Ecoline liquid watercolour review plus demo! ~ Frannerd

Ecoline liquid watercolour review plus demo! ~ Frannerd

hey guys it’s been a while since the last time that I date an art supply review and to be honest there’s nothing more fulfilling and amazing and enjoyable to do an art supply with you because this is the type of thing that I look forward on YouTube so if you are a very old subscriber you will remember that back when I was living in Berlin I purchased one of my first Ecoline liquid watercolors if you’re not familiar with Ecoline watercolors guys don’t worry because apparently they’re not that we’ll known every time I mentioned the brand or every time I mentioned the format or the product people don’t seem to know what I’m talking about but I think it was one of the first times that I went to Besner which is an amazing art supply store in Berlin that I discover my favorite shade which is this one these guys is the echo line 390 in pastel rose which is my favorite color for some reason I am a big sucker for everything that is past the rose rose because it’s one of my favorite colors and I was very hesitant to buy this watercolor because I thought why should I buy something that is past the rose if I can mix it myself like for example if you have white and a very vibrant color and if you mix them together you will get a peso so why should I buy a pastel shade if I can mix that myself so I am weak and I bought it I bought it and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made now I’m overreacting but it was a very nice decision it was a very good decision it was a super nice decision because it’s one of the colors that I use the most every time you see a let’s draw something challenge I am using this watercolor because it’s one of my favorite shades the quality is amazing and I haven’t had any bad experience with this brand whatsoever so I asked myself why am I haven’t tried more products from this line before I decided to purchase a couple of these echo line products and review them with you guys because this is what I do so the other day I went on Amazon and I order these shades you’re watching right now these are the basic shades you can find in the echo line range by the way echo line is a brand from talents I think their name is royal tannins and it’s a Dutch brand and everything that is amazing including USANA so I feel like I have a hair here first so basically echo line water colors are a very very very high concentrated liquid version of water colors so you end up using a super small amount each time you use these watercolors ah I still feel that I still feel their hair high it’s driving me crazy why did I purchase these shades with these shades of colors you can practically build every shade of color you want and that’s why I highly suggest that you either purchase these shades or your favorite shade first if you want to try like new brands or new water color um I want to let you guys know that I really really liked this brand I mean the only experience that I had so far in the past which was with this shade which is the pastel rose as you guys know and I’ve had so many good experience with this one and I just wanted to know if I if that experience will be replicated in more shades and the truth is guys it is I loved I love this water colors and I love this friend I still feel the hair haha oh my god so when I was cooking lunch I decided to do a pro/con list because I am a Rory Gilmore and I freaking love pro/con lists let’s start with the bad things first because then we can end in a pretty good note in a very positive note number 1 unless you buy all the shades of watercolors available all the echo lines work available you will have to mix every single color in order to get the shade you want for me guys isn’t a big of a deal to mix every time I need a color but if you need something that it’s ready to use and ready to go this might not be the best idea for you again unless you have all the shades available that just in front of you number two unless you have a very tiny plastic dropper the mixing situation is going to be super messy I actually guys order a couple of very tiny droppers but they haven’t come in the mail yet and I had to mix all the colors with a brush again I don’t mind this process but it could be really messy because every time you dip the brush in one in you have to carefully clean it look at my way you have to carefully clean it and then use the same brush in a different tub and that process can be super tiring because you have to make sure that the the brush you are using is like super super clean especially in shades that are very light like the yellow one or the white one so I highly suggest that you either have different brushes for different inks in case you want to mix them or to purchase plastic droppers all the rest of the things that I have to tell you are positive so remember the first negative point that I said well the the first positive point has a lot to do with that so I don’t know if you remember this guys but when I use watercolors I use them in a pen format I have a palette with all the colors available and I tend to use the same colors over and over again so I tend to produce I tend to mix the same shades over and over again and this system made me try more different shades and different colors that I have never used before because I had to go through the process of mixing and experimenting and trying new shades and trying new colors and I think that is super positive in terms of if you want to try new for example color palettes for illustrations or if you’re trying new take weeks I think this is the this could be very positive I always try to see like the positive side of things and I think this is a super positive thing of having only three shades the basic ones and have to develop all the colors of the rainbow from those three shades number two since all the water colors are super concentrated you use super small quantities a year and a half almost two years later the amount that I have used it’s practically nothing considering how much I have used this color in all my Australians in all inktober in all the projects that I have done so in the end in the end it doesn’t really matter in the end what you use is nothing so of course you you’re paying a huge amount of money for each container at the end I think it’s worth the money you’re paying by the way in the US I think each Ecoline water color costs around eleven ten dollars and in the UK it’s about four pounds 390 something like that and number three the colors guys are insanely bright insanely vibrant I have never this is this is the thing guys usually with bar colors colors tend to be a little opaque this especially with wash colors by the way I am still practicing with wash colors so in the future I am going to make sure to let you know how to use wash properly but for now I’m still like in diapers in terms of oh that that was super weird mean diapers yeah I don’t have to want to go there once I fully understand how wash colors and wash paintings work I will let you know how to use them but until then what I was saying is that water colors and wash colors tend to be super opaque one that once they’re dry and these guys this is not happening here and I think that’s the end of the review yeah I didn’t write anything else I am going to leave all the information down below in case you want to check the specific shades that I’ve used and that’s it for now guys I hope you enjoyed this video I am in a great mood right now I don’t know why but I hope you enjoyed this video in this review again I love doing these reviews and I am dying to try new products so thank you so so much for watching thank you by the way to all my patrons because they were the ones who bought this for me I mean I bought them but I used the patron money to to buy these ones so thank you so much patrons because you are is spoiling me thank you so much patrons thank you so much for all your support and for allowing me to be here today with you guys filming this video I hope you are having an amazing amazing Thursday yeah Thursday and I will see you next week bye bye the lullaby my hair is gone I’m so happy


  • Peachy Outlook says:

    You are a bad influence lady – I just ordered the pastel rose after watching this video :).. However I will let you off as its my first ever Ecoline purchase and the colour looks just beautiful – I am loving the other pastels in the range to which I will need to purchase in the New year 🙂

  • Dominique Bouwmans - van Rooijen says:

    I'm from the Netherlands, so I'm familiar with the brand. It is used (at least in my days) in primary school, but completely different. The kids make a drawing with Wasco crayons (also from Royal Talens) and the teacher, or kids if they werd old enough, would paint over the crayon with undiluted ecoline. You can find some of these results on Pinterest if you search Wasco and ecoline. It is not nearly as expensive here.

  • Kendeula says:

    Amazing makes me happy too watch your videos, it makes me wanna draw! You seem so joyful and sweet, im a new subscriber

  • Vaut says:

    I bought 10 of the colours…
    I don’t have a lot of self control

  • Airelav Leal says:

    Aquí en México cuestan $ 130

  • Patricia Carmichael says:

    Nice review! Mixing colors using the brush honestly doesn't bother me. I never ever used plastic droppers, I painted with Winsor and Newton inks for years and always used a brush for mixing, never thought about using another tool, for me it was natural and not a problem at all, also this kind of paint lasts for ever! Want to know something good? I have a bottle very old, like 10 years old! I sued it today and it's still good! So that to me a big plus! <3

  • Carlos Hernandez says:

    Vallejo ecolines are brand with good brillance. 50 colores chart

  • ainoa says:

    Omg! These in my country cost around 2.50 euros!

  • Vania Parada says:

    Hola Fran!! Cuando vi tu review me anime a comprar el rosa pastel 🤣 y tienes razon es hermoso 😍
    Me podrias decir que tan opaco es el blanco de ecoline?
    Gracias!! Besos!

  • Karen Leung says:

    At one of my local art stores, they're only $7 each! I don't use my ecoline watercolors for painting, I use it for watercolor calligraphy since it's so pigmented. I don't let anyone touch my ecolines LOL

  • Denia GT says:

    I love your draws

  • librariankid says:

    Omg, right when you said "I love everything Dutch" I instantly thought of Sanne because I love her Youtube channel! I am so happy you mentioned her! Two of my faves together 🙂

  • Arlene van Vegchel says:

    Yay Dutch! 🙂 I love Ecoline! <3

  • Caterina says:

    how opaque is that white ink? i think exactly the same about buying made colors instead of mixing them myself, but these seem so nice!! also i just love pastel colors so much… nice review btw.

  • Plumpopz says:

    I saw the rose ecoline and immediately remembered your recommendation! I love it so much!

  • 073Mariana says:

    i just laughed at the part where you strted singing. i wasnt expecting that. you sound nice!

  • el marvilloso mundo de nigma says:

    new sub i love this video

  • acblaton says:

    Thanks for the video! I figured out a quick and handy thing for these when painting – I use empty plastic syringes to suck up the liquid and to put back into each bottle after use 😉

  • Illustrations by T. says:

    You said everything Dutch is awesome, so I am =D

  • Amanda Crowder says:

    "I am weak" haha, that's so me!! Loved this video!

  • Usami with magic stick says:

    Cute draw :3

  • Joanna Skor says:

    Ecoline is widely available where I live so can I ask a few questions? In what way is it like an ink? Is it because it's a dye rather than a pigment? Is it permanent when it goes down and dries ? Does it lift like a normal watercolor?

  • ganokorn moody says:

    The hair lol

  • TheWorldparody says:

    Is it 30ml bottles? 😉

  • IlseM says:

    It’s weird to me that ecoline is so unknown because I’m from the Netherlands and we use it at school from age four and up

  • Groves says:

    estos colores al estar en la paleta se secan despues de un tiempo?

  • james gilbert says:

    You could use a straw, especially one of those skinny coffee stirring straws. I've seen others do it, mostly with water, but I think it would work great. Really cheap because you could just grab a handful at a coffee shop or at McDonalds. You could also have separate straws for each color. Just a thought. God bless.

  • BIOnerd93 says:

    What is the name of the lady at 2:45 ?

  • Inge Oudheusden says:

    You are my spirit animal

  • Céfiro Nimbus says:

    Wooooow, i have to try this things, thanks for the video pretty girl <333

  • KiraCreatesCharas says:

    That Pantone mug tho. I love that.

  • Jordan Priebe says:

    Your videos always make me happy, Thank You for a daily spark of happiness 😊❤🌷🌺🌻🌹❤

  • Sumaiyah ALTAF says:

    i'm gonna get this for eid inshallah

  • Oliver van Bragt says:

    Haha, you are a cute and funny illustrator. And hey i’m dutch too 😂. Like your video’s a lot 👍

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