Easy Fire acrylic Painting tutorial Fireman Rescue

Easy Fire acrylic Painting tutorial Fireman Rescue

[opening credits] *Cinnamon: Hey everybody! It’s Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa. On the mic today is my husband, John. *John: Hey guys. *Cinnamon: He is running the very complicated, multicast live going on right now. Today I’m gonna show you how to paint the very first- This is the premier in a series of paintings I’m doing. The hero series. This is gonna be about the first responders and heroes in our life that work very hard to make our life better and since we have up the street an amazing local hero, uh, Clint. He’s a fire chief here in Humble. I started out with fire and I’m so glad I did, because so many of you have firefighters and firemen in your lives, or have been first responder firefighters. And so I created this for you. This is this wonderful figure. He’s maybe in a little more action. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: He’s in a lot of action. Um, I put the number plate up here for you so you could customize this to your family member. And for those of you that are not first responders, And have firefighters in your life, the firefighter in your life will be happy cause he’s got a safety face plate on. And there would be room there for his breathing apparatus, cause you know that our rescuers like that stuff to be accurate, and he’s in the middle of running out of a fire! Saving a life, which is really what that job is about. And we’re doing this on a nine by twelve canvas today in acrylic paint. I’m gonna show you everything. There’s a traceable. You can see it up here. So there’s that nice no draw options. This is such a complex silhouette. And…. *John: And?!? *Cinnamon: And it’s on a nine by twelve so if you have a little brush in your life it’s gonna be really easy for them to paint along. Cause I KNOW we got a lot of little brushes today. They’re gonna be painting this one. So there’s customization options. You know. Everything that you could want and I’m really hoping that when you guys give these to the firefighters in your lives, that they feel that love and recognition that we all have for them. I have my nine by twelve canvas here. I’d like to point out that Clint donated some very important vintage… He has a firefighter’s museum in the area, and vintage fire trucks. And this hat for firefighters is a huge deal. *John: Yeah. That’s a vintage leather fireman’s hat from Crosby. You know, one of the local fire brigades out here. And then behind you is one of his fire buckets, and his axe. You have to step to your left. There you go. So there’s the fire bucket and the axe. And what’s really interesting is that fire bucket has actually got a rounded bottom on it. *Cinnamon: Which is why we have
a bunch of towels underneath it! *John: Which is why we have towels underneath it. And the reason is because, you know, fire buckets are for holding water and really only should hold water, and so when they’re not holding water you don’t want them to kind of walk off with- *Cinnamon: You took my safety towel, speaking of things that walked off. [both laugh] *John: They made them with rounded bottoms so that people don’t use them for other things. And I thought that was pretty clever. *Cinnamon: So, already we’ve had, um, wishes come in. *John: Oh! So many good wishes! *Cinnamon: So many wishes. And many thoughts, and so I put some on canvas already. Um… You’re welcome to include some more before we paint over. There’s very simple materials in this. We’re gonna go over them at the beginning. Of course, they’re in the descriptions. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So you know what you need, and it’s just a very simple palette. But right now our own Ann Keel. She has a whole family of first responders. They’re all heroes. And her boy, Joseph, actually has accommodation for a rescue nearly like this! *John: Yeah! It’s pretty amazing! *Cinnamon: Amanda’s dad is retiring today after forty two years of service. Right? *John: Wow! *Cinnamon: And then, uh- *John Thank YOU for those that serve us! *Cinnamon: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for those forty two years of service. Um, Flame’s…. Husband’s dad, Dan’s dad, Mike, is the fire chief in their local area, and his grandfather gave his life in the line of duty. And also we just wanted to say thank you to Clint. He came by and verified the design and everything, was like Yes! This is code fire safety. So… We knew all you painters would be set up at home feeling really good about what you were giving, cause I know this is gonna be an important painting for you to do. Do we have any wishes we’d like to add? *John: Oh, I’m just going through here right now. You know I- Uh… We have so many chats going today. Twitch. Everybody over there is loving seeing us there. *Cinnamon: Hi Facebook! Hi Twitch! *John: And on our website of course everyone says hello. This is their first live show. *Cinnamon: It’s gonna be a good live today. *John: Hi Patricia. It’s nice to see you over there. And Kathy says a wish for her daughter to come home. *Cinnamon: Kathy, let’s put a wish for your daughter to come home. Definitely, you know, guys, we’re gonna continue this on. We’re gonna include a lot of different first responders and hero jobs into this. *John: And we’re gonna, for Pooh Bear, her dad just got good luck in his garage. He had a real bad burn there. So, wanna send a wish out there. *Cinnamon: And I just want today, to wish every single first responder safety. Cause those are all dangerous jobs. *John: And a wish for Marian. For her sister, Peggy, who is struggling with anxiety. *Cinnamon: Oh, let’s put a wish for Peggy to feel better. *John: And let’s put a wish in there for Betty. Because she needs some prayers, and some wishes. Uh… She’s a new diabetic and having a really hard time adjusting and finding some peace there. So. And to all the people out there who are having issues there. *Cinnamon: Alright. Are you guys ready?!? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Alright! So, we’re gonna start out- Now, I’m gonna be using white gesso and black gesso. I like using that because it gives me a little bit of tooth. I like the texture that it gives me, but you could just use white and black paint, if you don’t have both of those. Though, for this type of background, it is very economical and if you look in the description, everything I’m using today, including the charcoal pencil, that I use to make the traceable, is linked there, so you can find those things super easily. So I’m putting out a little black gesso, and a little white gesso. I’ve got a two inch stiff nylon brush. This is inexpensive. And I love these cause they’re very high performing, and I’m going to mix out gray. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: As my background. Just like that. You can see it’s just on the edge of the brush. It’s not overly mixed. And I’m just going to, in an up and down fashion, paint this whole background this mid-tone gray. *John: And there’s so many wishes that are coming in from everyone. Thank you guys. I know that, you know, there’s a little delay here on things, and we’re- We try to catch all those in there, but I know that our other lightkeepers and- And our sherpettes, they will all capture those and put them in their canvas as well. *Cinnamon: I think we’re gonna start putting an area on our website, too. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: To start capturing these wishes so that, you know, if you’ve got something important going on and you’d really like to see that on a live canvas, that those don’t get lost. To the Facebook feeds or the Twitter feeds, or the YouTube comment stream. *John: And- And Ellie- Eileen, I think? *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. *John: I wanna put- This general wish goes into as we’re putting this in here, we wanna put a wish for the safety of ALL firefighters who are out there. And, you know, Kristi, for your husband who needs the extra love. We’re there for you. We want to get all of those in there. *Cinnamon: Alright! Those two made it in! *John: Oh good! I was reading. I didn’t realize you got those in there. *Cinnamon: Oh, man. Right before I painted the last of the canvas. *John: You know. There’s so many wishes. But, mostly as we’re putting this in there I think that one of the important things is we all think about the firefighters. They, and first responders. But today we’re really thinking about those firefighters. They run into the fire when we run away. *Cinnamon: It’s amazing. *John: You know. Everyday! These are the people who put their lives on the line for us without thought for themselves. I mean, in- In the direct line of danger as a soldier would. You know, these guys are moving into areas where they KNOW… They KNOW… They are in danger. And not a little danger. I mean, A LOT! When you look at the equipment that these guys and gals put on to protect themselves it really puts into perspective what they do here. *Cinnamon: It really does. Having done this research, John, because I went through the trouble of looking through actual photographs from post events, which is really tough. To get a sense of what they deal with. And I have to tell you, I did a little crying. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Yeah. They are- They are at the place that I…. I can’t imagine the burdens that they carry. *John: You know, firefighters are among the bravest people I know. I mean, you can put them right up there with the- With the policemen, and the soldiers who put their lives on the line. With guns and dangerous situations. These people- These amazing superheroes, these firemen, they you know, they go into building that are on fire! Falling down! Collapsing around them! You know? To come get us. *Cinnamon: I do. I really do. *John: Sorry. *Cinnamon: No, you go with that. Cause that’s really true. You know, we’re gonna be just about an hour today, but look. We’re gonna take some time celebrating the heroes in our life cause this painting is not just for our canvas. It’s for our heart. I’m gonna dry my background real quick. And then I’m gonna, um, start painting my fire on top of it. *John: Alright. So, thank you guys for all showing up. It’s, you know, we’re here celebrating our heroes today. We appreciate you guys coming and hanging out with us. You know, this is just the time to take and remember to say thank you to those who serve, in your life. You know, the firemen, and firewomen, and first responders. You know. Next time you see them, go give them a hug and thank them for what they do. You know. So what are you gonna get there? What do you have over there, Sherpa? *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get myself, you know, a quality bright. I’m gonna bring it over here and I’m gonna put out my paint. I have today, on my palette, if you guys read down in the description or noticed one of the posts. I always try to share those materials. *John: Scoot that over a little bit. You gotta make sure- Perfect! *Cinnamon: Cad yellow medium. And in this case, because I’m painting fire, I’m gonna use real cad, guys. Cad red light. And the reason I do that is the vibrancy of this pigment is like none other, and it glows in lower light. Not glows like a glow light. Not like glow paint. But it has an effect to the eye that’s really like none other. And that’s why people like Kincade and Bob Ross used to use it And even though I have a little gesso out I have some Titanium White here for later. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Because this won’t be quite as bright as- This will be brighter than my gesso. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’ve got my really awesome- This is a bright, number six. I have a synthetic, firm filament with a beautiful edge, here. And that’s what your really looking for your brush, is you don’t want this to be soft. Like you’d be like, Oh, I’m gonna use this with makeup. I’m gonna prime this by getting it a titch wet. And I’m gonna come and I’m gonna start out with, I might even add, interestingly enough, just a smidge of… The…. Black gesso to it, just to- Just to dim it a little bit. And I’m gonna start putting in my flames. So you can see the load on my brush. I’m gonna come on the edge of this. And I’m gonna make a stroke that meanders and tapers off. And how I get those strokes is I’m pressing hard at the beginning. Right? And then as I finish the stroke I lighten up, and because my brush is very sharp, and well designed, it will give me a nice, light line. And I’m gonna do some- Here’s like another little arabesque line, and I’m gonna do some of these little furtive sketchy lines. Can you see these? *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: This is all about working the ends of the brush. And what I’m doing is I’m creating a raging fire back here. This is intense. And I looked, again, at a lot of pictures. We almost got a fire tornado. I almost went a little crazy. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: He’s coming through a fire tornado! Just cause one picture really, really caught my imagination. And I’m gonna be blowing the fire a little bit to the right. *John: Now, is that a crimson red? *Cinnamon: This- Oh! Yeah. This is the napthol red medium. Did I forget to mention that? *John: I think you did. *Cinnamon: Ok. So it’s cad yellow light- Cad yellow MEDIUM. *John: Cad yellow medium. *Cinnamon: Cad red light. *John: Cad red light. *Cinnamon: Naphthol red medium. *John: Naphthol red medium. Now could you use- *Cinnamon: Black gesso, white gesso, but you could use titanium white and mars black here just as easily. *John: On that naphthol red you have there. Could you use a different red? *Cinnamon: Yeah. Any crimson, guys. Any cool red. So see how this feels like an orange? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: This feels like a deep red, like blood. You just want a red that makes you think of blood. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: That’s what we’re looking for is the two kind of values of red. *John: And adding that gray, sort of ombre background, was important to add that contrast layer, right? *Cinnamon: Yeah. It gives this contrast, and also, it tells us this is a fire. Because often times, at night, in a raging fire, there’s this sort of wall of grayness, and I was like, how can I talk about the smoke? This sort of sheer… Smoke space that can end coming out. Cause that’s as dangerous as the fire. *John: Now- So….. *Cinnamon: And I’m just tapering as I come up, I’m opening it up where it’s you know, starting to lose its energy and its momentum. *John: Now, we’ll put the materials list in the description below. *Cinnamon: It is in the material description. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: It is. It’s already there. *John: And if it’s not, then on whatever platform you’re looking at, we’ll make sure that it is. *Cinnamon: Oh. Cause Facebook and Twitch- Does Twitch not have it? *John: They may not have those. *Cinnamon: Oh. Ok. *John: So, we’ll make sure that we get them up there. *Cinnamon: Yeah. If ever you need guidance to some features, some free service we have, like the traceable, or the reference picture, cause we don’t just have picture in picture. Like on Pinterest I always try to pin the full painting so you can look at what we were thinking. *John: Ah. *Cinnamon: Right? So you can look at that. I really like doing fire. I’m kinda keen to do a forest fire at some point. Just because even though it’s very destructive, it’s quite beautiful to paint. It just is guys. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: Just is beautiful to paint. Don’t wanna be in one. *John: No! *Cinnamon: No. *John: Now, there’s a couple of retired firefighters here with us. Jana. *Cinnamon: Hi Jana! I know Irlynda did some firefighting. She was an EMT, too. Who else was a firefighter? *John: Oh, I have to keep- There’s so many here. So many people here, and you know, so I’ll have to take a quick look here. Oh gosh. Uh, let’s see here…. [?] is at volunteer firefighter university. Her husband… Oh. Hi, Janine! Hi! *Cinnamon: Hi, Janine! *John: How you doing? And Cindy was a firefighter for sixteen years. *Cinnamon: Thank you Cindy. *John: Wow. Gosh. Sorry. I should pay attention. *Cinnamon: One of the things I liked about this design is that there was a gender neutrality to it. Because, you know, we have men and women that are, you know. Volunteering. *John: Jenny- My son’s best friend just got a temp job at our local fire department. So…. It’s a gift for him. *Cinnamon: Oh, he’s gonna really really love it. He’ll love that this fire helmet was right there. You know. I was trying to figure out like when I was first doing this, like, even what number to use on the helmet. And, um… You know, had found the forty three. But we’ll have to decide as a community what’s the number that should go on his helmet at the end? *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: Right? Cause you guys will be putting the numbers or information on the front plate here. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: That are important to you. And speak to your lives. Right. But… We should have a community number as well. *John: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I think that there was a flaw in the YouTube feed somehow because it’s description got- It isn’t there. *Cinnamon: What?!? *John: So, yeah. For some reason the YouTube description’s missing. *Cinnamon: So that’s what happened. Ok. Guys. We will make sure that description gets right back in there. If you’re coming on the replay, you’re good. Just look in the description. If you’re here during the live, White gesso. Black gesso. Cad yellow medium. Cad red light. Naphthol crimson. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: But you just want a good yellow, an orange red and a cool red. Don’t have to be- One of the nice things about a silhouette, and not all of the hero paintings will be silhouette. One of the nice things about a silhouette is that it can sometimes be anybody and it does allow you to be a little playful with the color. So I’ve got my cool basis in. We’ve talked a lot about fire on the channel. Fire quests, and paint fireplaces and paint candles and dragons that breath fire. *John: Yup! *Cinnamon: So we’ve really covered this fire topic a lot. I’m rinsing out my brush a little bit. And one of the things is that it’s brighter where it’s hottest and it’s redder where it’s coolest. So this is our first layer of painting our cool first layer. *John: Ooh! Libby was a nine one one dispatcher for ten years! *Cinnamon: Dude! *John: Thank you Libby. That’s awesome! *Cinnamon: I’m taking some just cad red here. And laying it in the flames. Can… guys see how I’m just- I’m not painting out all of my red. This is almost an abstract in how I’m doing this. *John: Alice is- Her son’s been a volunteer firefighter for the past ten years. *Cinnamon: Awe! Thank your son, Alice. Thank you, thank you. *John: And Danielle worked as an assisted call firefighter during the fire- the- Wild fires in Humboldt county. So thank you for that. *Cinnamon: Oh, dude! Those were serious. I knew somebody. Alan… Piez, that did that too, I believe. That’s where he was. He specializes in like, the forest-o-fire. Which is a specialty kind of fire. *John: Ooh! Veronica says that we should put heroes on that emblem. *Cinnamon: Ok. I like that vote. I like that vote. *John: Yeah. A lot of people like that. *Cinnamon: I’ve been excited about doing these for a long time. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Doing these different characters. Flame helped us like, [?] until like, Dude that’s a whole collection! Cause I’m like, we need to paint a soldier, and we need to paint an astronaut, and I wanna paint just like different- Different positions and people. That make the world a better place. *John: Wow. *Cinnamon: So I’m just doing this like kind of like bright orange layer. *John: Judy said that, um- let me try to adjust that focus a little bit there. Judy said that her grandfather had, uh…. Her great grandfather was a firefighter, and died fighting fires. So, thank you to those who’ve fallen. *Cinnamon: Given their lives saving others. That’s amazing. Think about how selfish the world can be these days sometimes. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Crazy! And then you think about people who dedicate to helping others and it’s just so inspiring. *John: Yeah. It’s amazing when, you know, you end up meeting a lot of these firefighters in real life. They think about other people. All the time. I mean, just- It’s just in their make up. *Cinnamon: When we’re painting this and we’re thinking about them, be sure and leave a lot of this cool fire open. Notice how I’m not painting out all my red. I’m just doing flowing little strokes, and I’m following the flame direction I put in there. And just know it can be pretty rough and still come out really fantastic. You know, just don’t paint out all your work where you’re putting in your red flames, cause you want that variance in tone. I’m gonna take this orange over to my yellow. It’s not orange. It’s cad red light. Over to my cad yellow. And that’s gonna give me an orange, and I’m gonna work some of this lighter color into these flames. How is that looking? Make sure they’re seeing all of it? That’s awesome. Cause we want them to see all of it. So now we’re gonna start heating up the flame in some places, saying that the fuel source is higher. That’s a lot of what we wanna do here is just say, ok. In some places, this fuel source is higher. That this fire is hotter. Right? And so you’d want to definitely focus that in a center of an area that was burning. It wouldn’t be to the outside edge. You guys seeing it ok? *John: Yeah. I’m trying to adjust the camera so we can really see the differences in that dynamic range, but it’s… I’m having a little trouble. Let me go over and adjust that camera again. *Cinnamon: I’m just painting the bit of this brighter orange in that fire. I’m gonna focus the brightest part of my fire up front here. But I’m gonna have it be a little bit lower so that would be the path that he’s identified to get out. Or she’s identified, cause we don’t know. *John: There we go. Now I got it. *Cinnamon: You make the gender of your first responder what fits your life. What reflects your story. Right? I’m just making sure that I’m heating up some areas of this. By brightening it up. If you did the full fireplace, then you’re like this is like that again! Another place to use that skill. I’m gonna rinse out this brush and put it to the side. Be sure to rinse out your brushes between you know, using them. I’m gonna draw this, and I’m gonna show you… Well, first actually I’m gonna take a sippy sippy. *John: [whispers] Sippy sippy. *Cinnamon: And then I’m gonna show you how to get this really gorgeous silhouette. And just so you know, it took twelve drawings to get here. Tons of references cause I kept saying would the hose show? What would show? And I’d have to find different references and photographs and be like, what could we see if this was backlit, and we were running, and…. You know. So it’s an interesting thing I learned a lot. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna draw this real quick. *John: You’re gonna draw that in? *Cinnamon: Dry it. *John: Oh! Dry! *Cinnamon: And then draw. *John: I’ll turn her down a bit. So I’ll say thank you guys for coming and hanging out with us. There were some questions on whether or not uh…. We would have this up in the shop afterwards, and we’ll probably do a mug and a T-shirt for those- For all you guys who would like to see that in there. Um, we’ll probably do a bunch of stuff. Around our first responders and hero collection. You know, sort of moving forward, this is something that we really…. We really like, you know, this kind of stuff, and… It would be cool as a mug, so we’ll turn it into a mug. And I just want to say thank you guys. We’re- We’re having a great time out here. We got all the platforms going in all the places. And, uh…. You know, don’t forget to go to theartsherpa.com And check out- We’ve got, uh… We’ve got a bunch of shirts and stuff out there. They’re just reminding me. I’m bad at this. Tell you what. I’m gonna do something here. I’m going to, uh, put up real quick, while she’s… Oh! Check that out! So there is, um…. *Cinnamon: ….helmet…. [both laugh] *John: There’s the shirt- *Cinnamon: That’s a collector item. [both laugh] *John: There’s the shirt from the last one. That’s Kevin and, uh, the mermaid. And I was just kind of telling them about the shop and stuff. *Cinnamon: Oh. That’s my mug. *John: That- Oh, that is! *Cinnamon: I finally have some more of my own mugs. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: I gotta get my own hundred K mug with follow your dreams. Eagle of judgement says do art! [both chuckle] *John: But don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, share. *Cinnamon: There’s three hundred other paintings you could do. If this is not your jam today, there’s another on, and we go through them and we explain every step of the process so you can paint along at home. With your paint. And your stuff. In your- In your house with your delightful beverage and yummy snack. *John: And if you go out to theartsherpa.com you can find this and all of the other cool things that we- *Cinnamon: Have we been Sherpa today yet? *John: Oh yes! We’ve been WAY sherpa today. I mean, we’re Sherpa in many places today. *Cinnamon: Are we sherpa- Whenever we’re three hundred, we’re sherpa. I’m supposed to dance but I think I forgot. *John: I- Well, what I think it is is that I’ve been managing the multi platforms. *Cinnamon: That’s a lot, to be everywhere. To be everywhere! Art to everyone! For FREE!!! *John: So I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. As soon as you get him sketched in then we’ll do a little dancing. I’ll put some dancing music on. And then we’ll get him painted in. *Cinnamon: So, you’ll see on the back that there’s this sort of white smearing, and what this is is I have these white charcoal pencils. Ok? I get these. In the description there’s a link to these. And then you can also find these at Michaels. They’re not particularly expensive. You just do a little… You color the back of your drawing. Whatever you’re trying to transfer, you just create this little impression. I like to tape…. Once I get my positioning down, I actually position him slightly off side. Because I really really really wanted the fire to be focused over here to the right. And then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna trace over this traceable. With a colored pencil so I know where I am. You could use a jelly pen. Just anything. Right? So let’s get the face mask in there. And if you’re gonna do the white line to show you know, like, where you’ve got it, be sure and give yourself a little guide. You might not need it. Little shoulder here. And then we’ll put the child in. I’m gonna just very carefully trace around these lines that I did. So he was not- He or she- Was not easy to- I say he cause all my references for this were… Just happened to be men. Could be anybody. Just really running. This equipment is really interesting cause it’s very heavy. Like, it’s very heavy. Like these pants. Very heavy! Pants with these little reflectors on them. They’re sort of interesting. So we’ve got the boot here. I’m gonna pull the heel out. Right? I’m gonna arch the foot cause this would be arched and foreshortened. Arch to the front of the foot, and then the toe is planted firmly here, to step out the steps. The toe is facing forward. Then because he’s in an action run, this is actually where the leg is bent. This is the knee. Ad the foot is back here, so we only see partial of that. So there’s where his foot is. And you kind of see the pants. Pants are really big and bulky. Jacket’s very big and bulky. Now. One of the things that I have to do- When I first did this, I actually kept drawing the child’s feet. I fixed in on y’alls traceable, but I have to fix it on mine right now. As two left feet. And that’s a thing that happens to artists. Don’t worry. Your traceable has been corrected. I’m just using the original here. And so it hasn’t. And that’s just something that can happen. You can be drawing and you’re like, I know something’s weird. I know something’s wonky. I’m not sure what it is. And then later you’re like, oh. It’s two left feet. So. *John: Oops. Sorry. *Cinnamon: Front plate here. You might just paint that back in later. And when I pull this away, you’ll see that this has left that white impression. Of my image. And I can go back. Giving me quite a challenge with this, uh…. Helmet, darling. It’s beautiful though. No leave it. It’s pretty. I’ll struggle for pretty. And also I feel like…. You know. It kind of creates this this sort of energy or spirit. So I’m gonna, just, anywhere I want to sort of reinforce my lines. This is a good time to do that if you need to. And you’ll find the charcoal pencils sketch over the acrylic the easiest. Even over- The watercolors or the charcoal will work. Once I have that laid out and I’m happy with where my silhouette is I’m gonna get a fairly small detail. This is like a number two. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Might even have gotten number one. And get the outline of him in. And I’m just gonna use my black gesso. One of the things that I really like about black gesso is that it’s pretty fluid. And it paints on flat and easy. Even though that this is mars black. In color. It’s pigment is actually mars black. Black gesso. I’m gonna make the little ridge that’s up here. I don’t know if you can see it on- This is a vintage one, but the ridges were prominent on all the helmets that I was looking at. At the top. Cause there’s several layers that happen there. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: There’s this over helmet. and then there’s this face plate, and then if they’re in real serious stuff, there’s actually a breathing mask. And then there’s several layers in this over equipment. So, you know. They’re not just coming in and rescuing. I mean, they’re like, really… They’re not running in in, you know, sweats. *John: No. [both chuckle] *John: No, they bring the gear, man. *Cinnamon: They have to cause this person. Right. Is not conscious. So to rescue them the rescuer has to remain conscious. And able to see. I think there’s some engineering on the front plates, too, that keep it from fogging or allow them visibility longer, too. In unidea conditions, which I thought was really interesting. Like it doesn’t fog up. You know what I’m saying? Like, my snorkel mask would fog up. So you wouldn’t want to use a snorkel mask. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Going in anywhere. So this is what you’re gonna do. You’re just gonna paint this all in….. Um… Your soldin black. And just try to follow your lines as carefully as you can. A good bright or good detail brush will make this much easier work. I actually go back with a white line. On this, to create kind of a halo highlight. And so I’m not that concerned if some of my chalk is still peeking out. But I could always get rid of it if I didn’t like it. When everything was super dried and cured with like a damp cloth. *John: Ah. *Cinnamon: Oh, I gotta go see my eye doctor. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: What? I do. Vision’s changing. Gotta do something about it. *John: So what size canvas are you using here? *Cinnamon: Just a nine by twelve, and the reason I picked a nine by twelve for this particular one, instead of even an eleven by fourteen, is I knew that there were so many new painters and little brush painters that would want to paint along. *John: Oh yeah. This is a really doable size for any painter. *Cinnamon: Yeah. It just makes easy work of it. I’m gonna drop a little eyelash out here. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Cause I like that. You don’t have to do that. That can be more challenging and if you find certain things more challenging then it might be a harder one to do. I’m gonna make some little- I’m gonna make a little hair. If you wanna have this, you know…. Be longer hair, you could. I’m gonna just have this be short hair. It’s gonna be my choice here. *John: So why are you using gesso rather than paint? *Cinnamon: Well, I really really like how it lays down sometimes. I could have used fluid…. Um… acrylic. And gotten a similar result. It’s just really economical. And it gives me a great result. I’m using a professional gesso, so I’m not losing- I’m not gonna have fading or anything. *John: And you like this because of the way that it covers and the texture and the *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: final look that it gets when you add that. *Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s a little bit chalky. It’s a little bit flat and that’s very nice. *John: And you chose that for an aesthetic result. *Cinnamon: An aesthetic result and a financial result. *John: Yeah. Ok. And a financial result. *Cinnamon: And a financial result. Both. Aesthetics and finances. I think it’s important to realize, like… You know, I don’t generally mix gesso white into paint cause it can chalk it out. Right. And it’s not as bright as titanium. But there are times it’s actually great to use. And these are things that we have around. If you been doing a lot of paintings with me, chances are you’ve got a little black gesso. Sitting with you. So this is just another great place you can use it. And I like showing people like stuff that they can do. Let’s arch up the foot here. Showing the heel. You know. It’s coming on out of here. I really like that we can put a little fire up in front of him to really layer him into the painting. That’s a fun thing for me. You could use a bigger brush to paint him in with. I just want something that gives me a lot of control. Because these angles are so specific. To show his positioning. Um, even a little change can kinda alter that. And I just wanna make sure, like, Just even the fact that there’s kind of a crease in the pant leg. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: Where the pant legs are bulky and wrinkled. This is important to people who have to wear this gear all the time because they’re like, oh yeah. It’s a hot mess right there. Totally no. I did a commission once for a safety and electrical engineering company and I have to tell you, the stuff that was important to people working in the field was real specific. And I learned a lot about that. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’ve got a little bit of the toe peeking out here. Right? Running, running hard. His lungs are- or her- pumping. Heart’s racing. Single minded focus. See that there? A little chalk is smeared over. But that’s ok. Also you’ll notice I don’t really need any water with the gesso. If I was doing a heavy bodied black paint I’d be thinning it a lot with water. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’m getting really great coverage. In one coat. And for those that have needed to save money but are having trouble with their economy black paint smearing during the varnish process, this does not do that as bad. *John: Gotcha. So this- *Cinnamon: The pro gesso is still cheaper than the…. Student black paint. Interestingly enough. *John: That’s interesting to note. *Cinnamon: Yeah. That stuff’s really good. Alright. I’m gonna come here. *John: And you can kind of see up there where it’s drying how it gives that nice matte finish. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna do my big toe and then some little toes. Big toe and some little toes. And then the little foot to the heel. I love little kid feet. They’re very special. *John: T-Bear says that Grumbacher gesso is also awesome. *Cinnamon: I agree with that! I really really have some gessos that I detest and I won’t use. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: But I like the Grumbacher! *John: You know, such- Only person I know who has such strong feelings about art supplies. *Cinnamon: Dude, if you open it up and saw the mold in it, and the separation, the completely cheap quality, you would be like, “I hate this gesso!” Why’d you even make it? You make me mad. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: I’m not gonna speak on it. *John: Now, this won’t be matte after you varnish it though. *Cinnamon: No. So, varnishing really, one of the wonderful sides effects of varnishing is varnishing determines the over all finish and unifies everything in a painting. So you can do a couple things if you want different finishes. Like if you want the fire to be shiny, and him to be flat, you would actually, at this stage, once he’s all painted in, take a pause. *John: Uh-huh. *Cinnamon: Right? And varnish this, like, shiny here. And varnish him flat. Do the next, after that all dries, do the next layer, and then just varnish that shiny again, and you could actually create a play between shiny, matte, shiny. *John: Now, I’m not sure, I think it was Jennifer, I missed it, was asking which brush you’re using. *Cinnamon: This is the Silver Bristlon nineteen oh two bright. Number two. *John: Ok, and that- So any of the brushes that- *Cinnamon: This is like a ferrari. And you can get these at the brush guys. They have them. *John: The Brush Guys, you know them. You guys helped us find them. They ship all around the world. They’ve got a coupon code you could use. THEARTSHERPA. Or ARTSHERPA. *Cinnamon: Get five percent off! *John: Yeah. Five percent off. and they carry- They generally keep in stock anything that you see here on the show, they keep in stock. And will ship around the world to get, too. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: And good guys. So… *Cinnamon: You know. And I’ve got my teachers recommended list for the, you know, other brushes that, you know, I recommended in the past. They’ve got all these that you’ve ever seen on the show. They pretty much got any brush that I could be painting with on there, and some brushes I’ve never heard of. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: On their website. They’re pretty stocked. *John: They are pretty stocked. *Cinnamon: It’s pretty interesting. And if it’s out of stock for them, that’s cause it’s hard to get. Cause they really try to keep stuff in stock. *John: Yeah. Jeff and Dave are good guys. *Cinnamon: Which is what put us on our brush quest. [Both chuckle] *Cinnamon: We’re like, where will it be in stocK? That’s something that’s gonna happen is you need to keep that in stock, so. *John: It’s ok. So what are you doing next? What are you switching to? *Cinnamon: I’m switching to my number six… This is a Ruby Satin. Right. It’s also really wonderful. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Synthetic fibers. What they both have in common is that they’re a firm synthetic fiber. And that they hold a very good edge. I’m finding myself, these days, being partial. To one over the other. But I can’t tell you cause I’m on a brush quest. *John: We’re looking. [Cinnamon chuckles] *Cinnamon: And I’m testing. The only way to really test brushes is to work with them. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: A LOT. And see, like, where they’re amazing, and hold up incredibly well, and maybe where they’re not amazing and don’t hold up well. *John: Now, these are not the only brushes we’re testing. We can’t- *Cinnamon: Nope. *John: We can’t show you the prototype brushes cause you can’t go get them anywhere. *Cinnamon: Well, I think I’ve actually shown a few prototypes. I’m like I’m sorry. This is a prototype. [chuckles] *John: Yeah. So we’re not gonna show you any- We’re not gonna show you anything on the show that you couldn’t go out and get right now. Because that’s not- *Cinnamon: Yeah. These are all gettable. The prototypes are not. *John: Anything that we’re testing that we like, we’ll tell you that we like it, and uh…. As soon as we can tell you about the things that we’re not showing you- *Cinnamon: A lot of companies make a good brush. You’re just looking for particular things in your brush. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You know. Wherever you live. Wherever you are. But remember, what’s circulating right now is that lady that paints with her fingers. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: And she does those cool realistic paintings with her fingers. So don’t get wrapped up. Don’t get worried. Not a big deal. *John: Now, I understand there’s some chalk showing through there on the knee. *Cinnamon: Yep. *John: Is that… *Cinnamon: Oh, there’s a couple places where- And so like I said earlier, what it is, I’m white lining anyways. *John: Oh! Ok. *Cinnamon: So I don’t mind the chalk being there, but I could take if off when this is all dry with a damp paper towel. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: But I’m actually gonna use some white lining to help create some dynamic interest. In the character. *John: Oh. Ok. That makes sense. *Cinnamon: You know. Around the face and stuff like that and help that visually read, cause sometimes people will have trouble visually reading things. And white lining can help. If you just do it in a small amount. So I’ve got my gesso here. And I’ve got a detail ten over zero. This happens to be a shader. A detail round will work. You could do something like this. You just want something that gives you a fine point. That you have a lot of control over. And I’m gonna come with a super light hand. Very very light around the helmet. Couple places. And create like this sort of halo effect. Not outlining it like a cartoon in any way. Just parts of this. Just parts of this. So that we see parts of it. *John: Just give it some highlight? *Cinnamon: Just a little bit, like one of the things that I wanted to do was like on the facemask here. Right. That I was gonna do even like a reflection, like that there was just a little bit of light. So I’m gonna take… Let me dry this real quick. Otherwise I’m gonna smear paint. *John: And again I’m gonna say thank you guys for coming and hanging out with us. And… Man! There’s so many people. We’ve got like three hundred people on YouTube and we got like a hundred and something, hundred and eighty people on Facebook, and then there’s like Seventeen people on Twitch. *Cinnamon: Huh? *John: A couple people. *Cinnamon: There’s seventeen people on Twitch? *John: Seventeen people on Twitch. *Cinnamon: Hi Twitch! *John: Like three hundred people on YouTube. *Cinnamon: Thank you for- *John: Like a hundred and- *Cinnamon: Breaking from Bob. And hanging out with us today on Twitch, and of course Hi Facebook! Love ya! *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Love ya. How is Facebook today? *John: They’re doing good! Everybody’s doing good. That’s what’s pretty awesome about this. *Cinnamon: Do you love how these just hang out on Facebook for whenever you need to watch them? *John: You’re just stuck in the airport. There you are. *Cinnamon: One of these places your boss hasn’t blocked. *John: Yeah. That’s right. And we’re gonna be streaming off the website now too. *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. *John: So we got all sorts of new stuff. Ok. So back to the… *Cinnamon: Back to this. so, I definitely definitely want to create just a small amount of little line down here, saying there’s a reflection on this plastic front plate. And then I’m gonna add even a little reflection of the plastic kind of like right here, so just a little bit of light. You don’t have to do that. That just- That made me feel better about like what I was looking at, so I just did that. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: As an artist. I’m gonna put my number plate up here. Or face plate. You know I can see where, or… And that’s just sort of a rounded triangle. You would definitely want to stop this before you can imagine the brim of the hat. You know. So, whatever’s meaningful in your family. This is where you can really personalize and create a message. To that special person that you’re giving this to. And you can eve come along here. If you need to, and… Define that. See how you can just really define that space? Create that. Unfortunately the breathing apparatus did not have enough reflection for me to even really focus on. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: But we’re gonna just know it’s there. Right? We’re gonna know it’s there. Gonna add this around the face and a little- Little bit at the nose, and this is gonna help define this profile a little bit. So we see that a little. Doesn’t need to be everything. I’m gonna come and do a little bit at the legs. Right. *John: Oh. Hold on. Uh, let me get over there. Alright. *Cinnamon: Make sure that I got a little bit happen at the toes. Just so those read as really bare feet. See how just putting a small amount of this lighting?… Just really helps this figure be just a little more than just a silhouette. Just a little bit more than silhouette painting. You know. A little more. I don’t want- And again, I don’t want to outline like a cartoon here. I just want to outline the parts that are super important, that I- That I focus on, like the back of the heel here. *John: Oh, shoot, I keep- *Cinnamon: Which helps. *John: You keep jumping around on me so I miss- Sorry about that guys. *Cinnamon: So I’m just coming down and a little bit around the back of the heel, and I’m gonna do the back of the leg here. Right. And then I’m gonna put in the front fire. This is really fun for me. I hope you’re having fun too. *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: Come in here. You can show the little crease there. *John: I’m just juggling a little bit here. Sorry. Oh, there you go. *Cinnamon: So you got this now. You’re kind of seeing how this is, right? We haven’t outlined the whole thing like a cartoon. We’re just putting some important information about positioning. Alright. So now once we’ve got him in. Her in. Whatever they are. How we want them. Back to my number six bright. And I’m gonna come into my cad red. And a little bit of my yellow here, and I’m gonna start doing my warmer fire that’s up front. *John: Ooh! *Cinnamon: So that’s gonna be just on the edges. It’s kind of like what I did before but these are gonna be shorter. Flames that are more focused here. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: As a focal front layer. So you can see how I’m just kind of making those curving, sweepy, flamey… You know. It twists. It’s got lots of personality. I’m tinting the yellow back with orange so I can even pull that forward with more yellow and white. So that we really see that this is… I’m gonna take some of these flames… Across his front. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And that’s gonna help me, um, say that this fire is- He’s in it! Right? I may even come maybe- I did one where I really liked it that was like back here across a knee a little bit. Fire came up. And then we had a little bit come up the foot. Just layering that up. Right? Cause he’s in this fire. She’s in this fire. That’s where we are. Just… This brave hearted person. I’m gonna take a little extra off over here. This part I really love doing. Cause it’s just… It’s that pop of color that… *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Starts pulling it in. I’m gonna rinse out the red. And now I’m gonna start coming back and really working my yellow. Right? Adding that yellow heat. *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: Pulling up flames. Being very loose. See how that is? Just narrative and lyrical. Doesn’t it pull out heat? *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Maybe we’ll do a little… Little flame that kind of comes there. Ooh!! Have some fun with it, but don’t go too crazy! No. Go as crazy as you want. *John: As brave as your firefighter is. *Cinnamon: Is this firefighter super brave? *John: There’s a lot of fire! [chuckles] *Cinnamon: It’s a lot. Things have happened. *John: Yeah. This is not Monty Python peril. *Cinnamon: No. This is peril peril. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: This is a real peril. Not mild peril. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: This is not ice age peril. I love it when my kids movies are like, mild perceived peril. I’m thinking, if this is Disney, there’s peril for the parents. *John: Wow! You know you did this- You pulled this in right under an hour. We’re at forty eight minutes. Look at you! *Cinnamon: Are we? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Look at this. Now we’re gonna take just our white. I just took my white gesso. And we could take our titanium if we need another pop above this. I have it out. Just in case it’s not gonna read, we’ll see how the gesso does here. Cause if we don’t have to pull into another material I don’t have to pull into another material. Right? I’m keeping the white focused on these flames. You see how that’s focused there? The white part is the hardest part of the flame. *John: Oh you got your [?] doing it there. *Cinnamon: Yeah, I’m having fun with it. It’s very expressive. And I like it to be expressive. You could like it to be very tidy. It’s your painting. So that’s ok. Wherever you feel like you need it to be. You can see it’s just, hey I’m just… You know. I’m just painting here. Lay some little bits of it happening there. Alright. I think, guys…. We painted our firefighter. It’s time to sign. *John: It’s time to sign! *Cinnamon: So I like to find a little spot in my paintings that, um… Is sort of integrated. Is part of the image and things. Oh! Did we ever figure out a number? *John: I thought we were gonna put hero in there? *Cinnamon: We’re gonna put hero in there. Alright. I’m gonna write the word hero up in the- I don’t know that I can write that small. So I might have to put H. *John: Oh, that seems reasonable. Let me zoom in there. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna do H. H for hero. *John: For all the heroes, and that way everyone can put in their own… *Cinnamon: You put in whatever is meaningful to you. I did H. This is our hero. This is the first of many heroes. Like girls, there’s a series happening. More girls, more heroes. Stories that reflect the things in our lives that we love, that we’re proud of, that we’re going through. And now I’m gonna take my black paint, and I’m gonna sign right here. Right here. Up in this flame. Just have fun signing. I might add a little white highlight to that signature, and then I’m good! You’re good! How did you guys do? *John: I think- Oh, everyone’s having such a good time with this! They’re really happy that you did this. And thank you guys! Thank you SO MUCH for coming here. You know. We really had a good time. We’ve been Sherpa pretty much this entire time. *Cinnamon: Then I think I need to go out dancing. *John: You’re gonna go out dancing a little bit? *Cinnamon: I think I owe that, right? We’ve gotta celebrate cause we did it! [sings] We did it, we painted our painting with a fireman and some fire and we’ve painted our painting. Oh, we’ve did it! We- For those of you that have been from the beginning, you know the did it dance. *John: I’ve got the wrong music on for that. I’ve got all my- But we don’t want that. We’re gonna go back down here and then we’re gonna come back over and we’re gonna go- [dance music starts] *John: And we’re gonna say thank you guys for coming and hanging out with us today. You know, we always like to dance and remind ourselves that our bodies are alive and you gotta get up and wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes. And celebrate life with us. And don’t forget to hug the firemen and firewomen and firefighters and first responders in your lives. Because they put their lives on the line for you and I, every day. And we can’t thank them enough. So, you know. Don’t forget to pass on that love. And thank you for coming and hanging out with us. It’s been really good. Don’t you think so, Cinnamon? *Cinnamon: It’s been amazing. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Thank you to the heroes. *John: Thank you to the heroes guys. We will see you again soon. [closing credits begin]


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    This is a beautiful yet poignant piece of Art! I know I will be doing this one. My Son was a police officer for years in Detroit. I worried so much and am a bit relieved he is out now. He retired at 38 but is continuing in that line of work. And I have worked at crisis centers through out my life and crisis phone lines. Because of my stomach I needed to discontinue that type of work. It is very enriching but very hard on the nerves. lol Thanks SO much Cinnamon and John for all you do too! You are our ART Heroes! Thank YOU for your service! 😀

  • michael stafford says:

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    +Cinnamon_Cooney Can you add your schedule & a link to the traceable (Can often find it)? TY!

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