Easy Painted Doodle Inspiration

Easy Painted Doodle Inspiration

When I started today’s mixed media page
in my junk journal I knew that I wanted to build a page just full of color and visual texture but the exact how I was going to do this or in what way I was going to do it was kind of eluding me. [QUIET MUSIC] Other than picking some colors to start with everything else grew very organically on this piece and you will see as I add each layer, just keep it in mind
that there was no plan and each mark I make or color I choose was pretty random and it was all an element of trial and error. Now, I will put some music on as it is is still
difficult for me to speak, so just sit back and enjoy watching this page develop in front of you as the story of each mark unfurls before you. As always the list of products as well as the colors that I’ve used all in the description below. And if are new here then please do subscribe and hit
the notification bell for your weekly art inspiration and tutorials. And most of them are fully voiced over when my voice is back to it’s normal state. But I’ve linked up more art videos with
different ideas and techniques for your acrylic paint projects. And you will find those at the end of this video so do keep on watching. And a huge thank you to everyone who has been sending
me well wishes, you are all so kind. I m looking forward to getting my voice back
so that I can chat with you all again, more properly [LAUGHING] Enjoy your art and I will see you all again soon. [MUSIC]


  • Karen Atkinson says:

    Love it! Kim, I hope your voice comes back soon. I miss hearing you talk through your projects. You are always so upbeat and fun to hear while watching your videos. Take care, and feel better soon.

  • Kim Dellow says:

    For more doodle inspiration watch these videos: http://bit.ly/2Geer1J

  • Laura Thurston says:

    I just love your doodles! Inspired.

  • Missy B. says:

    Oh boy! Feel better!!

  • Rhys Angelini Art says:

    Amazing work Kim! I have subscribed to show my support.

  • Crafty Scissors says:

    Pretty 🙂

  • judith gillam says:

    Hi Kim ! So sorry to hear you are still not feeling well – you sound really miserable . Thank you for still sharing your beautiful pages – and I hope you are back to your old self very soon . Kind regards – Judi – Australia

  • Jenny Burton says:

    Lovely artwork! Get well soon! ❤️🎨👍🏻

  • Rachel Pettit says:

    Oh bless u. Lovely page with great layers of visual interest. get well soon 💐

  • Judy Daino says:

    Oh geez, you're still sick. 🤨 You need to get the person who gave you that and breathe on them. 😯 I hope you are doing a bit better though. Some more bright and cheery here. It's lovely as always. TFS your beautiful creation. 🤗😚💜

  • Christine Bell says:

    So sorry you are still not feeling well. Love seeing you create.

  • Sangita Neighbour says:

    So clever doing it in the art leaflet!

  • Covered in Paint says:

    Sorry your throat's still bad, your poor voice!
    I love all the layers and mark making in this piece.
    Julia. x

  • Angie Hewitt's Artroom says:

    Get well soon Kim!!

  • Sheryl Priest says:

    Thanks for your video. I love the finished piece. I do hope you are feeling better than you sound!

  • LynnLBE says:

    Your doodling & markmaking is the BEST‼️

  • Scrapitydoodah says:

    That’s some nasty 🕷 🐜 bug you’ve caught. Pukka make a really nice herb tea called Turmaric Gold. It really helped knock my bugs on the head. Very anti-inflammatory. – Nice art piece. Doodles really make a difference xx

  • Cindy LaBare says:

    So cool!!!

  • Dave & Jen Cowan says:

    Great to watch you putting this one together, Kim. Please get well soon – missing your voice! Jen ❤️

  • Rachel Angela Art says:

    Lovely page Kim, love your page and all your doodling… that's all I'm up to at the min. I've got that bug for the 2nd time! Get better soon xx

  • SANTA says:

    Yes, please do get better soon… and then DOODLE-DOODLE-DOODLE!! I love your style – when ever I see you've made a video about doodling or with doodling included I drop everything to watch it… and I have stacks of paper and scraps where I've been practicing your style. I am not that much into art journaling (although I have about 4 journals!!) – I like to create all kinds of weird and wonderful pages of art and then I cut it into smaller pieces to make cards with – so I need something with lots of detail on the page to make sure that every piece I have after cutting up the page, is worth having… and this page would have been PERFECT for that… Not that it's not perfect all in one piece as well! Thanks for another great video. 😊🧡

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