArtSnacks plus box I wanna thank ArtSnacks
for sponsoring the video and if you want to learn any more information about ArtSnacks or ArtSnacks plus I will have a link in the description where you can
find out more about that anyway thank’ya’guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next
week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! bye! ♪


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    You know, I thought the first try was actually really beautiful too, I would totally hang that on my wall omo is there a chance you still have it lying around and don't need it? xD

  • Afeen Minal says:

    Woah, her channel seems to be growing really quickly……she's on 1.6 million now.

  • Afeen Minal says:

    How is he so good at this!?

  • klien long-jordan says:

    i feel like such a dork i have the same graphic 1 pen i pulled it out an was like look me too

  • Sophie Jenkins says:

    you should open all your subscription boxes at the same time and make one giant picture using all the supplies

  • Krafty Kayley says:

    Can you please do a desk tour?

  • sara albertson says:

    You inspired me to get my paintbrushes out! I fogot how much fun watercolor is!

  • Zahabiya Kachwala says:

    Watercolor isn’t really that hard. I always use watercolor and my artwork is great.

  • G_R_A_C_E ;P says:

    The final rose was actually really good

  • Gretchen Montebello says:

    The paper makes all the difference with watercolor. It's not your art skills, it's the paper that's at fault. Arches is most watercolor artists paper of choice for so many reasons, but try a 100% cotton cold press paper and you'll be amazed at what a difference it makes!

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