Doug Collins brushes off concerns over Bolton report

Doug Collins brushes off concerns over Bolton report


  • P J says:

    Oh goodie. Another fascinating book I have to read. Just like Hillary's and Comey's!

  • Dan 821 says:

    Who cares what Bolton says? He is/was an aid to the President. The President sets foreign policy…..period.

  • Brian Mccauley says:

    Hi Hunter ! How is the new baby ?

  • Gordon Morris says:

    Beside the three Dempeachment Managers Nadler, Jeffries, and Lofgren, the names of Eric Swalwell and Tulsi Gabbard are also in that list of 70 NAY votes against the 2018 National Defense Procurement Act, the bill with 250 million in aid to Ukraine. Are all 70 to be called assets of Russia? Haha

  • Concerned European says:

    Always a laugh with US politics. This country can't govern itself, maybe they can look to Europe how to educate your people.

  • Alejandro Flores-Samaniego says:

    These leaks are a set up from the beginning, there not a coincidence.

  • Sean Donoghue says:

    Obviously Democrats will… But does anyone who lived through the Bush era, actually care what Ned Flanders says?

  • Molly M says:

    Thank you Rep Collins!

  • Matthew French says:

    The level of bias and willingness to manipulate information from republicans is quite incredible to witness. Watching this trial and story from an impartial position, it is abundantly clear that the president is guilty of both articles of impeachment.

    In situations where individuals have something to lose they will look to confirm their biases through any means necessary. This is often through arguing irrelevant points, making obscure arguments and altering or leaving out key facts. The arguments presented here by many Republican senators are an embarrassment to the United States.

    They all know he is guilty – every one of them. Although, there is too much to lose in the short term by not towing the party line. Only when it is in their interests (and that of their party) would they admit to any wrong doing.

    History will not look kindly upon those who have not demonstrated the moral courage to stand for objective truth. It is a shame to have to read the comments here.

  • Billy Williams Williams says:

    The truth doesn't matter to fox news anyway fox news Is a joke.

  • Shane Williams says:

    They dont need witnesses they leak their testimony. Get to the bottom of this!!!

  • Bernadette Chow says:

    Enough enough from all this once again they will do anything to this president what is going Stop him any way enough let government do their but god put him office in my opinion

  • Paul john says:

    Rino's are a New Democrats these days. They want rnc money but don't follow their values

  • star thrower says:

    Trump must have pulled the denial strings on this puppet.

  • DragonHammer4 says:

    Did she say bombshell?…smh

  • Ready ready says:

    Nothing wrong with that!, who knows if that money would have ended in the biden's accounts

  • ahmed barakat says:

    All the puppets are doing their job deflecting fire, but they should know who they’re being loyal to. It’ll come back and bite them in their crooked collective asses

  • Richard Willette says:

    Russia if you’re listening please help
    China should investigate Biden
    I want you to do us a favor

  • twcaldwell1951 says:

    like my grandpa used to say, he (bolton) is full of hot air

  • Luciano Licursi says:

    Don't be a Doug Collins , Doug Collins are assholes so do you be a Doug Collins

  • Zomby Woof says:

    What a snake this Sandra creature is. FOX NEWS SUCKS WORSE THAN CNN!!! At very least, CNN doesn't veil it's anti-American agenda.

  • Robertodette says:

    New evidence? No thanks, we're having a trial without evidence

  • ThatGuyNorm says:

    Except if you acually read the Bolton "BONBSHELL" he doesn't say the aid was tied to Burisma and the Bidens. It was actually tied to Russia and the Ukrains that colluded with the Democrats. It had nothing to do with 2020 and everything to do with 2016. Just get this over with now!!! Sick of this crap

  • Truth 888 says:

    Everytime demon-rats proposing a new "witness" is just their tactic to prolong impeachment process and wasting more American tax dollar.

  • Jenna Caruthers says:

    I'm about tired of the middle school shenanigans by the Democrats.

  • Zeke Maverick says:

    New York Toilet paper times you mean…

  • Darryl Pacholko says:

    Question, Mr.Bolton you say the president conditioned aid upon the announcement of an investigation into the Bidens? Answer, Yes.
    Question, Mr.Bolton why didnt the announcement happen and why did all the aid get released and the meetings happen without an announcement and the opening of an investigation. Mr.Bolton, I dont know. Question, Mr.Bolton is it possible the president made a different decision and your not aware of it and that's why everything flowed without preconditions? Mr. Bolton , Maybe. Question,
    Mr.Bolton is it your assertion here today that a president has no right to have corruption investigated even if it's a former vice president, if so can you cite the law that gives the former vice president immunity? Mr.Bolton, I guess it's his right and I know of no such law on the books. Mr.Bolton do you see them how your testimony is not relevant to an impeachment trial and even if your statements are true they have no implementation in the preconditions being met or in the right of the president to investigate corruption. Mr.Bolton, i guess so .

  • Stevie B says:

    Even Faux is calling Boltons claim a "Bombshell"….🤣🤣🤣

  • Edward Mitchell says:

    Yeah I just done believe Bolton if they could prove what he says is true that would be different but until then I’m not just taking his word for it

  • ghost says:

    Bombshell ! Disgruntled warmonger gets fired and proves that a rino neocon should never be trusted.

  • Steven Foulger says:

    Schiff needs to be called as a witness.

  • Judith Elledge says:

    This is nothing but a soap opera, nothing more nothing less. Lunatics all.

  • Bill Meyers says:

    How much money did they give John Bolton?

  • Just lina says:

    How many NYT "bombshell" leaks have turned out to be completely false over the last three years? Why does this get so much attention given that reality?

  • Irene Shafer says:

    Oh come on. Really, Bolton now people have to worry about? Lol. HE’S SELLING A BOOK!! No, one really knows IF that’s what’s in his book. 🙄. Everyone needs to calm down. Even if that’s what Bolton wrote in his book, IT’S NOT A CRIME!! Move on!!

  • fiddleDdee says:

    Just because someone writes something in a book? Geez gullible people – you know the media and Dems must think the American people are really stupid but I guess that's ok because I think the Dems and the media are unintelligent and fear mongers

  • Better Days says:

    Not surprised the Democrats in the Republican Party want witnesses.

  • Dan Cardoza says:

    This guy is not a Senator.

  • alienh1701 says:

    Much more of a dud than a bombshell. Just another setup that will turn out to be vapor. Also, Bolton and his publishers are trying to sell a book that few would ever read.

  • Austin Bartose says:

    How many “bombshells” will the democrats pretend they have?

  • Karl Aage Kirkegaard says:

    Thirteen facts for which there is evidence:

    • The president forced out anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch with the help of Guiliani and Lev Parnas

    • The president´s hand-picked agents (Giuliani and the three amigos) began the scheme

    • The president illegally froze vital military aid to Ukraine on july 18 (for 55 days) without notifying the congress. The U.S. Government Accountability Office ruled the aid withhold illegal on January 16 2020

    • The president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor on july 25

    • The president´s representatives ratcheted up pressure on the Ukrainian president

    • The president conditioned a White House meeting on investigation of the Bidens and investigation of the 2016 election

    • The president wanted Ukraine to announce the investigations publicly

    • The president´s conditioning of military assistance and a White House meeting on announcement of investigations raised alarm among officials

    • The president´s security assistance hold became public

    • The president´s scheme was exposed by the whistleblower

    • The president then released the security assistance on September 11

    • The president´s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed security assistance was withheld and conditioned on investigation of the DNC server

    • The president´s actions helped Russia (a dictatorship) against Ukraine (a democracy)

    (Sources: The 650-page impeachment report, White House emails, etc)

  • Randy Sales says:

    Trump has opened up a bees give now .good thing he's brought some smoke goooooo Trump for president 2020

  • Briane Alt says:

    This is fake news this hasnt been proven but you report it as a FACT

  • Ichabod Crane says:

    Bolton resigned ! He couldn't be part of the " drug deal " , please keep up with the times !

  • Carol Luker says:

    The brother of vidimin leaked this

  • Missyp says:

    Vote 💙💙💙💙

  • MOOR TIGHT says:

    This is the Republican's fault. They coddle and NEVER disclose the REAL people behind this bullsh*t: The Trillionaires who control the INTELLIGENCE NETWORKS = CIA, NSA = CBS, NBC ABC.

  • jerome mills says:

    Bolton choose country before party now he gets smeared by traders to the united states get job republicans rip john mccain real american hero that wouldve stood up to these cowards

  • jerome mills says:

    Now mitt Romney gets smear because he whats to hear the truth if the president did nothing wrong why the smear campaign let john bolten tesify dont be a coward if you did nothing wrong lol you have nothing to worry about

  • A Sregdor says:

    Not really new evidence?????? What ???? LOL

  • Marcus Hughes says:

    RATS have no loyalty- they will bite everyone and they do- rats for life

  • olivierlabusse says:

    collins should be impeached too, along with pompeo, mulvaney and master trumpette billy barr! shame on them

  • Stan Prince says:

    Don't get mad crazy republicans don't want the truth sad no way around it every body in there right mind knows Donnie is lying n he is Guilty as sin.

  • ANDREAS Cornet says:

    Doug Collins dream on

  • MultiLimpet says:

    Nothing to see here. We must have blind faith in Trump. He who cheated on all three of his wives. Convicted of charity fraud. Casino owner. New york real estate developer who partied with members of the ny mafia.

  • James Reed says:

    Wow these news anchors….

  • Russell Shaw says:

    She too interrupts to push a narrative

  • Tim Henry says:

    Doesn't change my mind. Probably a lie anyway.

  • Tim Henry says:

    Sure help sell that book though.

  • Tante Mamoot says:

    Really? Rep. Collins had to correct her on Doug Jones? After they slandered Judge Roy Moore and voted Jones in she didn't know he's a Democrat? Fox, you're slipping faster than a ladder sliding down a wall.

  • marc marinacci says:


  • Grant Loomis says:

    Let him testify then.

  • Esma Waldron says:

    So even if there was a comment about holding funds it didn't happen and i'm no lawyer

  • pete 247 says:

    If there is nefarious activity, by anybody, those charged with dealing with such things investigate, and if there is a case they bring that case in a lawfully prescribed procedure. The make their case and the chips fall.
    The fatal flaw in the dems case is that they set the goal of impeaching Trump and set out to build a case. In their pursuit of Trump, they have made multiple attempts to manufacture a case by way of their own nefarious activity. That effort started on the night he was elected. Now they will claim that every promising tidbit that comes along is a reason to prolong their fiasco. Their efforts have only the thinnest facade of legitimacy, and that is rapidly deteriorating.
    When will the repubs start doing more than just playing defense? Bidens own quid pro quo and corruption in Ukraine? Schiff's lies and abuse of power? There are plenty of things on the dem side that would not need a false pretense of legitimacy to investigate.

  • Bon Lued says:

    The insidious coup plans of the Demonrats is so outrageous they even use former disgruntled employees prompted to write a book. Unreal!!!🙄🙄🙄

  • D. Robbins says:

    Good grief! Can't you avoid the tired word "bombshell?" This is not a bombshell by any means. It is a big nothing, not even of burger status. Desperate for headlines that will get ratings, are you?

  • sachin Kooner says:

    Oi Collins – Liar, liar your bums on fire

  • Carolyn Foster says:

    Bolton is a first person participant in Drumpfs abuse of power. Collins is a Drumpf sycophant who lacks morale guidance and finds it easier to be a cult member with no original thoughts in that simple minded brain of his.

  • Matthew Scarberry says:

    Obummer put men in little girls bathroom Trump putting man and waaaammmeeennnn back to work

  • Facts Matter says:

    First Republicans lied and said there weren't any "first hand" witnesses to Trump's criminal conspiracy with a foreign gov't to commit election fraud in 2020 by illegally withholding military aide to Ukraine, then when yet another first hand witnesses steps forward Republicans refuse to let him testify. What a bunch of corrupt, lying scum bags. So much for "draining the swamp" yet another Trump broken promise like "I will completely self-fund my own campaign" "I will end the wars in the Middle East" "I will balance the budget" "I will repeal and replace Obama care" and of course "I will build a big beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it" Sick and tired of winning yet? lol

  • Jerry Sharp says:

    I have a question about the 4 Democratic Presidential candidates who are involved in the Trump impeachment.

    When it comes to voting on procedures and or voting for more witnesses is of NO conflict of interest but…But… BUT – the 4 presidential candidates cannot vote for the removal of their political opponent Donald Trump for the same reason we are having this impeachment!!! Trump is their political opponent!

    Justus Roberts must Roll call All 4 democratic Presidental candidates at this point with a choice when it comes down to a vote for removal…

    Either Make a public announcement of dropping out of the race –or– RECUSE THEMSELVES FROM THE VOTE TO REMOVE Trump because they can neither be objective or impartial. It is a gross conflict of interest for them specifically.

    This is the paradox of Nancy Palosie waiting to deliver the articles during an election season. It is unethical and immoral.

    Democrats NEVER recuse themselves. They must be made to – even if we have to shame them into it!

  • Alex Rodriguez says:

    Oh god not the "calendar and clock" thing again. This must be some kind of backwoods southern saying.

  • vonsuthoff says:

    Like him or not, Bolton has been a national security expert for many years. So, who are we going to believe, him or Trump who has never read a pocket Constitution!?

  • Apollo Spade says:

    Collins for US Senate

  • P m V says:

    Boltons not working for best interest of Americans.

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast says:

    Bolton made the same assumption as liberals. So what?

  • Quanya Sanders says:

    Numbers 23:19

  • Dietrich ***Didi*** Ging says:

    Collins is a pathetic Trump bootlicker

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