ENG) 【BTS】방탄소년단 정국 인물수채화 그리기_ Jungkook Watercolor Painting Tutorial

ENG) 【BTS】방탄소년단 정국 인물수채화 그리기_ Jungkook Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Hi.It’s Kaylee. Have you ever heard the BTS’s songs? I’m be fired it. I’m going to draw Jungkook of member, today. This is a Windsor and Newton, Solid colors. The real ENG name is A winson & newton professional watercolour the compact set – 14 halp pans This includes a portable brush. But I don’t use this. You can put water in it. And you can hang it here. First, put water on the face. Mix the yellow and red to make skin color. Mix a little white also. Color the skin color on the face except for the eyes. Mix the same color with the yellow ochre to make a dark skin tone. Mix in brown as little as dust. Find where the shadow of the face is. Our body is made up of so many ridges. Like our lives. Apply some water to make the boundaries of shadows naturally. Now draw the eyes with a small brush. I think eye is the most important feature. because we can communicate with eyes only. Even we don’t use our mouth. Put in the darkness and shade to make a nose. His nostrils are handsome, also. Now draw a double eyelash and eyelashes to complete these eyes. You know what? When we draw some portrait, You can do it better When you draw someone you love. Love creates a driving force to complete something. Draw the eyebrows one by one. When I draw eyebrows, I used to draw from the middle not the front part. Because our eyebrows are thickest in the middle seriously. Not the head part of eyebrows. your beginnings will seem humble so prosperous will your future be. amen I don’t want to leave any brush’s marks on the skin. So I apply some water on the painted color. Apply water to lips. Mix the red and the yellow ochre for luxury lip color Then you can make a 2019 sf collection rosetur coutur bonojur je teime. A Brick 13 color. When you color your lips, create a volume. So leave some glistening part on it. We have a shadow between our two lips. This is the shape of a seagull. It’s TMI, Jungkook was born in Busan. There are many seagulls in Busan. Seagull is ‘galmegi’ in korean. So His nickname almost turned into a seagull. But god helped him. Look for the light of shade on the side of lips. I’m going to paint ears and neck with this color now. Because it’s not always easy to recreate the 100% same color. you can think it’s just because I’m lazy. You caught me. I don’t like to say that ‘messed up’. I messed up this background color. Don’t panic, let’s turn it dark. If you drop the water droplets before the paint is dry, You can make a smudge shape. Color the clothes with wine color mixed with red and black. The watercolors are the repetition of covering and washing. After other colors repeat meeting and breaking up, it becomes a art finally. That’s what our life will be. color some accessories, also. Let’s speed up. It’s good to have a lot of material to describe. Because It give a Increase the density of the painting, and the maturity will improve. Put some water on the hair before you color it. And color it basically. Wipe out the bright spots with a brush. And Color it except the wiped part. Connect the remaining bright and colored parts naturally with water. Did you feel anything strange in this video now? Actually, I used to draw works and make videos in the nights. There’s a reason why this video is darker than the beginning. Because now the sun is up. so I turned off the lights on desk. I just stayed up this night with this drawing. You’re looking at the picture for 2 days and 0 night. Draw the twinkling star for the last. It’s complete. Did you enjoy this? Then, see you on the next video. Artist. KAYLEE


  • 안녕내안 says:

    잘생기면 쵝오다^^ 사심한가득😻😻😻😻추남들은 웁니다. 즐겁고행복한 한가위추석을 맞으시옵소서🙇🙏🙆 구독자여러분께서도 행복하세요🙌🙆💃

  • Mini Animation그림수다 says:

    눈빛만으로 대화…. 진짜 그런거 같네요~~ 애정있는 사람이 잘 그려진다고~~ ㅋㅋㅋ
    설명이 귀에 쏙쏙 들어옵니다. 장시간 수고 하셨습니다. 재미있었습니다~~^^ 굿 굿~! 엄지 처~억^^

  • 아들만둘ilian choi says:

    오늘도 예술의 경지에…👍

  • Peter Kim says:

    Kaylee님 너무 멋지군요.그림이. 그런데 감기걸리셨는지 예전 목소리가 아니듯 합니다.감기 걸리셨다면 얼른 낳으시길 바라고 해피 추석 되시구요~~!

  • KAI&MYKOME RYU says:

    너무 쉽게 그리네요
    따라하면 나도 그릴 수 있을것 같은 뜬금생각~~추석명절 즐겁게 보내십시요😃😃

  • 한윤희 says:

    저두 그려주세요~~~
    상상만으로는 힘들까요 ㅎㅎㅎ
    (부러워서가 아님 ㅜㅜ)

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    마음이 편해지네요. 😌너무 좋아효

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