Every Watercolor Leaf You’ll Ever Need!  w/ Genuine Crafts

Every Watercolor Leaf You’ll Ever Need! w/ Genuine Crafts

In today’s tutorial, We are using genuine crafts watercolor paint to paint every watercolor leaf that you will ever need to know. It’s leaves, leaves, leaves, and more, leaves , So let’s get started Hi guys, Welcome back! My name is Shada Campbell and Our video today is sponsored by Genuine Crafts Now they just sent me this watercolor set and I’ve been trying it out over the last few weeks in the studio and I’m really liking it. It’s a 48 Pan set, which is awesome for color selection and speaking of color, Anytime you get a new paint set, it’s a great idea to do a color chart I did one that just fits right in the palet so I always have it when I’m painting, um because you can see with the Genuine Craft Set, There’s actually 9 different colors of green, so I wanna be able to really visualize that when I’m painting and be able to pick the exact same color that I need, uh, the benefit of 48 pans is all those is


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