Double Loading Technique (Part1/4 Flat Brushes) for One Stroke Painting

Pour two puddles of the chosen colors on a disposable plate or a palette. Titanium white Scarlet lake (Red) flat brush (size 12) Dip the brush in water …remove the excess water from the brush by dabbing it on a paper towel. Dip one corner of the brush into the lighter color. (White) Dip the other corner of the brush into the other puddle of paint. ( Red) Work the paint into the brush by making a “track” . Touch the brush on the chisel edge,pull the brush in a straight line about 2″ – 3″ long. Be sure to keep the paint color in the same place. Stroke back and forth few times and then pick up more paint on the corners and work the brush in the track again. Now check whether the brush is fully loaded.. Make some strokes If the brush feels like it is “dragging” then you need more paint on the brush. Add some water to the chisel of the brush. Keep in mind that water will make the colors transparent if too much is loaded on the brush. Work paint into the brush, working on the same track of color. Continue to do this until the paint is worked into the bristles about 2/3 of the way up towards the ferule (the metal part of the brush) You will know that the brush is fully loaded when it feels like you are painting with softened butter.

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