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consider hitting the subscribe button and never miss another video again! Awoooooo! When I’m doing a wolf, or a dog or a cat,
I always like to start with the muzzle area. It helps me define where I’m going to put
the rest of the features on the face. And when you do it, you want to start, sort
of, a little bit up from the side of the mouth because we’re going to make it into a circle.
We’re going to give the illusion of the 3D muzzle. And you can just flick it up with the brush
to get that fur effect, and what you’ll find is that because most of the paint has been
used on the bottom of the muzzle you get that dryness that allows you to have a more organic
effect. I’m going in with Global grey and the same
filbert brush to do the ears. And you want them nice and pointy just like
so. And then I’m taking that grey all the way
around the top and you can just blend that into the white by dragging it down. I’m doing the ear on the other side as well. And then you can start flicking out some fur
at the sides to bring it around the face. I’m going to bring it slightly onto the eye
area as well. But I’m going to leave a little gap because I’m going to bring in some more
white there. You don’t have to be precise you’re just going
to go over everything that you’ve done. And we’re just going to bring this same grey
all the way down, but we’re going to stop a little bit further up from the muzzle, we’re
not going to take it all the way down, we’re gonna bring it out into a little point like
that. And repeat on the other side. Going back in with some white now, just to
give a bit of a mean look around the eyes by flicking it up and through the eyebrow. A little bit in the centre of the ears. Just gonna add a little bit of chin fur. You can add this in at any point or leave
it off if you prefer not to do the chin for children who like to make a big mess of their
face paint when they’re eating. Next, I’m just taking some (Global) white
to add in a couple of little fangs here at the sides of the mouth and I do them at the
sides because if you did them over the mouth which looks amazing, it just doesn’t last
for children. And dogs and wolves and anything canine-like
have a nice big nose unlike cats which go along the edges. Bring that down for the muzzle area. And we’re just really going around those white
base lines that we’ve already set down. Follow the white line. Get thinner as you come towards the eye, it
looks a lot more flattering. Flick it up with really light strokes. The nice thing about wolves is you don’t have
to be perfect as it adds more of an organic effect if it’s a bit scruffy looking. Next, we’ll do the ears, outline those. We’re going to just give some light outline
to the side fur. And I’m just gonna do some really messy random
dots to bring this around. We’re gonna colour in the bottom lip black. And outline the fangs. Outline the bottom fur if you did it. So the next thing we’re gonna do is add some
detailing with a bit of an angry scowl. We’re gonna bring it up from here, we just
follow the line along. So to give it that seamless effect you just over what you’ve
already done and then bring it up. And the next one is gonna meet that one, almost. Bring that one up, and just add a little line
in the middle, and another little line very faintly, and then we’re gonna add some little
frown marks coming in as well. This step is optional but if you have a rake
brush you can mix a bit of grey with black and just add some fur. Now, I absolutely recommend that you have
a eyeshadow. You can get these very very cheaply just a black eyeshadow or a grey eyeshadow. They add so much dimension to your face paints
I can’t even tell you and it takes you seconds to add this onto your paints. It’s well worth
having a nice filbert and a black eyeshadow in your kit. With that in mind, I’m just going over those
creases that I’ve made and putting a bit of depth into them. Now, the final step is to add on some white
highlights. I’m gonna highlight the nose here, brighten up the teeth. Highlight inside of the ears. Round the edges. We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, if
you did leave us a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel and we will see
you soon for more tutorials.


  • Rachel the Geordie Face Painter says:

    I'm already seeing bits I will change when I next do it on the job – but that's part of the joy of the creative process! Always learning something new! ❤

  • Marie-Eve Dupere says:

    OMG! Loved this tutorial! Such an awesome one! Thank you soooo much! I'm am pretty new to face painting and you help me so much! I learn a lot with you! It is so appreciated! You are sooo talented! Thanks again Rachel! 😍😍😍😍😍😘

  • Leo's Melodies says:

    Amazing channel! Perfect for Halloween!

  • NayEspi Yt402 says:

    Rachel this is is amazing! I finally found a Wolf makeup tutorial!AWESOME❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • JJ's Stikbot Videos says:

    wow! this is amazing i bet your great at drawing and painting on a canvas! If you are, you should sell your artwork or something cus this is amazing! good job! 🙂

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