Escoda Kolinsky Sable Optimo Brush

Escoda Kolinsky Sable Optimo Brush

(♪♪♪) The Escoda family has
been making brushes outside of Barcelona, Spain
for over 75 years. They’re known for making
some of the finest brushes available, and they do this
by using only the finest materials they can find. The brush handles themselves
come from a factory in Italy called Minelli, and they’re made from
a renewable birch wood. The handles are manufactured
in different sizes to match the brush head so that the artist
has a balanced brush in their hands
when they’re painting. The ferrules are
manufactured out of brass, and they’re nickel plated. These ferrules are then
triple crimped onto the brush handle using a unique process
Escoda has developed. This triple crimping process provides a very
permanent hold between the ferrule
and the brush handle. Escoda uses a unique
epoxy blend to attach the hairs inside the ferrule
for a permanent hold. They adjust this blend so that depending on
the hair style they get the best
hold available. When brush hairs are
inserted into the handle, they’re tied into a very
tight bundle and compressed, inserted into the ferrule, and then the string
is released by hand to allow the hairs
to expand and fill the void inside the ferrule itself. This provides permanent
hold for the brush hairs. The brush head is shaped using
a proprietary molding process Escoda developed to provide
a lifetime of shape to that brush. For every use this memory inside
the brush head returns to the shape that the artist
originally chose for that brush. Whether it’s bristle, sable,
or synthetic, Escoda produces some of the finest brushes
available worldwide. The Escoda Optimo brush is
a long handled Kolinsky Sable hair for oil
and acrylic artists. Escoda chooses only the finest
available Kolinsky hair in the world, and they use a 50/50
blend of male and female hairs to achieve the optimum results
for oil and acrylic painters. The male hair provides
additional spring and tension, while the female hair
on the brush allows the brush to come to
a more natural point. The molding process
Escoda uses helps maintain the shape of the brush
over the life of its use. The Escota Optimo
is available in round, flat, and filbert head shapes
and is one of the finest natural brushes available
for oil and acrylic artists. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast


  • Elisabeth says:

    ..why are kolinski sable brushes so much more expensive?

  • Kenneth Sampson says:

    sable is mink hair, kolinski sable is the hair from the very tip of the tale of a mink and so there is not much hair at the tip of the tale so its more rare/expensive. it's also thinner and stiffer then regular sable. hope this helps

  • Jeanette White says:

    This was very interesting! So good to learn about Escoda brushes.

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