[Eng Sub] Watercolor Painting Tutorial (45) – Landscape, How to Paint a Snow Scene / 水彩画 風景 雪景色 描き方

[Eng Sub] Watercolor Painting Tutorial (45) – Landscape, How to Paint a Snow Scene / 水彩画 風景 雪景色 描き方

This is my first time to do a snowscape demonstration / tutorial. I thought I could paint more easily than usual because I could use the paper’s whiteness for snow. In fact, it didn’t require me a lot of work this time compared to making other landscape artworks. I did better than expected for the first time. I put some notes during the demo so I hope you can refer to them. By the way, it took about one hour to complete this artwork. This demo video is uncut. But I increased the video’s speed 4 times (sometimes it’s 64 times speed) in order to shorten it. Here is my rough sketch. You could roughly imagine how my painting would go. I would never paint watercolor exactly as photographed. I will do a wash for the sky but wet the paper to the horizon with water first. I’m using Arches rough paper. You can make some good textures using rough paper. I believe you can use rough paper for any landscape painting regardless of the scene. I’m going to use the following brushes. You may need mop and liner brushes. Mop brush is for a wash and liner brush is for tree branches. Make sure to paint background trees before drying the sky wash. Just let the colors run. I’m going to use the following pigments but some leftover colors are always mixed because I’ve never washed my pallet, so technically, I cannot tell you the exact colors I use. Make sure to add the distant tree branches before drying the wash. Make sure to add the distant tree branches with a painting knife before drying the wash. Make sure the paper is not too wet so you can scratch the paper properly. I’m waiting for the paper to dry completely. In the meantime, I’m also thinking about where I should paint the pole. With a lot of thinking, I decided to locate the pole as photographed. As you saw earlier, I drew a reference line with a pencil and ruler because I want to paint a straight pole. Actually, I’m not yet sure how to paint light in watercolor. Hopefully, in one of my future videos, I would be able to show you how to paint light. I’m adding some pigments to the distant trees because they seem pale. I’m going to paint some objects in the foreground of this snowscape as my rough sketch because right now, it looks too empty there. I might make mistakes but I won’t be afraid of failure. There is not anything in the foreground in the reference photo. I put some water first and add some colors. I couldn’t include the light reflection painting part in the video but I will add it later and complete the painting.

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  • David Briot says:

    Mina -sea, a thousand thanks, and kudos to you, an incredible artist, youtube is an amazing thing, you have a fabulous talent, you were wondering in a video does it make sense to continue. My answer is: it would be more than sad that a real artist put an end to his talent, the fault if fault there is comes more from the world in which we must evolve and the loss of real and sincere emotions, a thousand thanks. Not many of you have this artistic strength and tenacity. David from France

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