Elastomeric Paint Ceramic Coating Savannah Rhino Shield

Elastomeric Paint Ceramic Coating Savannah Rhino Shield

tired of painting the exterior of your
home every three to five years the local Georgia Rhino paint pros at
Rhino shield has a permanent solution to your exterior house painting needs and guess what it’s not paint, it’s better
than paint and comes with a 25-year warranty watch and listen to how Rhino paint has
helped thousands of homeowners with a permanent solution to house paint
are you tired of painting your home every few years Hi we are Jeff & Roxanne Ecklund with Rhino Shield the permanent paint alternative guaranteed to last 25 years Jeff can you tell the
folks why we’re better than traditional paint, I sure can traditional paint down on average
about twenty percent per year Rhino Shield has virtually no breakdown
because of our elastomeric acrylic ceramic technology. elastomeric means
that stretches and acrylic means its strong and ceramic means it insulates
better rhino shield expands and contracts with
constant changing temperatures outside our home the ceramics help reflect UVA rays to your home stays cooler in
the summer and warmer in the winter we apply Rhino shield just like paint and it comes in any color especially the one your wife wants. that’s
right and don’t forget Rhino Shield is mold and mildew resistant & keeps 100
percent of the rain and moisture from penetrating so your
homeworks freshly painted year after year. Rhino Shield bonds completely to almost any surface wood, stucco masonite
hardiplank brick block and even vinyl no more chipping cracking or peeling & Rhino Shield is the most salt tolerant on the market today
a perfect solution for salty air and harsh summers traditional paint can’t
stand up Rhino Shield can. estimates and evaluations
are free call today you can save up to seven
hundred fifty dollars call the number on your screen or visit us online at rhinoshieldga.com get Rhino Shield and never paint your home


  • Mark Diehl says:

    I would warn anyone against using this product (Rhino Shield) because the dealer I used in NC (Raleigh) failed to stand behind it and has now gone out of business, and the manufacturer of the product has not provided a resolution to the failure of the product or the authorized dealer to make good on the warranty. 25 year warranty? The product failed within the first year. Buyer beware! I have no experience with this particular dealer.

  • briandcare1 says:

    It's paint folks.

  • Glen Rad says:

    I used it on myself for clothes

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