Draw with me | Mermaid Gel Pen | Dibuja Libre

hello and welcome to my channel in this video I’ll show you the steps I took to make this mermaid using gel pen on color paper since this is my first illustration video I would like to introduce myself my name is Laura and I’m not a professional artist but I draw since I was little I created this channel to share what I know and learn from the YouTube community in order to grow as an artist what you will see next is a draft that will be transferred to a color pipe using a light box I hope you enjoy it [Music] [Applause] while editing this video I noticed two things that I did incorrectly when making the trust first I didn’t make a thumbnail before I started so I lost time we think in the pose of the mermaid second I didn’t make any measurement in order to get the proper proportions of the body I started to draw their body right away without any based structure for example in fashion illustration they use a technique called nine heads which would be helpful for this task well I guess I think I said about learning through YouTube is happening already in this part I transfer the sketch to a definitive paper what I did was use the gel pen right away because I didn’t want to mark the paper with the pencil at the end I put the final details without the right box I have lined the drawing I need to do some shadows hope you liked this video if so please click on the thumbs up button and leave a comment I would like to start a conversation with you

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