Eric Rhoads oil painting techniques and plein air tutorial with Colour In Your Life

Eric Rhoads oil painting techniques and plein air tutorial with Colour In Your Life


  • Mary Whitelaw says:

    This was so enjoyable and informative! I've been painting for 30 something years, I didn't really seek it out initially,I just sketched my dog because he had gone missing. And just took it from there. But now the kids are grown, and I want to step out with my art, maybe make a living I find I have a block. I've mostly given away my paintings, a small amount were sold. It's not easy to break a habit of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this. So very much appreciated

  • Marci Potts says:

    What a fantastic interview thank you so much I am once again inspired , thank you Graeme and crew for all you do to bring these wonderful artists into our lives. Friend Marci Ellaville, Georgia

  • Jamie McFarlane says:

    I listened to the podcast the other day of the two of you. And like most that he does, I'm never sure if Eric is interviewing, you are interviewing him, or he is interviewing himself. " the other day I was talking to ( insert name-drop here),……". But I still listen to all his podcasts because they are well done and very informative. And his guests are awesome – even himself!

  • Nightwispsoul says:

    Love this channel.. does anyone know why there's no new UK shows I thought Ian was going to continue them

  • Prajnadatta Meher says:

    I love that bike ride intro.I want to do that one day.

  • Daniel McCoy says:

    Who was the painter/instructor he is talking about at the beginning that he studied under for two years?

  • Maysoon AlDooriaines says:

    This was one of the best of your series Graeme. Eric you are an inspiration to artists. It is heartwarming to see someone of your caliber caring about other artists in such a humane way. I have been to art classes but have not seen a tutor who teaches his students how to market their art work. I will be watching your videos and would love to have one of your dvds. Where can I find them? Many thanks again to you Eric and to Graeme of having introduced Eric to us.

  • Kamal Harris says:

    Check out my acrylic time lapse

  • Celine Haya says:

    wow Richard schmid, what a honor.
    great video Greame.

  • Sandra Bick says:

    Yes, WELCOME to Texas.

  • Dora Levitt says:

    Awesome and beautiful work!! 🙂

  • James McCormack says:

    Painting AND marketing – just what I need! Thank you Eric and Graeme.

  • Gayle Gullon says:

    Great show as usual Graeme. Thanks. Eric Rhodes love your paint by notes idea. I'll check out your site.

  • اموله ابوسالم says:


  • Jason J Nicholas says:

    Absolutely wonderful!  Eric, you are inspirational for the way you have combined your artistic and business traits together and for sharing them with others.  Thank you to Eric for sharing his gift and knowledge!  Graeme,  thank you not only for presenting Eric, but for sharing your combined gifts of art/business as well.  Peace and Live Creatively!

  • B. Eric Rhoads says:

    I've heard from a lot of folks who did not write down the website address for the free lessons. You can find them at Its also the place to get the glasses, palettes, etc.

  • Nancy Carol says:

    GREAT SHOW!! Eric actually inspired me that I too can learn to paint even tho I'm 59! He didnt make me feel "too old" to start and succeed.
    Ive wanted to learn for YEARS! Finally found lessons 15 years ago. Bought supplies, was given graphite paper to trace an outline provided in a book. Using the directions and pictures I was to replicate another person's painting. Not what I expected nor liked…
    I bought (continue to buy) good books. I began to learn about value, point of interest, etc. I've "piddled" (terrible work) in oils and watercolor while searching for an instructor in this small rural area that doesn't value art. Last year it was dropped anot elective for our students!!!
    I'm looking up Eric's website.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! God Bless You, Nancy

  • R R says:

    Greyscale. Yes. I have been on a marathon watching, Mr Graeme Stevenson's Artist''s video's, and this is the first Artist I have come across who uses greyscale as I do. A very giving artist is Eric Rhoads…so I will head on over to his website and see if he still has his free booklet, or if everyone of the 19 thousand plus viewers got there first:)

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